Classic Sup Forums thread:

Classic Sup Forums thread:
YES to
>Ben Garrison
>Ron Paul
>Klan cartoons
>pre-2016 infowars
>Sandy Hook tinfoilers
>Use of 'King Nigger'
NO NO NO to:
>Praise kek xD
>WTF i hate x now
>TRS cancer
>south park
>Donald Trump
>comedians (doesn't matter if they're redpilled)
>reddit memes
>sargon of akkad
>The Golden One
Libertarians and NatSoc ALLOWED
Civic Nationalists and Alt-Right NOT ALLOWED
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>White Supremacist
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You cannot post if you didn't get here before 2015

Have a (you), you devious bastard!

What is Dorner up to, Sup Forums?


I have to believe he made it out of the burning cabin and is hiding out in South America

That's what I figured happened, because of the fact there isn't a body. Really, he is insane to actually have to guts to do what he did, but it makes me wonder a lot about what his end game was, too.

Other than killing corrupt cops, he had to have had an end game. Really, what was it?

be careful now


Maybe not endgame, but what else would he have done?

Also, does anyone have any other old Sup Forums memes? Much of what I have saved isn't to be found on this hard drive.

>this is the state of modern Sup Forums
your post was not even a little funny
we wuz meme needs to die. been ruined by fags. you need to leave now fag

really makes me think



You really tickled my thinking almonds, OP.

I wanted you to know you changed my entire worldview to match your post so much, that I clicked on pictures of cars and street signs to make this post..

anyone have libertarian themed wallpapers?


ok no sweetieeee traps are gay but sooo yummy omg

>what else would have he done?
that was it. he carried it out for as long as he could then got out of dodge. He was already gone by February 12, so the LAPD just burned a cabin and claimed he was in it to save themselves embarrassment and to ease the public's fears.

Paul, or Ayn?

old Sup Forums is dead user. accept it

Nice divide and conquer. You really don't stick out at all what with thinking alt-right is a real term

I think part of it was that old Sup Forums hardly had any real happenings.

I mean, sure. You had Dorner. You had ZimZam. You had Oslo, Aurora, a few other mass shootings. You had North Korea once or twice.

But now, we've had Islamic terrorist attack after attack regularly killing dozens in Europe, we've had race riots off the charts in America, we've had a renewed Cold War between the US and Russia that threatens us all. So much bigger than a few nigs being shot.

I also think some of it was that these new happenings have proved Sup Forums right in the eyes of the masses. It's a lot eaisier to swallow the redpoll when everything that Sup Forums said would happen did happen (mass degeneracy, race riots, terrorism, etc.)

>divide and conquer
>"Sup Forums is a movement we did it reddit annonymoooooooose!"
fuck off
also, i meant alt-right meaning richard spencer types who refer to themselves as such.
not that they're all bad, Jared Taylor is pretty cool

i know you're right. the election ruined everything.