Lil dick Crackers won't recover from this!!!

Lil dick Crackers won't recover from this!!!

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Those costumes need to be modded into Skyrim. I might even choose Redguard for the first time just to make it more authentic.

kek underrated

are these the new power rangers?

I can't wait until the first Black Panther LARPer gets shot by the police. The chimpouts will be legendary.

>Falling for the Disney Jew.


That is a bait headline if I ever saw one.

The clickbait is real.

das rite you make expensive movies for us and we still hate you bitches

Fuck off.

Everyone knows your a shitposting leaf.

I haven't even seen a white person complain about this movie. progressives have moved beyond hallucinating oppression to fabricating it.

I don't give a fuck about gay comic book shit or pop culture

They see people making fun of it and think that means they are afraid of blacks getting woke or some such negroid gibberish. I can't wait until it comes out and we can make memes from the dialogue and ridiculous sets.

Role playing is so gay. When are these flags going away?

>niggers have to rely on whitey to make their movies because african made movies look like shit

It's sad I use to like Black Panther as a kid and now I find out it's about hating me and my race.

Fuck niggers to death.

> big mad

Jesus christ, what is wrong with these apes

> saltine
> mayo packet
> cracker

nigs can't even come up with good insults

> bix nood


It's hard to get a stinging racial slur when they're inferior.

Can we petition Marvel to make a superhero named White Power and put him in several major motion picture releases?

Good insults are based on understanding and predicting someone's behavior or at least their reaction to a given attribute being mocked. All of this is far beyond a simian with a 60 IQ.

Will this be the new Fubu fad? Dressing up as characters, people from the movie? Try to restrain yourselves from appropriating the culture coming out of this dumbass movie.

Damn, apparently not.
We would have to convince some drawfags to make a webcomic good enough to get their attention, or something like that.

>Use two racial epithets while simultaneously calling a group of people racist
These people never fail to prove just how retarded they are the moment they open their mouths.

Racist is itself just a racial slur for White people. It's only ever been used in a universal sense to try to convince White people to accept being called it and to start calling each other it.

black panther was black fuckin idiot

Is that dude on the right wearing a fucking gimp mask?

Who is even mad?

>Saltine Fury
oh crackers... i see
>racist mayo packets
all whites like mayo? okay? i think its gross
Thats fucking pathetic
>Blackity Blackness
okay, is this marketing for children?

is this meant to be satire?

>is this meant to be satire?^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

oh wow its not satire...

this is truly for the lowest common demoninator

What does this even mean?

>Inb4 do you even nigger

If only reality reflected fantasy

Its funny because the way Black Panther has been written for years is that Waknda has literally told the rest of Africa to fuck off, and has let thousands die just to protect his own people

Rather its hard to be offended when you aren't drowning in your own inferiority/victim complex. I personally don't give a fuck what niggers call me, grade school ended a millennia ago.

>whites are racist
>is racist

Just wait until the mexicans become the dominate race in America

How does it feel to live in South Africa?

Niggers LITERALLY will never recover from this.

As the chinese say

A lion gives no fuck when the dogs bark

>You won't recover from exploiting black people for financial gain.

That is a threat?

Ill cut your legs off and stuff em up your arse you make another shitty threat like that again.

Challenging, but I wouldn't live any other place to be honest.

he looks like a gay bdsm enthusiast


T'Challa is a genius scientist and philosopher king who rules over a technologically advanced country.

He's quite seriously the least "blackity black" black person in comic book history.

Don't forget he is an ardent homosexual.

Sup Forumstuga

https:// .gg/fxQ7nFw

>Put "discord" in the gap, captcha thinks its spam

Sup Forumstuga

https:// .gg/fxQ7nFw

>Put "discord" in the gap, captcha thinks its spam

Sup Forumstuga

https:// .gg/fxQ7nFw

>Put "discord" in the gap, captcha thinks its spam

Sup Forumstuga

https:// .gg/fxQ7nFw

>Put "discord" in the gap, captcha thinks its spam

Sup Forumstuga

https:// .gg/fxQ7nFw

>Put "discord" in the gap, captcha thinks its spam

I plan to use John Podesta's Skull as a cereal bowl.

Same with Larry Silverstein.

I have a big old list of people I have to murder.

>Mission from God and all that




>stop being such a nigger...nigger.







Dumbfuck 40iq niggers



>Take that, whittie. I'll show you that I will no longer be exploited by your kind by paying to see this multi-million dollar budget movie which is blatantly being marketed to my socio-economic group, and maybe get a Black Panther action figure while I'm at it


Sorry, we don't give a shit about niggers

op is a dredy pachuli smellin faggot

whitey owns the comic and movie rights so niggers will go to see it and line whiteys pockets lol and for what? selling niggers a lie

Why? What's the point of staying in a country where 90% of the population is a.) retarded and b.) hates us?

Not the guy you asked it, but I've visited SA 4 times so I understand how great that country can be. Sure nogs are a pain in the ass and the country would be better off without them, but it's not like your life is impacted in a meaningful way by said hate.

Try visiting Cape Town sometime and you'll be impressed. You have in there some of the best that the white man's world has to offer (great vineyards, all types of barbecue, big and comfy houses, good infrastructure)

I'm South African. Yes its nice here, but the constant underlying racial hatred takes its toll on you.