When the choice to remove a flag choice was removed, I initially thought it was retarded. Over time, I ended up feeling like defaulting to flags by geolocation added a nice element to Sup Forums. There became an ability to observe how people from around the world responded to political events and it added elements of both education and banter. THIS IS IMPORTANT. What is more political on an international board than being able to see clear differences between geographical regions when talking about geopolitical events??

What does choosing a flag do? It encourages LARPing and apolitical threads especially if there's a fucking Kekistan flag. That alone is the biggest possible encouraging to shitposting possible. All these elements add up to Sup Forums being shittier with flags being able to be selected. It was an improvement when it was removed and it is a mistake to bring this feature back.

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Kekistani is a good thing, then you know who to avoid.

An user noted earlier today that a good idea would be to have two flags. One geolocation flag, and one that you could choose. This is a great idea and would add a nice new refreshing dynamic to Sup Forums. That is what should be done if flag choosing is to be re-introduced at all.

choice to choose a flag was removed*

>encouraging the ability for redditors to have a constant presence here

Agreed, bump


Its better this way. Sup Forums was stale. It feels more like old/pol/ is back than cringe nu/pol/. If anything this adds a much needed change to Sup Forums

>JIDF will now disagree with good ideas posing as white supremacists

Thanks for giving shills free reign, mods

forcing geo flags will only cause you to shitpost about Sup Forums shit
fuck off to /bant/ if you miss country flags so much

>5 Trump shill threads on front page
>choosing flags will make Sup Forums bad!!!



i'm not even a muslim but i wanna see what it looks like

jihadi lmao

>It feels more like old/pol/ is back than cringe nu/pol/

You should do yourself a favor and go look at the traffic coming to Sup Forums since the 2016 election and realize that Sup Forums will never be old/pol/ ever again.

i'll bump this thread

i hate fake people that LARP for a dopamine fix

>tfw I post under Fake Flag because my country is a piece of shit noone respects

>It encourages LARPing
Exactly. I don't give a shit what kind of front they put up, what's important is who they are and what they say.

Hi there. Redditor here. I heard that POL is THE hottest online meeting place for homosexuals!! I am SO excited to posting on here with my fellow closeted homosexuals!! It's just so fantastic that we can be ourselves and be honest about our sexualities here. Love you guys!!

Sounds gay as hell. The ethos of Sup Forums is anonymity. If you want to broadcast your locale then fuckoff to a normie politics forum.

Yea and then a leaf or aussie posts and everyone goes all chimp on them and flings poop at them. Flags just caused unneeded shit posting to be honest.

When geopositional flags were forced, it added a really great element of the personality types of different countries. These lead to great memes and great times. We came to know the dualistic nature of shitposting with Aussies on one side and Fucking Leafs on the other.

Real flags are what we need. This is a mistake. If this is to be permanent, it could be worse than any Sup Forumsharbor


/new/ was deleted in the past and Moot even threatened to delete Sup Forums because of the constant teenage LARP-shitposting. Adding country flags was a stroke of genius.

All flagposters are crypto-leafs.

this is sadly the truth

Yeah this is retarded
Lost all respect for pol


The fix to this issue is simply putting the custom flag right next the geographic location flag for display on all posts

I think you're right but maybe that's what they wanted.

I concur this is a brilliant thing. Absolutely progressive.
Hiro keep this. You have done great service. Thank you.

as if you dumb untermensch fucks on this board weren't already larping?

All of this.
All this shit does is obscure reality to us.

Well said OP. My thoughts exactly, these new flags do nothing but encourage more shitposting. Do this dumbshit over at /bant/ not here.

Yeah Im really not thrilled with this.

A huge part of Sup Forums is understanding the logic and commentary coming from all the different countries.

This is also a shills wet dream.

Random flags were added to give shills and trolls cover to disrupt Sup Forums completely.

Definitely for this.

ITT: OP is a butthurt faggot

You can still tell a leaf regardless of the flag, you can still tell an aussie regardless of the flag, you can still tell a swed regardless of the flag. If you have been here longer since March of 2017 maybe you would have shitposting identification abilities like the rest of us you rebbit pleb.

>leaf or aussie posts
Shitposts deserve to be shit on.
If you make an intelligent post people will reply to it accordingly. If you make a shitpost and you're canadian or strayan then it's to be expected.
We need to know what countries are full of retarded faggots.

>durr it was aready happening so who cares if we make it worse

>TFW will never ever have to endure edgy remarks about fuck lololol ok as an auto response to my flag

T. Kraut

You only played yourself retards polspersg

they are trying to take the magic away but they will never understand that the magic isn't theirs to take

No you can't you stupid fucking nigger.
Also, how is anyone who actually is new going to figure that shit out?
Are you saying you want more ignorance?

Stfu ahmed.

It adds a flavor when BRs think they are Nazis now. You're going to see gypsies hiding behind flags talking down on people whiter than them.

Because it really matters right?

>You can still tell a leaf regardless of the flag, you can still tell an aussie regardless of the flag

Thinking you can and having irrefutable proof are not equatable.

ITT shariablue complains that kekistanis now have the right to exist

Sup Forumstards have to read the post now, oh no!

Yeah, it does.
Countries are political.
If you're not from a country then your opinion means less to those who actually live in that country in regards to that country's politics.
Where you are from is political.

>Filter meme flags
1. Install Sup Forums X
github.com/ccd0/Sup Forums-x

2. Go to Settings>Filter>Flag

3. Paste:

/^Black Lives Matter$/
/^Tree Hugger$/
/^United Nations$/

4. Spread the gospel.

moot was a fag and a cuck, thats why hes no longer here.

Not always.
I ignore nigger and fag flags unless I'm trashing them.

Go back to your board faggot.

Except when you're posting from Canada or Australia right? Or don't follow conservative vslues...

God forbid someone pick it ironically

Are you implying where a person lives doesn't contribute to their perception politically?

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no the only advantage of the random flags is anonymity. preferable only no flags at all it doesn't have to.

kill yourself fagtard

In today's world and beyond. Not really. Especially when people are bantering on and on through the internet.

All flags do is encourage Sup Forums shitposting like A FUCKING LEAF and POO

>pick it ironically
You're part of the problem nigger.
This is Sup Forumsitically INCORRECT. The name itself shows that this place is not for liberal faggots.

Sort your entire life out, cuck.

Can you?
I also dislike this, it is a shills wet dream.

you sound like a liberal faggot

Suck my balls nigger.

Agreed. I'm leaving my flag as it is cuz STRAYA.

You sound like an actual faggot.

Present them.

Did Hiro really want to kill this website?

if anyone of interest wants to know your location it literally wouldn't be hard to get it faggot.

STRAYA CUNT. I think most Aussies will do this.

Come to me. You're the bitch.

I love the new flags. Now no one knows I'm a Canadian.

Stop insulting others, meany face

God forbid somebody doesn't take Sup Forums 110% seriously.


i'm just going to use whatever flag i like, but i'll select my normal flag when it's important


i doubt this is going to be permanent

Guess not. More a place for right wing meat heads to circle jerk over a photo of Hitler.

But... Like... Proxies exist 'n shit...

That's right. You can fuck off now.

Your point being? You're the fag that wants his broadcast his locale like some attention whore on kikebook. Sort your whole situation out m8.

Sup Forums faggots are the most cancerous. Removing flags was vital, in a few days they will be forced to go to /bantz/ to post le bantz that are too edgy for Sup Forums. Then Sup Forums will be better.

I, too, enjoyed Arthur.


fuck you nigger

Most people will never use one.
It also makes shills have to put in more work to shitpost

>actually paying attention to the chosen flags
nigga you dumb

Fuck you cissie

i prefer the new flags, you make an argument and people will just say well your from X so that means your cucked.

pls giv citizenship racist

I'm not going anywhere because my shitposts are always in relation to politics, including here with board politics.

You do realize there is an active protocol in place by Sup Forums administration to ban any access point they determine to be a proxy or VPN exit node right?

>kekistani flags encourages redditors
they're already here ya fuckin moron

>wanting to read everything in this sea of shit\
It's not even piss.

Calm your tits down, fuckboy.

My point being that you're not exactly making it extra hard for someone to find your shitty location by changing the tiny fucking icon next to your post, so it's a really stupid reason to justify custom flags. Also pick up a map sometime, the U.S.A. is pretty fucking big so having this as a flag doesn't really say much.

Sort out your fucking intelligence idiot.

Go be a faggot somewhere else, nigger.