HE EVEN MENTIONED THAT IT WAS A "REFRIGERATOR THAT EXPLODED" (cause that happens ALL the time, yeah fucking right)

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Who cares. Its muslims.

Maybe the guy knows it was a Muslim who did it but lied to cover it up...?

For once, no human died though.

big if true

Just like when we quickly found the passports. youtu.be/GAueLjdKh1s

Don't belive false flag preachers. They're literally MIDF trying to deflect blame from Islam.


because they dint live there

Have you guys ever heard of a refrigerator exploding randomly? Unless you put a BOMB in it

Congrats Britfags, you finally got your own 9/11

>implying 9/11 wasn't an inside job

No one's deflecting blame from Islam, but false flags do occur. Remember sandy hook?

>tfw tons of muslims survived the fire because they were awake for ramadan and noticed the smoke

Check out Kibbitzlaw, he's saying the same thing

>knowing exactly what caused the fire
>call it a conspiracy

I think a fridge might assplode if you were making acetone peroxide in it


are you stupid or something? it was an accident. no word about it being any kind of (((attack))).

Ramadan ..fasting ....someone took it out on the appliances.

>yfw mudshits blow themselves up while trying to make explosives
Oh please make it so.

Terrorists don't do this type of stuff. Don't get excited over some petty stuff like this Sup Forums. Wow, some cop gets shot somewhere in the world? Some shitskin hive catches wire!


Grow a spine. Islamists don't set fire to their own neighborhoods

And how do you know that?

You know the best part of London is the diversity of the people burning to death. It really is a proud moment to know this is our strength.

>also musims have no learned about arson and its death toll and how it doesn't require suicide bombing

wew lad

People on the upper floors died.

It was probably communists.

The communist left has been infiltrated by muslims and recently won Kensington in the election.

This is their way of saying how bad private landlords are and appropriating private property.

I like the theory that it was an accident while Mohammad and his Bros fucked up their chemistry experiment for some planned cultural enrichment


Awesome. What are any of you actual Britons going to do about it? Nothing? Let the attacks continue? Business as usual as far as I can see, Europe is dead.

The Ignored Disaster: Exploding Refrigerators
Posted July 17, 2010 8:11 AM

The planet seems to be consumed by disasters these days, natural and man-made. From massive oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico to earthquakes to erupting volcanoes. Yet there's another potential disaster looming in either the frozen food section of your local mega-mart, or even the residential model refrigerator you keep inside your office kitchen (we have a basic GE model at my dad's commercial construction company).

The looming disaster? Exploding fridges.

How exactly do refrigerators explode? Gasses that become trapped and not allowed to properly vent can easily become ignited by a single spark. Or leaking isobutene can also cause both sudden explosion and fire.

Okay, I know what you're thinking. The probability of your home/workplace refrigerator exploding or the supermarket frozen food section going nuclear is about as likely as your winning the Mega Millions lottery. Yet some industry experts, like Neil Everitt of ACR News, view exploding refrigerators as a potential life threatening disaster in the making.

"The most worrying thing about… exploding fridge cases," he writes in his monthly column, "is what I see as a failure by the industry to take these events seriously. The chaos caused by an exploding fridge, its potential to cause injury and the ramifications for this industry, have not been fully recognized."

Everitt also makes a point of differentiating between actual explosions and fires. While a fire is usually preceded by smoke, or an alarm, or both, explosions happen spontaneously and without warning. They can cause serious injury or death, as was the case with a rash of explosions that occurred recently in England.

>tfw there is at least a 20 percent chance an inbred muslim did this through malice or stupidity.

A bunch of people died. Either burnt or jumped to their death. It started on the 4th floor and was fully engulfed in 20 minutes.

That's a long shot. Realistically, far more possibilities that it was an accident or some huckster prank gone wrong.

now that's a low bar,
no false flag theory ever was built up from the 'crisis actor reading a script'
Usually that's like extra frosting on the more substantial evidence.

Because at no point anyone ever said arson was an option.

It's actually far more possible than a fridge exploding.

Fuck I could use a comfy Infowars stream right about now

Wow, let's ban all fridges now before they enter my safe space.

video proof?


better luck next time

Nothing's been confirmed yet though

Will the Muslims get to build a rape center mosque on the spot of the burned up place?

its london isnt this fucking common now and the mud mayor said dude dont worry about the attacks get used to them. I feel bad if anyone died but this is clearly the shitty governments fault importing these shit heads without background checks

yeah hey i saw that on Fight Club

>nothing has been confirmed
>therefore it must be false flag



who turnt off the sprinkler system?

I didn't say it was, are you down syndrome or something?

relax goy, fridges explode all the time

Im starting to regret this

>its london isnt this fucking common now
Try learning English first or drink less.
> I feel bad if anyone died but this is clearly the shitty governments fault importing these shit heads without background checks
Please. tell us. In your world of NAP, how do we solve this problem without violating the "rights" of "people"?

What guy? What interview?

Amirali alfideh

So is the building gonna collapse or not

You can't have a caliphate if you refrigerate.

Sadiq Kahns veiw


so apperently guy on tv interview knew the guy who was the starting point. "fridge" was starting point. even knew what appartment

i guess some people jumped out of the building "8-th" floor. who knows right now.

>exploding refrigerator

no fucking fridge uses gas

and if the fridge fan goes out your fridge doesnt fucking explode


you're an idiot, he said his neighbour woke him up because he had an electrical fire and as he had had one before he knew it would be best to ....
Just kidding, yeah they didn't bother to knock on non-Muslim doors, all the Muslims were up because of Ramadan so it was a 'miracle'.
Shame they didn't bother to knock on their neighbours doors to save lives, I guess the small fire in one flat was so out of control they had to get out with all the other Muslims from the entire block first.....

even the reporter is mentioning no fire escape

what the fuck

>It was intentional
To anyone who isn't a pussy Briton who is fine with becoming a minority in their own county. Tell me something new. Tired of this shit, are any of you? Guess not judging by your lack of action.

I'm sad about the property loss. On the bright side London will see a decrease in rapes.

np: The Prodigy - Firestarter

Fuck muslims and their oil empire.

Can I have sauce on the interview? I can't fully trust Sup Forums after I was promised an invasion of an island I forgot the name and I'm not an ambassador yet

Love me an Infidel Inferno

BBC is already working on a video which will show how it can happen.


about 15-16 minutes back
some muslim named mohammad

Some muslim bitch on skynews just said
>i could smell the flames, you know that strange flame smell, then came the smoke, then kids screaming help help ge tus out then a man jumped from his balcony, obviously from where I am i cannot see.......etc

How does any of this info make it a false flag?

also same link, about ten minutes back
no video on "victim" but audio

Refrigerators can't melt steel beams.

There's a video on Twitter of people jumping to their death.

I've been watching this shit all night long and the media is constantly trying to down play the whole situation and they keep changing it up while relying on witnesses who they stop talking to if they get too honest or place blame on anyone. It's all kind of crazy to see in real time they cover up the truth literally from the ground as it happens.

So far multiple people have jumped from windows, countless people stuck inside windows screaming, people waving for help before disappearing in smoke, random explosions, the initial fast spread from the bottom floor to the top, reports of no alarms, no sprinklers, no rescue crews and that they were told to stay in side...

The reaction to the fire from the beginning was slow as a mother fucker. Tons of people are dead and most will probably not even be identified. They were grossly and severely unprepared and once on scene were literally just walking around even as people above them were screaming for help.

care to share?

Video not available in my cunt, fucking Yankee's.


British Greenfags Blowing themselves up with their Fridges, LMAO

link it

when the camel has another baby

Europe is dead. Welcome to the party.

Looking. However there's lots of replay video on Periscope, a Twitter owned app.

It doesn't, OP is a retard.

It's probably a very unfortunate accident.

Well if true it means the dude was probably in the apartment lol.

Yep I got the feeling there are hundreds dead inside

>Islamists don't set fire to their own neighborhoods

What fucking planet do you come from, because this is Earth.

London is literally on fire. Their mayor can't be having the hate crime of making him look bad now. Part and parcel. Relax. This is fine.

>Abdul and achmed trying to make a bootleged weopons
>Hey abi put that explosive in the fridge
>If its temperature is under 0 it wont explode
>Fo sure muh nigga
>Even if i ignite it?
>Whole building is on fire
Nice one abdul.

someone post vitally important right wing safety squad memes

Muslim attack confirmed

Why are we assuming it's a terrorist attack? It's probably an accident.
Next we'll be accusing emus of Australian bushfires.

was it religion of peace?

I'd put money on it being one of these fuckers.

>trumps birthday today

>building in sadiq khan's city burns down

what did kek mean by this?

The same exact thing you say to white South Africans.

Sometimes people blow up their apartments because they just need to let go.

Remember, they tried to pass off the concert attack as exploding balloons at first.

Are you fucking retarded?


Maybe he saw where it was happening before it all unfolded? It started as a small fire and erupted into a large one... He probably saw it when it was small

> HE EVEN MENTIONED THAT IT WAS A "REFRIGERATOR THAT EXPLODED" (cause that happens ALL the time, yeah fucking right)

are you fucking stupid? If this happens "all the time" you'd see a lot more fires like this one.. Just because it doesn't happen a lot doesn't mean it isn't possible.

holy fuck Sup Forums is so delusional and retarded

What happened to the fucking fire sprinkler system??? Did someone shut it off?

It is unheard of for a building of this size not to have one.

I smell a rat.


don't be a dictator, bin that refrigerator

I confirm the terror attack
Sup Forums's perceptiveness is unbelievable