User sort yourself out

Clean your room.
Stop watching porn.
Stay in school.
Get a job.
Stop eating junk.
Be a supreme gentleman.
Go outside.

Sort yourself out.

Then you can have these.

No, they are not about to be replaced by "fembots".
No, they do not only want "Chad".
No, they are not all gold diggers.
No, they are not all race traitors.
No, they are not all cheaters.
No, they are not all feminists.
No, they are not all sluts.

>Be a supreme gentleman.

>trade job pays better
>see above
>see above
You talk like a fag and your is all retarded

Eww white women.

keep getting excited by watching other men have sex with women you want then

nothing wrong with trades, infinitely better than many uni degrees today, the point was just be gainfully employed

don't expect to keep a girl if you aren't a supreme gentleman to her, being an asshole only keeps immature women around who you're better off without

All women are insane.

Women just don't think the way men do. Get over it.

half the white race is insane? what does that mean for our genepool and descendants?

we're fucked

>speaking truth in a bitter virgin echo chamber

Good luck.

>women are susceptible to Jew media propaganda and products like birth control and condoms designed to disrupt their biological imperative to reproduce with a genetically fit male of their race

What you're telling me to do is "be selfish, smile and lie".

Go drown yourself in syrup. Sage.

>No, they do not only want "Chad".
>No, they are not all gold diggers.
>No, they are not all race traitors.
>No, they are not all cheaters.
>No, they are not all feminists.
>No, they are not all sluts.

these are the parts you fucked up on. it's current year and women are all of those things.

>Get a job.
Gee thanks for the advice, (((college professor)))

Kill yourself, shill.

Women hate gentlemen.



>nothing wrong with trades,
Get me a trade job. Oh wait, you have to pay for college for that, and tools, and have your daddy get you a Union job.

Fuck you, god damn leaf

>Clean your room.
>Stop watching porn.
I can't
>Stay in school.
I am
>Get a job.
Will try to get one at my uni
I will start very soon
>Stop eating junk.
>Be a supreme gentleman.
Why? Girls tend to like bad boys
>Go outside.
I do

source for blonde girl with hay and brown cows in the background?

How about doing something useful?

I'm glad we there are still brave feminists like OP who decided to be a RealMan™ and take a stand against the white CIS male patriarchy.


So the plan should be to embrace your betaness and stay a bitter loser ? Thanks my jewish friend

That's a good use of that flag, leaf.

>Clean your room.
I think it's ok..
>Stop watching porn.
But I still fap without porn, so...
>Stay in school.
To be a teacher or something, because I finished univ 1-2 years ago kek
>Get a job.
Already have, but it's a shitty one, just temporary, until something better..but it seems that I'm still stuck here for these 9 months....
Why not cycle? Or swim?
>Stop eating junk.
Yeah, but I alternate food, just for the taste..
>Be a supreme gentleman.
>Go outside.

I tried, I failed, I went back to this.
Fuck you OP. You probably don't even practice what you preach. Gay ass faggot

>Stay in school.
>Get a job.
>Be a supreme gentleman.

>tfw a cute Chad hapa from California did all this and still died a virgin

I did at least half of the list and results were shit so I let it all go. It's-MY-LIFE

Shit I thought this was an /r9k/ thread

*fedora tipping intensifies"

>Clean your room
>Stop watching porn
No, I have moderation and got bored of touching myself
>Stay in school
I just graduated, I want work.
>Get a job
Waiting on replies
I am
>Stop eating junk
>Go outside
I live in the desert

>Then you can have these
They won't care till I have a stable income. They never do. You faggots need to realize you are only going to get something young and loyal if you are alpha and have cash.

kek if this aint the truth.

I don't want or care about them though.

so they can cuck you and take all that which you worked so hard for?


He never said any of those things.

But good job showing with clarity what a strawman is.

>Clean your room.
>Stop watching porn.
>Stay in school.
>Get a job.
>Stop eating junk.
>Be a supreme gentleman.
>Go outside.
>Sort yourself out.
>Then you can have these.

No deal.

I don't like any of those girls desu, also a lot of the attractive european girls nowadays are libtards