Women are physically inferi

What now sexist bigots?
The NFL is about to become a girls league, because women are simply more skilled than men.

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What's with this beta headline?

>women are more skilled than men
Now THAT is sexist! And it's obvious, too!

The left=hypocrites

yeah..more skilled at making sandwich's

But can she kick a football farther than a man who is good at kicking footballs?

>watch and learn

how well can she take a tackle?

>kicking and throwing balls around

So talented, brave, and smart.

Women are physically inferior.


That's the lol part. First time the princess whore gets smacked by 350 lbs lineman and has every bone in her whore body being powderized... I'll lol till I die.

>haha if you get too close to me it's a fifteen yard penalty aren't i badass

>She can kick a football farther than you can

Yeah, I was just thinking, what happens the first time her line crumbles on her, her kick gets blocked, and she has to recover it before getting smashed by 3 or 4 giant niggers.

No, the article says she can kick maybe 50 yards in practice, ingame her longest field goal is 35 yards, which for high school is decent, but in D1 or even D2 is fairly routine.
She won't make the team unless she's a diversity captain

>But can she kick a football farther than a man who is good at kicking footballs?
Apparently in practice she is pretty good at 45 yarders and occasionally can hit 50.

So no. She's probably actually pretty good... for a girl. But otherwise she's basically an average high school boys soccer player who transitions over to kicker because kicking a football isn't that hard if you're already a soccer player.

Im seeing your everywhere bro.

reminder of the last female kicker that tried out

>diversity captain

45 yarders and occasionally can hit 50.

How is this a story then?

I can't wait to see her take a full speed tackle and die on the field. We can finally put this women are equal to men bullshit to rest.

whoops forgot link



post FYW the NFL has to spend $200,000,000 making a female locker room at every stadium.

Also in the NFL, some special teams player would make it their mission to mash a female kicker. They would never make it even if there was somehow one that could kick at an NFL level with defenders rushing the kick.

That champagne socialist goodell is going to fuck up my favorite sport. Coaches hate this, fans hate this, everyone knows it's bullshit. San Fran took a huge hit in their fanbase from capernick, people are gonna get sick of this


That will be cute until she gets a FG blocked and gets killed by a 260 lb steroid monster

YFW* woops

>signed to a Division II meme school
>going to the NFL

She has a vagina and the author needs clicks

>center/holder mess up the snap
>girl picks it up in a panic
>"i-i can do thi--"
>gets tackled by a 450 lb defensive gorilla

Fund it

Look at these kicks lmao


You know the kicker is the most protected player on the field right? Most of the time you can't even bump into them accidentally

Forget the field. She won't even survive the locker rooms

Won't matter. A team wouldn't be able to use her on kickoffs at all (if she had the leg strength to do kickoffs). Someone would take a cheap shot at the girl first opportunity they got, fines be damned.

Pregnancy will prevent any female from ever being hired. You'd have to be prepared to hire a backup kicker at any moment.

Here we go again

It's pretty rare but they do get rekt sometimes

It will never happen.
They'll get crushed.
You have to be able to take a big hit.


Let me know when some dumb cunt wants to play wide receiver or better yet, running back. Would love to see her get put in a coma

>the exception that proves the rule

NFL doesn't recruit distractions. Maybe one day a girl could be in the NFL but that won't be till designer babies and cyborgs are common place.

Is It only me who irks at the attacking headlines like "she can X better than you".

Why do they get away with assumptions like that? Is It not enough to have headlines like "girl is good at X"?. You still get the point of a talented girl but without the "holier than thou" attitude.

It's only a news story because she's the first female athlete to get a scholarship to play division II college football. That's it.

she is a kicker, the daintiest of all positions

There are movies either based entirely on this or with a female kicker being a side story. It will be newsworthy when she's actually kicking a ball down the field in a real game, not before.

And who knows how popular football will be by then.

>35 yards, which for high school is decent

How shitty was your high school football team?

Every. Bone. In. Her. Whore. Body.

>she just got a scholarship
Nigga she's not going anywhere near the NFL, I think you're forgetting that kickers are held to the same standards as any other player on the field, and that nobody, AND I MEAN NOBODY, wants the liability of a female on their team getting demolished by a kick receiver running full force at her

>A kicker
>Not even to professional standards
>She can kick a ball further than you, guy who played soccer one season in middle school...so skilled
Woof, I feel for whomever gets shamed into taking her

>she can kick a football farther than you can

Umm, no sweetie.

>look at this one anecdote!
>yes, goy, women are good!
fuck off asswipe





She wouldn't last a year in the NFL. A few tackles and she'll be out for the season.

Cathy Ireland was a female kicker in a college football movie. I think they even had a homosexual in it too.

>How is this a story then?
look at your flag and look at my flag and you will know

I'll bet her thighs get extra smelly and sweaty during practice. I'll bet the thighs are muscle toned and extra strong too and could crush a watermelon. Imagine laying with your nose between her pussy folds taking deep whiffs while she sits on your face and squeezes the side of your head with your thighs.

>Here's the deal

kek, no they're not

They wouldn't waste the money on something where there'd most likely be a huge net drain.

See womens soccer for details.

Can't wait till she gets brain damage like everyone else.

>woman sues NFL to force them to let her play
>NFL caves, puts her on team
>first down, first game, the ball is hiked and she's immediately tackled and breaks her spine

>That lone green dot at one hundred
Think a tranny made it past screening?

>Hillary Clinton's runs in 2020

So you mean to say not a player?
Could just replace the kicker with a machine.

>Div II school
>going to the NFL


What's the big deal I thought NFL kickers were already women

>She can kick a football farther than you can

For some reason i can't take this seriously. Is that why shes accepted into the NFL(which i will have to read on my own to confirm).

Wow guys, a athlete can kick a football farther that a world of warcraft player.

35 yards is decent.

I did a 35 yarder in game.

I was backup for someone who made it to the pros though. He did a 52 yarder in game just for keks.

His kicking + a good defense = championship.

We kick to them and they start on their 15 because he was a beast. And our defense was good. So when they punted they obviously suck and we always start on their 35. So even if our offense fucks up, mr kicker can just kick a field goal for free anyway.

Good times.

I saw that movie, she kicks when the guy shouts Oyatch right?


id prefer the kicker be replaced by a few simple rule changes

By tackle do you mean black cock?

Good luck.

>she can kick a football farther than you can

No she can't.


I just read about it. Shes a backup kicker in college.

She sucks.


>be me
>this is my fetish
>wife likes to jog
>sometimes smothers my face after a run, leg locks me while she gives me head

Let her in. I want to watch some 320lb meat nigger smash him into the ground and break half the bones in her legs.

pls clarify, leaf pros or US pros

It's just click bait


there's a reason I said "pros" and not NFL

What grade are you in next year, Caleb? You getting excited your senior year?

I'm all for women getting equal everything when they have or apply for a job where they are as capable as their male counterparts. Want to be the president? Fine. CEO of some company? Do it. However, professional kickers can get 15-20 yards on her during practice. The record is like 63 yards in a game. Kickers do more than that in practice and warmups on a regular basis. When she is hitting 65 yards in practice, she will get a call. When she gets clobbered by some 280lbs guy that runs a 4.6 40 yard dash and takes it, she will get drafted.

Women have tried out for the NFL before.

Media make a big deal about it. They always are embarrassing and pathetic. Can't even kick a fucking ball.

Who gives a fuck what this roastie skank is doing? She won't ever play for a serious NFL team. At best she'll be a novelty PR pawn for a bottom tier team.

You are aware after the kick she doesn't go for engagement on the play. She sits back and jogs a little bit and then gets off the field because if she got hit she would die.

You know anyone who got the chance to block her would hit her like a semi truck purposely too.

also, women are literally biologically inferior
fucking idiot
it's not sexist
it's a fact, asshat
are there exceptions?
is it the case often?

CFL? What team?

I want to see this, she's definitely going to have a good time on the field

Isn't she going to a D2 school though?

Do high schools play American football or Canadian football up there in Winter Mexico?

correct me if i"m wrong but wasn't their a woman who kicked a football tryout and ends up breaking her leg?

Isn't she going to a D2 college though?


I hear 20% of women are better kickers than 1 in 2 men

What is Aaron Rodgers?

>35 yards is decent
Had a kid when I was in highschool who at 6th grade could hit a 35 yarder.

Why try for these goals that are completely impossible? No woman is ever going to be physically fit enough to compete with the best of men. Most men can't compete on that level, and the best women would only rank among the most mediocre of male players.

It's just human physiology, nothing more. Sports are a physical exercise that concerns, above all else, physical competence. Why can't they accept this?

>knowing gay sports facts
haha what a chump

Canadian. Pretty much the same thing. Field is a little bigger, and there's one more player (12 instead of 11)... Just minor technical differences but it's still the same game.