Please tell me how tax cuts for the super rich helps poor and middle class whites

Please tell me how tax cuts for the super rich helps poor and middle class whites.

I'm waiting...

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Brings us more business which helps create job positions that are worth having instead of more and more retail and food service.

Tax cuts help everybody by increasing trade. Everyone's taxes should be cut to the bone.

Like trickle down economics? We know that doesn't work.

(((Bloomberg))) is an anti-Trump shill who pretends to be an independent like a typical manipulative kike.

But anyway, if he actually gets rid of the loopholes and deductions, the rich will end up paying more than they pay now. It's small businesses who get the relief

Except that it does.
Equality creates stagnation, as can be seen in every communist country.

Trickle down was never a thing. It was a made up buzzword by journalists that were trying to downplay Reagan's economic policies.

But to answer your retarded OP, wealth as a whole increases for everyone across the board. Some groups benefit more than others, but that's life, and if you don't like it, change yourself or stay where you are.

Rich people have more money to invest, creating more jobs and boosting wages.

Your kind of thinking is why niggers are niggersbtw.

>trickle down doesn't exist because it was a name made up by journalists
>Obamacare doesn't exist because it's a name made up by journalists

The choice isn't between radical neo-liberalism and communism, you twit.

>(((Bloomberg))) is an anti-Trump shill who pretends to be an independent like a typical manipulative kike.
Anyone who is unironically still on the trump train at this point should seriously fucking kill themselves. Jews are evil, but calling someone a ''kike'' isn't sufficient as an argument. Try again, sweetie.

>you're a nigger therefore you're wrong

>you're a nigger therefore you're wrong
That's exactly how it works.

>muh communism

You are fucking retarded. Rich people hoard money. Which means there will be less money in circulation, therefore trump's tax cut is going to cause prices to go up. The best economic policy is to get poor people to spend money. That allows the economy to grow.

Communism and everything close to it is shit.
If you try to defend communism your opinions can be discarded as being underage.

I'm not a communist. I'm just pointing out how ridiculous it is to compare everything other than neoliberalism to Soviet-model communism

>Rich people hoard money
Grow the fuck up faggot.
Money sitting there is money not being made.
Rich people don't just let their money sit around.
Money doesn't just sit in a bank.

Rich people don't hoard money, they tie it up in assets which is a huge difference. If you can't see that difference you are either underage or mentally deficient.

Socialism is shit too.
Hierarchy is necessary for humans to enjoy life. Without it there's nothing to aspire to.

There is no good without evil.

That's a retarded graph. It's funny how you lying faggots never talk about what the actual tax plan entails. A tax cut across the board means rich people will save more money because they pay more money. Graphs like these are specifically made to emotionally manipulate retards like yourself.

>Rich people hoard money.
Sorry, this board is for adults only

This board has become a fox news echo chamber. They actually believe mnuchin and cohn will save them. They will also pretend to be antisemitic while doing it.

Communism doesn't really play into it as they're not a major force in the US.

>calls graph retarded
>simply restates what the graph means

oy vey

Communism is a creeping plague.
They have supporters in the form of antifa niggers, liberal, and BLM faggots. The democrat party is slowly dragging us into a socialist hell.

>current year
>not going beyond good and evil

> we're going to raise taxes on the super rich!
> just kidding, lobbyists will pen the new taxes and accountants will navigate the new loopholes
> pay more taxes you privilgedged 90-99%er

>The democrat party is slowly dragging us into a socialist hell.
Globally the democrats are quite right-wing you know. The cold war is over, you paranoid brainlet. Which was the last socialist/communist policy they enacted?

The democrats havent controlled the house or senate in years. You should find another scapegoat for your hatred.

>trickle down isnt a leftist meme

Doesn't fucking matter. Their end goal is the same.
They control our media and had the presidency.
You should try to stop being a faggot.

Because your a NIGGER!!!

kill yourself shill rat

Redistributing the wealth to the rich is ok thought

>Redistributing the wealth to the rich
They own the company and all the equipment you use to do your job. They redistribute wealth to the employees since those employees wouldn't have a job without the owner of the business.


They do not control fox news or the presidency. You should try to stop being an angry cuck.

>Which means there will be less money in circulation, therefore trump's tax cut is going to cause prices to go up.
That doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

Well, we could always have done things the african way(tribal socialism). We can see how well that went for them.
Kingdoms were necessary for Europeans to rise above the level of animals. The only places that have civilization are those who had kingdoms and feudal systems.

>They do not control fox news
>implying they don't
How fucking new are you, faggot?

that's when we see little things change in life.

When the rich have loopholes in the tax law not to pay taxes why don't the Democrats close those holes if the really care. Also why do Democrats think only Republicans are Billionaires? Remember Hillary's charity. Who needs a tax break when you pay no tax?

Try making a coherent post.

Don't like what America does? stay the fuck in Canada. You can molest your dog and we can do what we want.

Yeah fox news is so left wing. You are obviously a delusional ledonald faggot. So redpilled.


>it's when we see that things never really change
sorry normie forgot we on reddit now
would you please correct my grammar senpai i would love to be as lit as you

The term Trickle down economics has been around for 100 years u fucking autistic right wing retard.

We should both raise taxes and close loopholes. What does it matter if democrats are too corrupt and congress too gridlocked for it to happen?

Left wing retards think the only Billionaires are right wing.


>implying they don't own both parties
and ?

Tax cuts for the super rich DON'T help the lower and middle class. That is one area I will always disagree with most republicans on.

Lower taxes DOES NOT mean they will pay employees more. It means more vacations and a 2nd home to rent out.

Fox news is owned and directed by globalist faggots. Unless they are nationalist they aren't my friend.
You're still not coherent. I can't give you an actual reply if you can't communicate, nigger.

Point being? Both right and left-wing people should be taxed more, in particular the rich.


So what do right wing retard billionaire globalist shillcucks fight for? Tax cuts for the millionaires and billionaires. You're nothing more than useful idiots.

>"It is striking to note that the best growth years for the bottom 99 percent since 1990 have taken place in the mid to late 1990s and since 2013, shortly after increases in top tax rates," Saez wrote.

This right wing retard gets it. Too bad the rest of you are cucked by your billionaire globalist overlords


exactly what do you suppose the super rich will do with that extra cash?
>make a list of those things
>look at list
>notice that every one of them involves paying someone who is not super rich, or making money available to non-super rich
and now you have been told


Why raise taxes when you could put a sales tax? No loopholes and Billionaires could spend their money on jobs instead of lobbying for tax breaks. Everything their company buys get taxed instead of putting loopholes in the system.

Point is tax breaks are just the tip of the iceberg.


Trump's healthcare plan gives me $2,000 refundable tax credit but you niggers don't want to pass it

Whats your fucking point? Do you think republicans are going to put a stop to that? What the fuck retard?

The most devastating outcome of this flag update HAS to be that it's a little more difficult to tell when the Obama Leaf has emerged from his hovel.

It doesn't. Society doesn't realize that we need to have poor people, and trying to change that will only cause inflation and crisis.

Trump said he was a globalist

Learn english, nigger.


Due to globalization American businesses don't need America when they have taxes havens like Liechtenstein and cheap labor like China for example. It's better for businesses to stay in America to pay taxes and wages to Americans so you have to pander to the rich by lowering taxes. Don't bring up the global economy meme, if the global economy benefited the working class, Chinese and Indian workers would have higher wages and better quality of life.

>good goy cut my taxes. the wealth will trickle down. i promise

>taxing the rich means more state income

>leaf can now pretend to be American

sure, and all the existing taxes will be eliminated
>and monkeys might fly out my butt

I'm proud of my leaf flag, retard

Obamacare was just the name given to Obama's healthcare reform plan. It doesn't actually mention the specific policies. Trickle down is a liberal strawman, saying republicans just want to hand the rich money.

i don't find the word nigger to be insulting
and you should truly off yourself for being that fucking cringe where the fuck do you think you are ? yhu woant my to writes perfect engrish fat slave ?

Higher taxes on the rich does increase revenues Cutting taxes on the rich reduces revenues.

All your chart shows is that the middle class make up the difference

No, I want to understand what you're fucking saying.

Which symbol triggers u more?

Leaf or Democrat?

On what? That would disproportionately affect the poor, which is the opposite of what I suggested.

So the weight doesn't trickle down? That's what I've been saying.

>rich people hoard money

>, saying republicans just want to hand the rich money.

That's their entire fucking ideology. You right wing retards are the biggest cucks on the planet.

Why not? If the Billionaires don't pay tax anyways. There could be some other taxes such as taxes on trading real workers for robots.

the hilarious irony of right wing retard billionaire globalist shillcucks waving gadsden flags while fighting for your billionaire globalist overlords

Feudalism actually represents liberals policy(big govt) more than republican.

just another dumb leaf

lol i knew obama leaf would switch to the dem flag

too bad the mods didn't bring back the obama flag from pre 2015

How bad would the recession have been under a republican? It would be another great depression. Obama saved america.

the last 100 years the USA has NOT been a trickle down economy, you fucking idiot.

too bad on me

Your Gadsden flag should be updated for you right wing retards. It should have a billionaire globalist on it saying "Don't Tread on me" and u right wing retards defending your billionaire globalist overlord at all costs

the only tax cuts that ever mattered to the rich were the estate tax cuts and capital gains cuts, which are as low as it gets now.

that way they keep the money in the family and live off investments instead of spending it on the economy or, you know, creating jobs.

They dont even know that having a hoard of money is literally what makes someone rich. Trumpfags revel in irony. They are walking contradictions.

this. Obama literally saved America from a 2nd Great Republican Depression and right wing retards hate him for it

doesnt understand
1. the president does NOT write the budget
2. repubs controlled the house
3. there was NEVER a Clinton surplus
4. the economy collapsed in 2008 thanks to sub-prime loans (liberal assholes). govt, private banks, and govt banks colluding

listen to me retard and learn. you right wing retards are useful idiots for your billionaire globalist overlords. The Republicans entire ideology is blowing up massive budget deficits to cut taxes for the rich. How do they justify such massive tax cuts? By telling u retards that it'll trickle down. You believe it because you are nothing more than shills and cucks for the wealthy elites who own you.

The American system in general is proto-feudal in nature. Anyone supporting the two-party system is guilty.
The sales copy has been all about trickling down. You're right only because trickle-down doesn't actually trickle-down.

the economy was shit under obama. Libs like you always lie and say the middle class wouldnt be taxed...taxes on the middle class went up. you commie fuck are so stupid

They're just cucks. They actually enjoy serving their billionaire globalist overlords

Bbbbut he wants to provide care for the sick and elderly! He was totally the antichrist! How dare he give a shit about disabled americans.