Sup Forums meta thread

These are the OFFICIAL rankings of our new flags.

IF someone does not have a flag, they are a mobile poster and are to be mocked.

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Proud to be a Pirate!

>nazi flag behind lolbertarian flag

Fuck off

Sorry if it's pixelated, I pirated MSpaint

>kekistani not having reddit brain
One job

I did nazi that coming

I want
>flor de lis
>Anglo coat of arms
>Jap rising sun
>Hindu swastika
>Orthodox Church
>international kike flag
>US military flag

And maybe
>Iron guard
>Feminist symbol

hehe I just saw this new game coming out so I made a funneh pictre

They're more free thinking than us desu.

isis already has a flag, I'm using it right now


That's not the ISIS flag that's the Al-Nusra front flag.

I actually like the one they used better, but for the sake of accuracy I would include the IS flag also.



nigger tongue my anus

But mobile posters can see/use flags though

Shoo-shoo, filthy mobile poster. Use your reddit app


>only flag posting with the Calico Jack
Y'all are like a sleeping baby
>not even all of my Calico Jack gear

Posted from my mobile

I have transcended your meta

>less white than all of South Africa
How the hell

Great mockup

Ha, mobile poster

>implying there's any difference between your flag and peace's
I also combined the 2 commie flags

Me want Texas flag plz

tfw adopted pirate flag before it was cool

>Sup Forumssaders

Eh, more like free of action, free of choice. In NatSoc, a lot of life choices of the individual are made by the state. For instance, as a libertarian, I disagree with the notion of "Degenerate art". Art is art. Art may be degenerate, but that does not inherently mean it must be destroyed and suppressed.

And that flag with the cannon on it for the 2nd amendment

Apartheid SA and a Rhodesian flag for sure

Maybe a dude-weed flag to help filter faggots

This. Proudly posting from my JewPhone 9.5.

Clover: always behind. No cool flags for me


i can't fucking stand nigger americans drooling over SA and Rhodesia


I'm not drooling over them but they represent the afrikaners better and I bet the SA posters would appreciate the nod.

>Join or die
>Liberty or death

Nazis were so fucking useless that they were wiped out in just a couple of decades. Cry moar, cuck.

>no smiley face flag

Flagshit is so gay. Besides I'm on mobile and look at me!

Mobile Here

>Nazbol not on top

Yarr Harr Fiddle ye dee

You want a east empire company flag Hong Kong?


what is my flag

I love new flags!


t. Alberto Barbosa