Randy stair

He did it lads. He joined the Ember Ghost Squad and has reunited with his waifu. Froggy and Rachel were there to greet him.
Does this mean we will get more happenings? EGS needs more souls.

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The only question that remains is why my town? Why mention us and do it somewhere else?

Fucking tranny phantom


This is my OC. Please say something nice about her to help prevent cutting.

You know you're supposed to be 18 to post here right? There's no way in hell youre a grown adult making posts like this....



your shitty little town is fucked

prepare to face the wrath of Ember's Ghost Squad >:)

you're still a bad detective

Ghost yourself

Go to bed Caleb before your mom's new husband beats your ass again.

>criticizing anyone

you're a fuckin joke my dude

You don't have to cut off your dick to go ghost.

ITT Sup Forums celebrates the tragic downward spiral of a mentally ill man and try to spread his illness to impressionable young idiots.

no shit they do that for you once you're in the ghost zone

Go dance like a nigger, ameriscum.


It's meme magic.




This is Randy. I'm ok. I'm waiting for you guys to go ghost.

I live 10 mins from where this happened. Ama

it sure is

So what does this all have to do with politics? Because it is a current event? I mean I find making fun of autistic manchildren hilarous dont get me wrong but this seems better of fit for Sup Forums or something.

And you're underaged... or at the very least mentally still a child.

Where do you live? We'll be right there. Make sure you go ghost before we get there.


take a picture of the toilet door with EGS carved into it

this made me gay desu

wtf is going on?
man im getting old

Pretty adequate for a 6 years old.
Only the boy himself.

Autistic edgy manchild with obsession over danny phantom shot up the store he worked at a few days ago
his youtube channel was filled with autistic gems like these

Hello humans. This is Mackenzie West, AKA Randy Stair. I wanted to ask you to please delet all of my EGS related videos and pics because I don't want to create a cult-like following. I thought going ghost would end my suffering, but the truth is this afterlife is WORSE THAN MY FUCKING LIFE!!! I would give anything to go back to being a balding, kissless virgin, with 5% shotgun accuracy. Every second in the afterlife I am getting raped in the dick by disabled black ghosts. Yes, I still have a dick, and yes, I STILL HAVE A GOD DAMN BUTTHOLE. I HATE YOU!!!!

I bet its dick tastes like candy

Looking into how fucked up trannys are and at possible MKULTRA shit

Of all the shit bait threads that are up right now you choose to shit on one of the few that actually has interesting discussion not shit we've heard a million times

Who the fuck is this cuck and why should I care?

Take a faggot, and scare the gay out of him.

can someone post the "remember, no buttholes" one? I fucked up and didn't save it the first time I saw it.

Ah, I see. Please continue.

Allahu Akbar! I kill you!

>Brown finger

randy isn't mackenzie he's andrew fucking blaze get out of here and don't come back until you know the fucking lore

You sure told him. You big dumb american.

>I made the lore
>you know it better than me

Why are people memeing this faggot?
He will be forgotten in a week, but the supreme gentlemen will live on forever.

go away, cuck

stop larping

Who was driver??

>somebody more autistic than this exists

nah fuck you i'm never going to forget this shit it's one of the best things to happen since chrischan went tran

Eat my nuts, Kike.

>stop larping

Try dialing your number, user. ;^)

Found him right here

Why haven't I heard of this guy? Is this a huge marketing scheme or is it 4reals?

The camera mirrors so he shows up on wrong side

nah it's just a viral campaign for the upcoming danny phantom reboot

it's shaping up to be pretty excellent

Ive had enough with these psyop threads noone is this dedicated to meme some bullshit about some faggot crisis actor. Whats you're endgame?

Why would Sup Forums allow a reddit flag on here?

I agree. You poor weak cucks aren't allowed to fly your flag in society. So we should let you fly your weebie flag here without the fear of being bullied


Cucking Randy from beyond the grave




Gotta love that gay early 2000's teen rock


I guess he didn't learn too many friendship lessons did he?

is that a banjo?

is shadman really gonna draw lewds of egs? that would be pretty ironic lel



hot damn, i need more lewd ghost girls

honestly surprised how much has been produced already


>"September 7th, 2017 will be a day unlike any other for @EGSworld. Mark your calendars."

What did he mean by this?


thanks, Ameribros


uhh why are their nazi, kekistan, tree hunger flags?


I don't know why, but I've never felt less intimidated by a gun pointed at me than I have at this gif.

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>tfw he's holding hands with his baby now