Muh cloth on a rock

>muh cloth on a rock

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America was first on the moon so they won the space race!!

Do you ever get tired of that joke?

Shut the fuck up

But 50 years later we still living on this Earth.
Nothing came out of it.

You can tell who is winning the space race by their current acomplishments.

And the best thing is it never even happened, if it was real there would be a small base there to show the spread of civilization, not a stupid flag.

The US is so advanced its discovering new genders every day!

Sweden and Germany are ahead of us there. Uh oh.

All of this nonsense comes from NYC and San Francisco. The German language assigns a male, female, or neuter gender to every noun. The idea of more than two genders is completely foreign to them.

Fucking beautiful m8, brings a tear to my eye to see the stars and stripes flying proud on that space rock

Stolen technology
They're suffering from the jewfluence too.

Yes, but only after decades of American propaganda. The idea of white guilt started when the kikes in the State Department saw how well Nazi guilt worked against the Germans.

>Spend billions of dollars
>don't even have universal health care
>Ignore starving people within your borders
>Put flag on moon.
We won the space race!!!
>Being this retarded

Daily Reminder that Europe has never had a manned spaceflight outside of Russia.

The moon is ours sea merchant!

>defeat an enemy
>not take their best technology for yourself
You're no Nazi.

>kikes only won over USA
Why does the world, especially Germany still believe in the holohaux?

They didn't defeat them, they looted the crumbled buildings after the Soviets had destroyed them, took their scientist who had already discovered the rocket and pretend that by using it they somehow should be proud of that.

It shows we were better than the Soviet fags. We're getting fucked by immigrants and retards at the moment, though.

Fuck you and your slave morality. I'm not going to subsidize and sustain your existence, and I wouldn't expect anything different from you.

isn't this flag white nowadays?
due to sun UV radiation

France is finally victorious

>space race: get into space first
>Soviets do it first
>Amerifats: "nuh uh it's a moon race now lol we win"

>muh cloth on a boat

It was our final thank you to France for freeing us of lobster back tyranny.

Does anyone seriously believe the moon landings were real?

it was actually made out of aluminum

The flags were just nylon; they were never meant to last.

Daily reminder that no one cares because there's nothing there.

We won the space race because the commies went broke and we continued to have a space program for about 2 more decades until obumer de-funded it

We lost the space race though. Russians had the first satellite, first astronaut, first man in space. We just barely came in at the end and put a man on the moon using stolen Nazi scientists.



>invented the first liquid-fueled rocket
>invented the fucking gyroscope
>The V-2 literally used a ripped off copy of his gyroscope

please drown yourself

Daily Reminder that Pirates will experience another Golden Age once Space Travel is common.

If you believe that a human has explored the moon you are an utter fucking mook. Frail humans will never go anywhere past LEO on anything but a suicide mission.

for at least another 30 years.

We'll all be living in caves and huts.

yeah you go off the edge of the map and dragons eat you

everyone knows that. they draw them right on the damn map. you don't think they draw them there for giggles, right?

if the Jew and their useful idiots have their way.

It's called the Van Allen belts you dolt.

Furthermore open space beyond the van allen belts still has high levels of radiation.

What if we just bomb the rock

>still falling for moon hoax
That thing is simply a huge lightbulb in the ceiling of our flat planet

If only there was a way to shield yourself from electromagnetic radiation fields

Like, an enclosed container, made out of metal, or something.

no, its just sunbleached, you can still clearly see its an american flag

Hallo mook! A plus level retard post. Probably pat yourself on the back for what you thought was its pith of thought wrong.

>Probably pat yourself on the back for what you thought was its pith of semi-obscurity

You speak English like an Italian.

...and the streak of brilliant stupidity continues unabated. Jewdos!

there is a lot more than just EM radiation out there kid.

Nice bait kraut.

>You speak English like an Italian.

You must be rocking a speak n' spell monitor...either that or you are just an immensely dimwitted cunt.

gotta agree with him you do speak english like an italian

>there is a lot more than just EM radiation out there kid.

Yeah, like the dragons.

>there is a lot more than just EM radiation out there kid.

His brain is in a captive orbit around planet Mong.


Tell him when you both take your dreidel break.

good god and do I love that flag on that rock
>get fucked everyone else

He is talking about space not your greedy gang abused anus.

> reflexively snapping at ZE JUICE

You never learn, do you?

>Shoot a guy to the edge of the atmosphere and get him back
>Develop an impressive computer system that guides a rocket precisely to the moon and then back
Who is the real winner? Stay butthurt that we've been winning for the past 100 years

>He is talking about space not your greedy gang abused anus.

So I have dragons in my anus now? Now that's what I call a compelling argument. Listen, I understand that you worked very hard despite your shitty rockets sometimes missing the entire fucking island of Britain, but you daffy cunts don't even have the balls left to tell the Greeks to fuck off and you want me to take you seriously vis a vis America in the space race? Bruh.

Whinge more Jood.

People like him are the reason we will end up back in mud huts.

Stay poor community college.

>moving the goalposts this much

>looks windy up there?


NSA stooge detected

...he won't be part of the "we" which will make it worth it.

top kek

That's a good one should make that go viral...perhaps it can rival your AIDS.

let's hope so.

We have exchange students come from around the world to study at our colleges. What are all the muslims coming to Germany for? Because I don't think it's your colleges!

>knows about community college

outed as a proxy

>being this much of a cuck
Leave the United States you fucking faggot

>it's not ghey if it's on the moon


Actually you fags complain about your shitty education so much that we can't not listen to it.

I went to boarding school in Connecticut for a year and then to Culver. You = poor.

>suspending logic to support your country

Oy vey muh shekels paid for this!

>I went to boarding school in Connecticut for a year and then to Culver. You = poor.

So the guy who went to an American school is criticizing American education?

Well it'd explain your English, at least!

How does a flag ripple in the vacuum of space?

I think it's probably a white flag now.

Wires threaded into it

Nope, him = smart.

>not taking on a few years worth of tuition costs + anything else = not putting himself in debt to kikes

Well, except for transistors, integrated circuits, insane leaps in computing technology, Super lightweight materials, stuff like that. But aside from those things, sure, nothing came of it.

It was actually a soundstage on Mars.

I'm criticising your education. Do keep up Jo-Jo.

yeah we do

Culver as in CMA?

stop drinking the NASA koolaid.



>using sports to discuss world politics
Go back to taking care of your wife's child and reading your communist manifesto. The US could have sent a man or satellite to orbit space before the Soviets, but chose to shoot for the moon instead. Being able to spend what is worth billions now into a project and not collapse is what makes the US the real winners.

Thank you for the undisputed science facts non-superpower.

Reliable transistors were developed and mass-produced for Navaho and Minuteman I, actually. ICs were developed in parallel for Apollo and Minuteman II.

Apollo was big on the minicomputer front, though; they needed a lot of them for simulators and ground-based guidance. And pioneered modern software engineering (including coining that term in the first place).

>muh cloth on a ship

Every post screams out fat, poor and unlovable.

Hey man, I didn't major in cartography, don't give me shit if I got the map-edge dragon details wrong. You know so much about them, lets hear you pontificate.


Heh. Our Nazi rocket scientists beat the Soviet Nazi rocket scientists. It is worth noting that Von Braun was in regular communication with Goddard and was a fan of his work. Hitler saw value in a large scale missile program when FDR did not. Von Braun also hand picked and surrounded himself with like minded engineers once he came to the U.S.. The scientists the Soviets nabbed basically had to work with what they had.