Passively mentioned my disdain for same-sex relationships to one of my closest friends IRL

>passively mentioned my disdain for same-sex relationships to one of my closest friends IRL
>figured he already knew since I'm a Catholic
>"Dude, I don't want to say anything over the top out of respect for you and our friendship, but love is love"
>have this mighty urge to redpill him but also don't what to ruin our friendship
What do I do Sup Forums? I don't want to lose any more friends than I already have.

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Do it OP. "I came not to bring peace but the sword" and so on

Redpill him. If he is unable to swallow it, it's best you cut ties with him. Just be subtle as not to spook him.

I really want to, but I'm unsure. He's pilled about everything else, on race and such. This seems to be the only issue he's not redpilled on. He even hates trannies.

Redpill on homosexuality

inb4 the jews created homosexuality cause white genocide

why do you care about other people's relationships?

he wants your dick

Motherfucker I haven't had a friend in ten years, get with the fucking program and redpill that nigger.

If you can't have a conversation with someone about a conflicting viewpoint then what you have is not a friend.

This. If he won't swallow this redpill, it means he wants to swallow your redpill, if you know what I mean. And by your redpill, I mean homosexual activities.

Because it's immoral.

>love is love
is he cool with fathers fucking their sons?
i mean no chance of a pregnancy, and its just love right?

What's wrong with same sex relationships ?

I honestly don't know?

>inb4 child molesters

That's not a genuine relationship

I'm not talking about child molesters, I'm talking about two consenting adults in a relationship with each other

You're not going to convince him that homosexuality is wrong.

Fuck Christcucks.

>preferring females to men


Not genuine consenting relationship. And incest is outlawed for numerous reasons beyond 'muh immorality'

Don't cut him off. He seems smart if he's on board with the rest of it. He'll get there some day.

Thank you for your wonderful insight, faggot.

Take him to a popular faggot parade then. Let him see with his own eyes. Then remind him of the slippery slope, or even that they are pushing (((pedosexuality))). You'll win him over.

>is christcuck
>is super duper strict about it
>comes to Sup Forums

You can't redpill normies OP. Normies can only redpill themselves.

And what do you means by 'homosexual activities?'

AIDS. faggot are not monogamous

make LGBTQP jokes with the p being pedophelia and watch him struggle to figure out why love is love in some cases but not others

You know what I mean, you fuckin poofter.

>Not genuine consenting relationship.
an 18 year old can consent regardless of their relationship with the person.
Also, how is it immoral? love is love amitrite ;^)

this lol

much higher rates of STD's
rampant pedophilia
genetic dead end

Sup Forums is a Christian board you faggot and that will never change.

Unironically this. You'd be surprised how many closest friends actually want one of the others dicks. I'd say at least let him suck your dick OP. Getting your dick sucked by a guy ain't completely gay. Its only gay if the balls touch.

I'm gonna give all of you faggots the lo-down about "redpilling" your friends and family...

We have unlimited access to news and information. Most of our sources of news and information are corrupted, distorted, and manipulated to evoke an emotional response. Emotional news is good for business.

That we're essentially immersed in news and negative stories about immigrants, fags, trannies, and all other sorts of degenerate ideologues makes it SEEM like this is an urgent matter and is necessary to live a happy life. But that's a lie.


If you alienate your friends and family, no amount of "truth," knowledge, wisdom, or perspective will bring you happiness. As a matter of fact, it is the shovel with which you dig yourself deeper into your isolation and misery. Protect your friends and family. Keep your friends and family and be happy.

If you spend your life trying to drop redpills - or your perception thereof - you're going to wake up at fifty-five in a log cabin by yourself with no one to talk to, and a drinking problem.

The fact is one's beliefs are that tightly wound to one's actions. We live and socialize and co-exist with people of all different beliefs because it is more valuable to us than holding consistent principles are maintaining some sort of consistent morality. Those are secondary because a lonely person doesn't need morals because he only interacts with himself.

yeah op take your boyf i mean friend to a popular faggot parade

OP is also a faggot and that will never change



this tbqh
They claim to support a Religion yet follow none of its Tenets. they are just as much of an edgy faggot as anyone. Their ancestors would think they're smug shitheads and going to hell unless they whip themselves and say 50 hail marys like good bitchboys

When the government first started creating laws about marriage the government was doing so for religious reasons. Now that those are gone, the idea that we need to reform what was once a religious institution into a secular government institution is stupid. Ties between government and marriage need to be severed. If we want people to be able to have rights that spouses have over eachother now, both straight and gay people have the right to execute private contracts to do those things.

Stop associating with him.

Explain Africa then, a place where homosexual number in the tens per millions

How did that get so AID ridden?

Because we understand that a relationship between close family members is dangerous to society through the population (unless your talking about male to male incest, which I currently have no argument against other than 'it's wrong')

I'm pretty much fine with any relationship that contains consenting human and coherent adults that are not blood related closely

your friend is right. leave other people be, God will judge their personal lives as he sees fit. a better thing to tell your friend is that you don't approve of gays that define their entire lives around their sexual identity and try to cram it down other's throats

>passively mentioned my disdain for pedophilic relationships to one of my closest friends IRL
>figured he already knew since I'm a Catholic
>"Dude, I don't want to say anything over the top out of respect for you and our friendship, but love is love"
>have this mighty urge to redpill him but also don't what to ruin our friendship

Why don't you just actually explain your beliefs instead of posting 10,000 characters worth of text?

>you're going to wake up at fifty-five in a log cabin by yourself with no one to talk to, and a drinking problem.

that was my goal to begin with

As a secularist I completely agree with actually, marriage is simply a contract between two people, nothing religious about it.

Hell I'd even be fine you you wanted to call it something other than 'marriage'

drop kik all commies from your friend sphere

>passively mentioned my disdain for arabic relationships to one of my muslim friends IRL
>figured he already knew since I'm a Crusader
>"Dude, I don't want to say anything over the top out of respect for you and our friendship, but Allah is great"
>have this mighty urge to impale him but also don't what to ruin our friendship

>They claim to support a Religion yet follow none of its Tenets.
How the fuck would you know? Just because you could not possibly conceive giving up your own degenerate fucking behavior doesn't mean other people can't. You do realize that most people for thousands of years lived with a modicum of self control, it didn't suddenly become impossible with the advent of secular society.

>posts on Sup Forums
lma to the fucking o

There's no need to get hung up on traditional morality anymore, OP. Follow your leaders.

If I were being genuinely honest with myself I probably couldn't continue being friends with a person like that despite what I might want

Why don't you actually read it?
Oh fuck thanks for seeing my typo.


Leafposters are truly the scum of the earth.

he's trying to tell you that he wants you anally. no homo.

Maybe those are his beliefs and he doesn't like pasting it over and over, so he screenshotted his posts.

Stop self justofying no reading what he wrote if you want to have a discussion. If you dont want to discuss and jist want to virtue signal then fuck off.

You have no reason to be against homosexuality unless you're a Christian or Muslim who doesn't believe in separation of church and state, so trying to "redpill" your friend on homosexuality is basically like trying to convert them to your religion.

That being said I realize that the gay community is a cesspool of hedonism and that STDs are more common among gays than straights. However these things are more the result of the liberal agenda that was forced upon gays than gays themselves. Furthermore, outlawing homosexuality won't actually stop homosexuals from existing; gays will still exist in an underground community as they do in middle eastern countries today. If anything, enforcing sodomy laws would only help to propagate the spread of STDs.

The gay issue is a pretty dumb one IMO. Yeah, homosexuality definitely isn't something should be celebrated, but it's not something that you can change or prevent either. It's existed in every society throughout history, and any attempts in the past to "cure" it have been futile.

Redpill him even if it ruins your frienship it would be extremly altruistic

>i hat queers! it's immoral!
>literally browses a site with boards dedicated to pornography and homosex

That's like saying it's wrong for me to use the internet because there's porn on it.

Dude, he is clearly gay then.

I'm speaking wisdom. You can hold the beliefs, you can express the beliefs, but it's not worth trying to force them on your family and friends.

What good are consistent, even true, beliefs, if you're a lonely miser? The fact is that people don't live consistent with their beliefs. And furthermore, if you commit yourself to a distorted, exaggerated cause at the expense of your family and friendships, you're forfeiting the only things that are worth protecting in this world.

god damn it you fucking tards dont get it. there is no need to "red pill" any one on anything . bunch of try hards that understand human nature very little just doing more damage

you wont convince another person of anything . they have to come to that assessment on their own

the best you could hope for is showing them fags being fags and hoping they are repulsed and thats not going to work often

this is no different than a abortion argument. the opposition has made up their minds . they will only change their minds if they suddenly dont like the idea. now you should understand your at a loss to change another person

>It's existed in every society throughout history


Same sex activity has been observed in past societies, but being "gay" (i.e. taking on those same activities as an identity, along with the belief that you are born that way and its a lifelong state that is not subject to change) is a compeltely recent phenomenon that only appeared in the last 40 years or so.

People like Greeks and Romans viewed same sex activity as just an activity. The idea that people were "wired" like that was unknown to them, or any other society in history.

Furthermore, the "born this way" ideology goes against psychology, which dictates that sexuality is fluid and changing and highly complex. People can gain and lose attractions to all sorts of exotic features. Sexual attractions can be traced back to years of conditioning and reinforcement. Oh, except attraction to genders. That's a super special case and its always black and white and unchanging. You just have to believe us on that.

It's hard to believe this ideology. It just doesn't make sense. They have been searching for years to find a "gay" gene, but all they have found so far is some weakly correlated biological markers.

Until they do find the gay gene, it would be easy to believe what is rational and say that "gayness" is a construct, and people aren't just born like that.

>you wont convince another person of anything

That's literally all I do, son.

>Right-wing beliefs automatically make you a social outcast

This meme needs to die. I grew up in the lefty hellhole New Jersey in a township populated over 40% by Jews, and I've still never had any difficulty cultivating a close circle of like-minded friends, and a broader circle of acquaintances including people who disagree with me.

This is an absolutely incredibly fun time to play the part of the high-energy right-wing charismatic. Just learn to have some damn tact when it's called for and properly play the "concerned skeptic who isn't always sure that all these social experiments are turning out in the sunshine and rainbows way people all hoped they would" when conversations get more serious instead of rambling like a know-it-all autist and you'll be fucking fine.

People these days, even the generally blue-pilled and agreeable, absolutely HATE, positively DESPISE the oppressive cultural climate of compulsory political correctness that currently hangs over all of our heads. They hate it deep down in their heart of hearts, feel the stress and strain of it on a subconscious level whether they realize it consciously or not. Play on that. Give them little glimpses of what a free man looks like, and do so with enough poise and tact not to trigger the immediate reflexive defense response that has been ingrained in them, and they will *always* like you and hear you out in spite of themselves. And the ones who really do see things the way you do (there are more out there than mainstream propaganda would allow you to believe) will start to gather around you.

Having believes that go against the grain of the basic-bitch neoliberal consensus is no excuse for loneliness. You're not being persecuted for your beliefs. You just haven't figured out how to integrate these beliefs into a functioning outward persona yet.

Wanna touch pee pees together?

I was never arguing that people are "born" gay, nor that being gay was ever an identity in the past. However, there have been many historical instances of men who clearly preferred other men to women, but many of them still likely married women due to social pressures. We don't know what actually causes homosexuality, but like I said, it's likely a chemical thing that can't be prevented or "corrected" with our available knowledge on the subject.

Gay rape is ridiculously common Africa, and most of their shithole governments don't even enforce laws in the first place. Also pic related fag

Socratic method. You must ask the right questions.

Homosexuality is caused by an imbalance of hormones in the womb, when artificial wombs come out homesexuality will cease to exist. The source of all our problems is women. Once we can replicate what women are supposed to do with technology, society will prosper.

It's a hard pill to swallow.

To just accept that attraction to the same sex is somehow different to, say, attraction to certain races or body types, which are accepted as trasnient. Considering how similar men and women are in the grand scheme of things.

Like it's the one attraction out of all possible attractions that can be attributed to some sort of "chemical" origin. Seems a little ridiculous to me.

tell him to stop being a stupid faggot then let him decide.

It's incomprehensible, but it exists. Why on earth would people choose to be gay in places where homosexuality is outlawed? It just doesn't make sense. And then there's those instances of family-values pastors who end up being closet fags.
Also, attraction to certain races or body types aren't always transient.

>Why on earth would people choose to be gay in places where homosexuality is outlawed?
People like defy authority
People like to play the victim
People like to be taboo
People want to fight for how they feel
People have persecution complexes

Sexuality is like weight. Some are born predisposed to have a harder time with it than others. It's not easy or quick to change. It's largely what and how much you consume that determines it. With time and effort, it can change. Oh and fools take something so biologically basic and make it their core identity.

Well I didn't say that same sex attraction wasn't difficult to change, I just said it could be changed. Because psychology dictates our preferences comes from years of conditioning and reinforcement.

People can't choose their sexuality in the same way they can't choose to be, say, muscular. They can't wake up and decide to have muscles. All they can do is try and make the lifestyle changes in order to facilitate that gradual change.

If it's really something you can change, then why do "pray the gay away" camps and electroshock therapy seem to never work? Most "reformed" homosexuals eventually get caught fucking some dude behind their wife's back.
Furthermore, like I said, no clear cause can be traced to homosexuality. Gay people come from all kinds of backgrounds, from growing up on the streets to being raised in conservative Christian households. If there's nothing that clearly conditions you into being a homosexual, then how do you break the "conditioning"?

Also, many gay people will admit that they'd like to be straight or even that they've tried to become straight, some even willingly going into conversion therapy. That kind of outlaws the whole notion that homosexuality is a choice.

Hey guys, what's wrong with gay marriage? Honestly I don't see anything wrong with it, redpill me or else you're all republican shills.

Personally I wouldn't bother but idea is always fun.

Ancap is the only way my friend, everyone has right to have their own opinions as long as they are in their own domain and you have no right to infringe upon his freedom.
If he is in your house just gun him.

My only problem with it is that it's called "marriage" and can therefore be used to attack Christians by undermining their traditional values. The UK has it right with the whole civil unions thing. If anything I think it's a good thing because it encourages gays to be monogamous which leads to less STDs.

Conversion therapy doesn't work because they keep making the same mistakes as the gay community. In treating same sex attraction as some sort of intrinsic identity or even as a mental condition, when all it really is is just an attraction that causes them problems.

Sexual attractions are hard to change, but they can be changed. And you don't need conversion therapy.

I still can't believe that sexuality is something black and white and unchanging.
A lot of gay people wouuld be happier in traditional relationships.
Under pressure, many "straight" people in the gay-straight dichotomy will admit that they have attraction to certain members of the same sex. So it stands to reason that many gay people have attraction to certain people of the opposite sex. They should act on those feeling for a better life.

Honestly he was respectful and you should be too.

I know how disgusting faggots are, but reading that made me want to vomit.

That's a lot of assumptions. Most gay men will argue that they've never felt attraction toward a woman. But the question remains, exactly how do you "force" yourself to be straight?

Some of these statistics seem preposterous. Especially considering most of these sources date from the 70s to the early 90s.

>spreads aids everywhere
>"i-i-it not h-hurting anyone"

big govt cuck

>homo lifespan up to 20 years less compared to heteros


There is nothing wrong with gay people getting it on together. Sorry i makes you feel insecure, but the world doesn't have to oppresss others just so you can sleep at night.

It really isn't difficult.
By practicing chastity, trying to rid your mind of lust, aquainting yourself with family values, being in a culture which emphasises family values and marriage etc

Too much of the time, people with same sex attraction or other troublesome attractions let themselves become isolated, or involved in unsavoury communities, and let themselves be consumed by concupiscance.

It takes years to get into that place, and it might take a long time to get out.

These things have been done in the amazing world of "conversion therapy." All that's done is made gay people hate themselves more and ruin lives.

>spreads Aids
Yeah, among gays. It's not a problem unless you fuck gay men.

Shoiuld have said that you don't believe in it.

>rying to rid your mind of lust, aquainting yourself with family values, being in a culture which emphasises family values and marriage etc
Like I said, many gay people are born into God-fearing Christian households. They are raised to respect these values and never experience anything else. Why do they end up gay?

>aids never leaves the gay population
>aids doesn't cost tax dollars


>mfw beating and bullying the local faggot into giving you a BJ

ah to be 14 again


If gays stopped having sex with each other, then they'd have sex with straight people and spread it there. Aids has already spread into the stright sex pool.

Stopping gay people from having sex with each other wouldn't do shit. Killing all gay people woudln't do shit either. Have you ever taken a basic data analysis class?

tell him hes on some fag shit and back in da day he get his ass beat and those days be returnin g ya herd