Secrets the political (((higher powers))) are hiding from us

Are our institutions hiding the fact that dinosaurs existed with man?
If so why?
What are the political ramifications of this?

>As western pioneers colonized tribal lands around the world, reports of dragons continued to come back to Europe. It became standard practice for cartographers to identify unexplored regions at the periphery of their maps with the cryptic words: “Here be dragons!”
>Author Charles Gould sought to dispel supernatural notions and give a sober account of the dragon. “The dragon is nothing more than a serpent of enormous size; and they formerly distinguished three sorts of them in the Indies. Viz. such as were in the mountains, such as were bred in the caves or in the flat country, and such as were found in fens and marshes.The first is the largest of all, and are covered with scales as resplendent as polished gold.
>These have a kind of beard hanging from their lower jaw, their eyebrows large, and very exactly arched; their aspect the most frightful that can be imagined, and their cry loud and shrill… their crests of a bright yellow, and a protuberance on their heads of the colour of a burning coal. Those of the flat country differ from the former in nothing but in having their scales of a silver colour, and in their frequenting rivers, to which the former never come.” (Gould, Charles,Mythical Monsters,W.H. Allen & Co., London, 1886, p. 140.)

Pic related is a dracorex hogwartsia, a dino fossil discovered in 2004. It bears a strong resemblance to historical accounts of dragons in European mythology.

I find it hard to believe that we just dreamed up the idea of a dinosaur out of pure imagination, across various cultures, and then thousands of years later, by coincidence discovered that not only have creatures similar to these existed, but some of them are EXACTLY like the dragons in ancient "mythology"

What other secrets about us are the political (((higher powers))) hiding from us?

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More sources on the dragon thing btw

>Marco Polo wrote of his travels to the province of Karajan and reported on huge serpents, which at the fore part have two short legs, each with three claws. “The jaws are wide enough to swallow a man, the teeth are large and sharp, and their whole appearance is so formidable that neither man, nor any kind of animal can approach them without terror.” (Polo, Marco,The Travels of Marco Polo, 1961, pp. 158-159.) Marco Polo goes on to describe how the local citizens of the area hunted and killed these creatures. He noted that the reptiles were nocturnal (assisted by “eyes larger than a loaf”), dwelling in “caverns” during the day to avoid the heat. After they had killed their prey, Polo wrote that they would find a water source such as a lake, spring, or river. Their massive bodies left “deep impressions” in the paths “as if a heavy beam had been drawn along the sands.” Since the creaturespredictablyfollowed these same rutted paths, the nativesburied large “wooden stakes tipped with sharp iron spikes, which they cover with sand” (p. 159).

Any other supernatural things you think the political elite are hiding from us?

You need to get help. Not everything is some major conspiracy to hide true knowledge from the average person.

>be illiterate european serf
>find giant lizard head in ground
>draw picture of giant lizard
>years later people think picture means serf had giant lizard pets

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>No cool dragon hide armor depicted in historical art/journals/records like in old skull vidya
I want to believe!


But these theories were widespread at the time. So much that people set out to debunk it.

You saying we just made up the concept of a dinosaur and then hundreds of years later we figure out it really existed?

That's far too odd a coincidence

Pic related literally looks exactly like a European interpretation of a dragon, horns and all

Actually all our dragon myths come from Saturn.


user, this it the "dinosaur." I will let you on a little secret more important that that garbage you posted; prepare of the upcoming apocalypse and I hope you are ready because it is not only the man that will be set on this world but demons as well.

google ishtar gate

>falling for the jewish lie

Pic related is an ancient interpretation of a dinosaur.
Your retarded if you think we didn't live with or know about them prior to the past 200 years

>Marco Polo
Lied about pretty much everything all the time. Not a good source.

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Thanks user. Everything at the Ishtar gate has been confirmed real, except the dragon.
Are we to believe they just got tired and decided "hey why don't we just make a fictional animal that happens to look like fossils we haven't discovered yet of ancient animals we don't know about yet"?

It's so stupid and the only reason people are still clinging onto man not living with dinosaurs is because they don't want to admit """science""" was wrong



He's saying someone found a dinosaur skull and interpreted it as being a dragon, you nigger.
Is it that difficult to read?

fossils the creature even has scales how would they know this from fossils.

i thought the theory that man was living with dinosaurs was ridiculous but the more i read in to it the more i belief.

one of the animals on the gate was a auroch extitinct in 1600

The aurochs (/ˈɔːrɒks/ or /ˈaʊrɒks/; pl. aurochs, or rarely aurochsen, aurochses), also urus, ure (Bos primigenius), is an extinct type of large wild cattle that inhabited Europe, Asia, and North Africa. It is the ancestor of domestic cattle. The species survived in Europe until the last recorded aurochs died in the Jaktorów Forest, Poland, in 1627.

Read the sources I've been typing this entire thread faggot.
These are physical accounts of dragons. Not bones.

Where are the fossils if they were discovered back in the 1500's?
Nobody made any attempt to preserve them whatsoever? We only just found out about them again 200 years ago?
At this point youre just grasping at straws my dude

Heard this one for the past thousand years. Sill 100% wrong. There is always next year though.

ITT: blind, mocking cognitive dissonance.
Watch while they refuse to present any sort of argument

How do you know ancient people didn't discover fossils? Of course they didn't take care of them or they were lost in the desert but yes they found them. Why would they not? They built pyramids they sure as shit had chance to find a fossil or two.

a reminder that nothing is as it seems.


>dracorex hogwartsia
we don't deserve good things

Its all around us all you need to do is wake up


>dracorex hogwartsia

lol hogwarts i actualy thought it was fake

>Dracorex is a dinosaur genus of the family Pachycephalosauridae, from the Late Cretaceous of North America. The type (and only known) species is Dracorex hogwartsia, meaning "dragon king of Hogwarts". It is known from one nearly complete skull (the holotype TCMI 2004.17.1), as well as four cervical vertebrae: the atlas, third, eighth and ninth. These were discovered in the Hell Creek Formation in South Dakota by three amateur paleontologists from Sioux City, Iowa. The skull was subsequently donated to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis for study in 2004, and was formally described by Bob Bakker and Robert Sullivan in 2006.

remember in the movies when the party realizes that the earth they walk upon is the dragon itself- alas when it's too late because it has awakened.

this is far closer to the truth than one so blinded and lost as you can possibly know. my condolences to your beloved.

There's far too many historical accounts of real encounters with dragons; many of them written from a skeptical perspective, and some written very matter-of-fact.
See this.

>The seventeenth century Bible scholar Samuel Bochartpenned an in-depth study of the animals in the Bible. Hedescribes how winged serpents are notonly a thing of the Old Testament but were still alive in his day: “If on your travels you encounter the serpent withwings who circles and hurls himself at you, the flyingsnake, hide yourself because of its reputation. Liedown when the snake appears and guard yourself inalarm for that snake’s manner is to go away calm,considering it a victory…There are winged and flying serpents that can be foundwho are venomous, who snort, and are savage and killwith pain worse than fire…” (Bochart, Samuel,Hierozoicon:sive De animalibus S. Scripturae, Vol. 2, 1794.)

And this

The Anglo Saxon Chronicle gives a dire entry for the year 793. (In those days it was common to take glowing, flying dragon activity as an omen of evil to come.) “This year came dreadful fore-warnings over the land of the Northumbrians, terrifying the people most woefully: these were immense sheets of light rushing through the air, and whirlwinds, and fiery, dragons flying across the firmament.”Reliable witness reports of “flying dragons” (pterosaur-like creatures) in Europe are recorded around 1649. (Thorpe, B. Ed.,The Anglo Saxon Chronicle, 1861, p.48.)

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That sounds easy, I could do this too.
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PLEASE explain pic related

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>blames Freemasons

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dinopepe - prehistoric kek

>Chinese Crocodile

This is cool, can you keep going Op? I personally have seen what I thought was a Pterodactyl but idk if I was just seeing a huge bird, but this this thing looked like A legit pterosaur.

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There's been many reports like yours of pterodactyls believe it or not.
Don't believe in them though. What did it look like?

Also here's more info dump.

>Ulysses Aldrovandus is considered by many to be the father of modern natural history. He traveled extensively, collected thousands of animals and plants, and created the first ever natural history museum. His impressive collections are still on display at the Bologna University (the world’s oldest university) where they attest to his scholarship. His credentials give credence to an incident that Aldrovandus personally reported concerning a dragon. The dragon was first seen on May 13, 1572, hissing like a snake. It had been hiding on the small estate of Master Petronius. At 5:00 PM, the dragon was caught on a public roadway by a herdsman named Baptista, near the hedge of a private farm, a mile from the remote city outskirts of Bologna. Baptista was following his ox cart home when he noticed the oxen suddenly come to a stop. Hekicked them and shouted at them, but they refused to move and went down on their knees rather than move forward. At thispoint, the herdsman noticed a hissing sound and was startled to see this strange little dragon ahead of him.Trembling he struck it on the head with his rod and killed it. (Aldrovandus, Ulysses, The Natural History of Serpents and Dragons, 1640, p.402.)

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When you look at the sightings in america what do some of them have in common ?

Native American mythology is really interesting and eerie. Thunderbirds are flying reptilian-like giant birds which rule the sky, and its devilish counterpart is the "horned serpent", a giant underwater dragon which coincidentally perfectly matches the descriptions of dragons by Chinese folklore.
See pic related