Wtf is wrong with white people?

wtf is wrong with white people?

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It's ALWAYS white people
baka I don't know why they keep wanting to deport me and my hermanos

This got a chuckle out of me because in 10th grade Chemistry this kid in my class with the same name got arrested for the same shit

whats wrong with him having a lgf? Its always niggers, spics and sandniggers stealing white lolis and making whites lolis extinct within 50 years so (((they))) have full control of humans forever.

How does that work in the States, anyway? Can you get arrested for having thumbnails from browsing or whatever?

fucking anglo degenerates

Looking at child porn is just as harmful as looking at murdered people.
It harms no one.

99% of all law enforcement wouldn't bother with that. the only way that would happen is if you took your pc to a repair shop and just left it on there.

He could have had all the 16yr old pussy he wanted legally... but damn, he ended up looking at their pictures? Why?

He hardly looks over 18, how retarded is modern society

Of course a mudslime would say that

He solicited the pictures personally. That is, he asked the girls to take them and send them to him. Both were 14 apparently.

Oh look, another Berniebro who got arrested for his degenerate habits.

>A child
>Arrested for Child Porn

Why is that wrong? The porn subject was suitable for his age.

The fact that your uncles are too poor and stupid to own and use a computer doesn't mean they aren't diddling your underage cousins.

He's 24.

Because his underage fans sent them to him?

seriously what the fuck is wrong with anglos

This means they have to arrest the girls for production and distribution.

He looks like a kid though, why charge him?
Weren't the boobs big enough

He looked like 15 to me. A child.

>le only white people are nonces meme

>what's wrong with child porn

Good on you Muhammad.

Because looking at CP creates more demand for CP thus meaning more people making CP

Hang yourself

Why would he get in trouble if they're the ones making and sending them?

>if you date anyone who didn't exit their mom's vagina at the same picosecond that you did, you are evil and going to jail

This is what SJWs want.

Really it comes down to the right of privacy. Americans have a certain expectation of privacy. The fact that your privacy was violated before you reached the age of consent shouldn't mean that your privacy should be violated forever.

Look up the word "solicited".

Hey man, honkeys probide the best cp. Japan use to be #1 then a bunch of fucking normies had to ruin everything.

Americans are mentally insane, pic related they wouldn't be eating 75% of the world's drug supply if they didn't have mental problems

Look up the words, "production" and "distribution."

So what if he asked them to do it? He didn't force them to.

This fucking pic makes no sense
The % of child molesters is related with the total population. ~60% white, ~20 hispanic.

What does force have to do with anything? Is it legal to buy a stolen car if you didn't force the thief to steal it? What a bunch of mental midgets.

Fucking white people amirite? That's why we should thank muslims for their contribution to killing of the white race! Europe4NiggersAndKikes

white people are less likely to be caught and charged though. Unless you are seriously implying that White/Black/Hispanics all have the same mental faculties and experience with police.

That's a stupid comparison m8
Stolen property isn't SELF MADE pictures.

There was agreement from both parties to do this.
Yeah, He was stupid, but He's not a criminal.

>14 years old
>considered a child

There needs to be a cutoff date. It gets especially ridiculous when they consider a 17 year old sending nudes to be "production and distribution of child porn".

Downright fucking stupid.

The fact remains that these girls should still be charged as they were also in violation of the law.

we have mental problems because we're eating 75% of the world's drug supply.

Our old are senile far before their time because our medical industry and it's shills, our trusted doctors, prescribe them copious amounts of Xanax for perfectly rational anxiety about the future.

Sweden NO!

Post that afgan video.

>how retarded is modern society

Seriously stop asking stupid questions already

it was obvious planted on his computer by the dark state

14 years old is young desu, i know you pedos are mentally inept and seem to think thats old but its not
P.S neck yourself burger

That's one of the negatives about chans, some retard shitting up the place with pizza and you'll have to remove shit regularly

I doubt your average child understand the long-term repercussions of having pictures of it floating around online, most adults can make an informed decision whether they want to do porn or not. Violates the NAP when you think about it

He should burn in a car fire, where were their parents though

Blacks and hispanics are over-represented in the crime statistics because they get caught more due to their lower IQs and lower social status, thought all the top dogs in politics, finance and whatever bang and sacrifice kids to Moloch or whatever demon they pray to

>He's not a criminal
I guess he arrested by accident...

>Be American
>Take a picture of yourself and send it to someone
>Everyone goes to prison

Shitskins never get arrested for CP because they just rape the children themselves instead

That's not the point m8
He didn't hurt no one, He is not a danger for society. There is no point He should be in jail.

The laws are there to protect the young from doing shit they will regret later on. Age of consent is 16 here but the law regarding that is the same here because sex and porn aren't the same thing

Tfw not Muslim enough to enrich generate whores

That is a very good point.

At least Anglos aren't responsible for 50% of US crime like you niggers

She is not a baby, when I was 14 I was fully aware. She can play the stupid but She agreed to do it.
Sorry no

>the law should take the role of the parents
Come the fuck one

Wrong, if you don't date tranies your racist and deserve life in prison, pussy is a commodity only for the ultra Chad of Chad's

They have laws against pedophilia compared to others

He broke the law. Whoever said you had to hurt somebody to go to jail? You go to jail by breaking the law. That's what he did.

If I convinced your 14 year old daughter to suck my dick, would you be cool with that? Unless you're a cuck, the answer is no. And the law is put in place to protect parents who aren't cucks.

>Implying that most of child abuse doesn't happen in brown majority countries


>white people are less likely to be caught and charged
White people are WAY more likely to be reported. You clearly haven't dealt with blacks or Mexicans. They never report anything. Culturally, it's one of their biggest issues. Domestic abuse, rape, robbery, etc. If you think surface crime stats make minority communities look bad, just consider how much more crime happens that they don't even bother reporting.

>hurr white people are pedos
t. shitskin married to 11 year old cousin and fucks 8 year old boys on the side

Our ancestry is filled with mass murderers and warlords. White people spent most of their history beating the everloving fuck out of each other, then everyone nearby, then everyone NOT nearby, then themselves again, then everyone nearby again.
We're fucking crazy.
The last time a non white country really fucking pissed off a white country, we discovered atomic fission and blew up two cities with one bomb each.

I don't believe in victimless"crimes".
They're stupid from every point of view and only a tool to oppress the population.

And stop thinking about fucking underage girls, you might end as Austin's room mate.


He was probably arrested because some 14 year old whore sent him nudes and forgot to delete the nudes.

shouldnt have to get in trouble for that. I remember seeing porn pop up ads in the early 2000's that had CP, I heard that some mobile phone sites still do it. its outside of your control.

I doubt that this kid was actively trading and collecting CP


>white guy jerks off to pictures
>wow fucking white people amirite?
>sand nigger rapes and kills 6 year old girl
>s-stop being racist

Fuck off poopman.

We're too empathetic to the plights of subhumans and we open our borders and waste our resources on them.

Don't worry, though, Whites will soon die out. Already a minority in the US. Soon to be in most (not all) European countries. Then civilization dies.

Except the chinks. They don't seem to possess the same empathy gene as Whites. They'll kill off the niggers and jews without a moment's hesitation.

>he actually believes this
nice sources there user. Since we're going by anecdote here's another one: Latinos/Blacks are genetically geared to like thicc big booty bitches, while whites are genetically geared to like rail thin birds. whites also have higher rates of homosexuality (documented) and mental illness.

Oh yeah, almost forgot about the time Sup Forums accused "the left" of trying to "normalize pedophilia", kinda like they're trying to do now.

(((We))) get off your high horse cuck, whites are juden puppets and don't you forget that

well everyone said after gay marriage pedophilia would be next. it's living proof right here. the left's agenda is to promote pedophilia. You think a youtube star is a conservative? bullshit every youtube star is pretty much liberal as fuck. you are demonizing one of your own as liberalism is born out of insecurity. and insecure people are pedophiles. therefore liberals=pedophiles

Considering the average parent is more likely to be a retard in this day and age, we do need laws like this to combat human trafficking and pedos.

It's not a victimless crime; again, a child cannot make an informed decision to do porn because it more likely than doesn't understand the repercussions of said actions.

the fuck with your mental gymnastics

oh sorry did i express views you could never in your life hear about from your bubble in Stanford or whatever upper middle class city you were raised in?

Daily reminder that the most prolific child molester in US history was a black supremacist.

Girls hit puberty earlier now. 14 year old girls are complete sluts today. Laws need to catch up.

He's a wetback who hasn't done a day of honest work in his life

Anglo scum

Being a child predator isn't a biological trait retard. Picked up by anyone via degenerate culture.

pike yourself, pedo

She's not a child, lets stop with this.
The question here is the consent from BOTH parties, She was fully aware of what She was doing She's not 6 years old. There was no violence involved, it was totally volunteer.

This man is going to be charged as a sex offender because a horny teenager. If you think that's fair you should kill yourself, literally worse than a feminist.

>upper middle class city
i wish

That's not how you use "wetback" m8

As opposed to when? In the 70s and 80s you could pick up 12 year old prostitutes in any town big enough to have a mall. How are little girls bigger sluts than they were before?

Lol where the hell was that happening at?


fucking america. but asking for pics was just too dumb of him. i guess he had it coming

Do you think he will get any jail time?

He was fucking stupid, yes.
But He doesn't deserve get jailed.

You're adult when you hit 18

Spic or something anyways, one of them brownies who cannot maintain a functioning society to save their lives. I hope you get beheaded by the cartel or vigilantes

makes sense he supports pedophiles then

literally who

Where did all the Leafs go today? So strange that I have barely spotted a single Canadian flag ever since the custom flag option was implemented.

Any metropolitan city. There's a documentary Streetwise about child prostitutes in Seattle in the 80s, but it was everywhere. Especially New York.

You should ask what's wrong with fagboys and twinks. It's always effeminate and metrosexual men who do this shit. All men with faggy haircuts or clothes should be suspected of perversion and thrown in jail to be raped by Bubba.

He's the next michael jackson

You become a legal adult, yes.
The problem here is you don't magically get intelligence and self awareness when you hit 18.

She knew what she was doing and NO ONE forced her.

I will put this in a Sup Forums context:
A white man is going to get jailed because retarded laws. He is a functioning member of society but now the government is going to destroy his life.

Are you Ok with this?

too sad for him that our opinions are irrelevant. its the law of the land
Srsly doing shit like that in NSAland is just too stupid. if you want to fuck underages, jsut fuck them and be done with it

This guy is a kid still

Their police always monitor the internet to catch CP downloaders. Times like these make me glad I'm a Southeast Asian subhuman.