How can poor whites exist given their historical advantages?

Non-white here. Ok, here's a politically incorrect post, for once.

If you white ppl have had historical advantages for the past several hundred years, how come many of you are like, teetering between lower middle class and working class?

Like yeah, I know, tons of white ppl are doing well for themselves and are wealthy and healthy. My question is, what happened to the rest of you?

Some of you are even angrier than blacks are about slavery. Not sure what you're angry about given that you've basically had all of the advantages, powerups, and connections that most other people haven't.

Like, how can poor whites even exist given all of your white privilege? I mean, how can you be losing the game when you have all the cheat codes.

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My question is what about all the successful black people? Are they oppressed too?

>white privilege
Isn't real. It's a political tool made up by kikes and niggers.

It's been empirically proven faggot

Differences in aptitude. Much like every race the lower end of the curve is going to fail.

I mean I'm not talkilng about like ppl of color being oppressed now. I'm talking about how can there be poor whites now given their historical advantages.

there's always people that are going to beat the odds.

What historical advantage? Higher IQ than niggers? You shit people always act like all white people have always owned you. Like we've been using our psychic mind powers of white supremacy to keep you from developing anything but a mudhut.

No, for tens of thousands of years shit people lived without whitey. They had plenty of time to evolve into humans but you didn't.

The fact is that we never had an historical advantage. We have always had a biological advantage.

Perhaps whites were not as historically advantaged as you've been led to believe.

Maybe because the white patriarchy isn't actually real and is not giving out free money and property as part of some sort of white privilge program?

And what about rich muslims, black people and other minorities? How can they have money and success in spite of being opressed and having been robbed of all oppertunities and resources?

Yea, it's called an IQ test.

It doesn't make sense because it's a lie. White people's historical advantage is in their IQ.

Even then: IQ only gives you a higher probability of not getting fucked by circumstance.

>how can poor whites even exist given all of your white privilege
maybe because white privilege isn't a thing

Look into the white iq distribution curve. The white race produces lots of very high preforming individuals and retards.

I'm convinced that white people are to blacks as Jews are to white people
Inexplicably inferior, yet somehow has their collective nuts in a vise.

Hey, why did it give me the hippie flag by default?

>history dictates hiw successful a person will be and not personal responsibility and drive

You must be a nigger

Im asking how there can be poor whites given their historical advantages in the past couple hundreds of years.

As to minorities being successful, I mean, they're successful despite the various obstacles and adversities they've had to face. And also, things are better now than they were recently, so obviously a lot of them are going to do better than they could before.

Before there was like practically no way for non-whites to get ahead. Of course now that there's way less barriers, a lot more of them are going to be doing well for themselves.

regardless, it doesn't impact the core of my question.

no shit, sherlock, eastern europe has been a dump since forever.

>empirically proven
>Americunt pay-to-win colleges

Yeah how about you fuck off to read some Manifesto.

>Before there was like practically no way for non-whites to get ahead.
Tell that to the Muslim kings who sold the slaves to America.
How did they get ahead with all that blatant white-on-arab racism?

>If you white ppl have had historical advantages for the past several hundred years, how come many of you are like, teetering between lower middle class and working class?
Because privilege is a myth. All that matters in life is your social status and your intelligence quotient.

High IQ people are more likely to gravitate toward higher paying jobs and make extremely risky financial investments which pay off big. This has been the way of life ever since the first coin was minted.

"Privilege" is a word that has been ingrained into your brain to make you think that not only was your social status determined at birth, but that you are and always will be lower than scum because of a factor which cannot be measured or described. It just something that *is* to you.

Basically when you see rich white and black people, people who probably got jobs due to the social status of their parents or relatives, saying that the reason you're not good enough is because you don't have "privilege." They are directly calling you stupid. They think of you as a knuckle-dragging ape who is so retarded that he can never escape the rut, and to blame everyone else but yourself and them for it. You should hate these people. You should be wanting to see Colbert, Trevor Noah, John Oliver, Samantha Bee, every fucking affluent liberal telling you how stupid and inferior you are at all times of the day and how you can never, ever make something of yourself because of a mystical force known as "privilege" to be tarred and feathered.

Don't fall for their lies. 'White People' are as much of your enemy as the concept of money is.

You have smart people do the important jobs and dumb/lazy people do the ones that aren't important. Better jobs pay more money, and so you you have a natural balance. It's healthy and incentives us all to work harder.

Unfortunately part of the population can't work harder because their breed is incapable of anything beyond menial tasks, so in comes complete job immobility. I mean my dog is smart, but I wouldn't put him in charge of running a tacobell.

Its like this libshits and niggers have some fantasy land about white like we treat each other like kikes or something. No we don't do special favor just cause you're white. Killer Mike with an interview with Steve Colbert. He says people should mentor and tutor blacks on how to start businesses and such and to help them before white or any body else. First off that is ANTI WHITE 2nd off White people don;t do that shit for each other. Hell most white peoples parents don't either. We aren't KIKES with all kinds of shit to take over after our parents die. We try to make our own paths. Libshits and Killer Mikes if anything are holding our natural process back for what? So libshits can whiten or gentrify the globe? FUCK THEM! Also the people biggest to blame for slavery are blacks. Considering they started it. Then Kikes 2nd for buying you people and carting you people across the ocean. Then white finally for buying blacks and setting them free. I don't take shit from no black person nor should I FUCKING EVER HAVE TOO!

If not all blacks aren't thugs then not all whites are slave owners. Niggers/Libshits/Commies/Kikes have to stop calling the kettle black or DIE! I'm fucking sick of it!

It's more accurately white probability rather than privilege. In European countries, whites have much higher numbers than other races. Whites also across the board have a higher IQ. Obviously, when distributed across a bell curve there'll be a much higher number and concentration of smart, well to do whites than there are smart, well to do blacks or arabs. They're smarter on average and higher in overall quantity that they'll obviously seem more frequent.

What everyone seems to forget however, is that because whites are so numerous in these privileged countries, is that there's a whole MASSIVE left side of the bell curve being ignored, where there are whites just as dumb and poor and opportunity-less as minorities, and probably more so in greater volume.

Idiot "progressive" "academics" just latch on to the visibly apparent, yet still vastly proportionally minute segment of whites as a basis for "privilege."

Is this bait or are you practically asking how does a hardworking man have a fuck up of a son?

Because they're fucking retarded lazy inbred hicks

>Im asking how there can be poor whites given their historical advantages in the past couple hundreds of years.

Because your social status is dependent moreso on two factors
-The social status of your parents
-Habits that you form throughout life.
Both of which correlate directly to the IQ that you currently have.

Again, 'privilege' is a handy way that liberals use to call you stupid. They don't want you blaming yourself, because self-reflection is the first step to self-improvement.

They want you to sit on the internet all day wondering why it's Whitey's fault that you're not successful. It's the same trick they pull with feminism (which create women who blame men for their problems) and socialism (which creates people who wonder why other people just won't give them stuff).

The left is built on a great lie that simple concepts can describe complex systems. This doesn't mean the right is any better, but the right's policy of describing complex systems at an individual level is superior to the left's approach of lumping everyone into a group and blaming that group of something (IE: Lumping you into the category of 'Black' and blaming 'White' for your problems).

group advantages can vanish rapidly, in the modern world much faster than say 100 years ago when communities were tight knit. then you have factors like neoliberalism that can engineer entire sections of society, a concept like white privilege is nothing more than upper-middle class neurosis that the lower class has to go along with by virtue of sharing a skin color

Slave bait.

Hmmm yeah I guess I'm asking how can a hardworking man have a fuck up of a son.

>How can poor whites exist given their historical advantages?

You should look up what serfs are.

thanks for the response

Are you a faggot in the metro who is the standard of living for everyone else?

>historic advantages
Are history, what about current disadvantages? What about affirmative action, or the fact that a low gpa nigger is more likely to be accepted into a school than a white student with a high score? What about diversity hires?

White men have to do more than outperform these days to get into the school and get the job and they still do better. Despite being reminded how much they're "the problem" and hated their entire lives.

>historical advantages

Like living in a warm continent rich with resources for 50.000 years?

Thanks for your well thought out response.

But I dunno. I figure if you lump white people together, the well to do white ppl will start naturally helping out the poor to do white ppl. Like, i dunno, tribalism.

>Because at one point 1% of whites were doing well, this should translate into every white being KANGZ AND SHIET today.
This is why retards need to be culled.
>I am shit, but I need to justify it.
>Oh wait I know, I am facing adversity and all these evil white people didn't
>lol now being jobless with nothing but a sociology degree isn't so bad.

How about this. A anti white immigration policy of 1965 and a wave of shitskin skilled laborers which used to be mostly whites and a few blacks. Take the money out of the peoples hands. Put them on shit gibs. Sounds like something doesn't it?

Are you fucking serious. Ok, how many of those low gpa blacks can even get to the point that they have a low gpa? Aren't something like 70% of new births of blacks to single moms?

Someone growing up with a single mom and black is going ot have a much harder time getting a low gpa than someone growing up with a stable, nuclear family and white.

Whites were not historically advantaged though. They lived in cold Europe where crops are harder to grow and you need to stockpile food for the winter.

Also surviving -30 degrees winters is much harder than finding a shade in Africa. Blacks struck a lottery with their continent but did nothing with it

Being a part of you race is not a privilege. Its a fact. Just because nigs will nig for a nig just because its a nig doesn't mean whites always do that shit too. If anything we do it about 95% LESS. Niggers are so fucking worthless. They all want a DADDY WARBUCKS!

> I figure if you lump white people together, the well to do white ppl will start naturally helping out the poor to do white ppl. Like, i dunno, tribalism.
What you're describing was considered the norm at one among people of the same nationality and even skin color.
That was before WW2

Now it is seen as racist to wish for this. White people of the modern era do not have the same tribalistic tendencies as other people do due to most of it being beaten out of white people throughout their lives.
The concept of 'privilege' was an attempt to train out the tribalistic tendencies.

How the hell is that our fault? Your people being shitty, killing each other and not taking care of your families is our fault?

You're right, being born to black parent's is a major disadvantage.

it still amazes me how niggers still dont understand how societies work.

White privilege doesn't exist. Wealthy privilege does. Because when you have a lot of money life is easier. You can afford nicer shit, you have a comfortable safety net in case you fail at life. No biggie, you have a huge pile of money to cushion you. When you're poor you can't really afford to fuck up, you live paycheck to paycheck and you don't have a plan B. This is true no matter what race you are. White people can't just stroll into a government building or bank and say "Uh, I fucked up and lost all my money can I have a small loan of $50,000 to get back on my feet?" and then start over. Well they can if they're rich as fuck, but poor people can't.

Blacks are not tribalistic you moron.
They only attack whites to improve their own lives not the lives of their tribe.

If there was no one to scam by grouping up blacks would go back to killing each other

>The concept of 'privilege' was an attempt to train out the tribalistic tendencies.

hhmmmm i never thought of that

Not entirely sure what you're asking but it's not just black students/graduates who are accepted due to a lowered standard, it's everyone except white men. Blacks were just an example.

Meanwhile a white male student with a higher score is rejected cuz muh diversity.

>Aren't something like 70% of new births of blacks to single moms?
This is surely white people's fault somehow lmfao

Because, regardless of race, being a competitive, successful person and being a good parent are two completely different skills. Your family and "ancestry" privileges can end from one generation to the next if you become a parasite for society.

.......i would say, yes, if you look at history. Obviously you can't blame white ppl that are living now for that, but you can blame their ancestors that setup those conditions for non-whites.

Money is taken from whites who are poor and given to niggers. No niggers, no poverty.

White South African here. The law is not on our side. Affirmative action ensures that black people are always hired before white people. Companies are also forced to meet certain quotas of blacks on their board of directors and there's plenty of other shit in their favour.

Whites are smart, but at some point, you're fucked and unless you have ridiculous IQ you just don't beat the odds anymore.

Dude its been empiricall proven that, ok, maybe poor poor whites are going to be also rejected for a loan by a bank, but they'll have better odds, given the same credit score and income as someone whose non-white.

this is mostly due to historical discrimination, i know, can't blame white ppl living today for this, unless they're like super old.

AHAHAHAAHA blame them for setting up far better conditions than in Africa.

Give up. Blacks in Africa are still eating each other today. Many black African mothers are too lazy to feed their children even when they have food.

Read the "Desert Flower" book nigger

>pay $2000/mo for an apartment in the city
>Shonteesha next door pays $0
>pay $360/mo for health insurance
>Shonteesha next door pays $0
>pay $600/mo on groceries
>Shonteesha next door pays $0

Gee, I wonder why all white people aren't bathing in success. We need to take better advantage of our inherent privilege, I suppose.

These people are so sad. They cannot understand really much of anything. Like why does this shit even have to be explained to these fucking retards???!!!! LIKE SERIOUSLY ARE BLACKS THAT FUCKING STUPID OR SUBCONSCIOUSLY RACIST WHETHER THEY BELIEVE THEY CAN BE OR NOT? WTF?

>what are wars?

Ok i agree, south africa is a weird case, cause white ppl are like the minority, and, apartheid ended in 1990.

However, aren't like whites only 10% of the population in south africa, but own 60% of the land? I mean come on, like that's not going to have an effect on society....

Far superior to Africa

hahahahahahahaha holy shit you're real
how are niggers in africa still living in squalor despite thousands of years of privilege

Serious question, would you change your race if you could?

It's hard to imagine anyone wanting to be black. Remember you're anonymous so you may as well be honest.

This isn't all black people you rich larper. You probably had way way more advantages than Shoonteesha (if she even exists).

Yeah they have been taking the money and the demographic vote out of our hands for decades now and the shit kike memes in their movies and fake news. I will kill many a KIKE one day. O and their false flag wars.


I don't know the official stats, though 60% does sound believable. Like I said, there are smart whites and they will win the financial game despite having the laws against them. The rest of us average whites do suffer though.

That's why asians are so historically unsuccessful in the US. Oh wait...

colonialism...a lot of countries in that continent were liberated like, barely 50 years ago. Ever hear of south sudan or eritrea or zimbabwe? apartheid in south africa? nelson mandela?


> poor white people exist even though they have a fictional privilege that was invented by other white people and peddled to Victims of Colour

Whitey BTFO!

Why don't all the white people just like use the millions of dollars they get for being white to just not be poor lmao

They are on the lower end of the IQ bell curve.

if you're white and your family has been established in a country for atleast 100 years, i don't see how you could be poor/struggling.

Why were they shit before white people showed up at all famalam
Yeeee she not real n shiettttt. She got a nice Iphone and apartment and that fridge looks full enough for 2 people considering her husband is incarcerated. Yeee don't exist yeeeeeeee.

Is this a real question ? lmao. If you wuz kangs why do blacks live in poverty in africa?

if all humans came from africa why do they still live in mudhuts to this day? what is your excuse here?

We are all equal in western society (unfortunatly) so we all have to struggle for the same outcome. Also the jewish control of banking and money has left us in perpetual debt, you are part of that, not just whites.

nigger PLEASE understand that jews and whites are different
jews ARE privileged because their group does nepotism to an insane degree
whites aren't privileged. nearly all whites genuinely believe in meritocracy and there are all kinds of anti-white mechanisms set up

That's right, all Whites need to stop being poor immediately. Not even joking.

There is this myth that all of africa is strugling.

True, parts of africa are struggling. But other parts of africa are doing better, and nobody pays attention to this.

Oh and she's working part time. $240 every 2 weeks is 32 hours @ $7.50 an hour she's working 16 hours a week. Doesn't even bother with a second job. She's 22 and has a kid and her husband is in jail lol

High IQ is the cheat codes nigger.

White people have a better distribution but obviously there are people in the lower distribution that suffer for it.

Only, more niggers in the lower distributions.

I have a 125 IQ and I tried to do the work hard meme that was taught my whole life by the USA WAY! Not anymore. They don't want me to succeed. People don't want to see that I am smarter than them. On top of being a larger and more physically capable person too. They don;t like that. People want me to fail and many people have made me fail people I have a white dick between my legs. Thats just what people do. Lets not get into KIKE LIBSHIT quotas and the such. That just holds us back further. Because that IS WHAT YOU FUCKING PEOPLE WANT! YOU DON'T WANT ME TO HAVE A WHITE WESTERN CIVILIZATION! YOU WANT ME TO BE A MEXISHIT IN MY OWN LAND! THAT MY OWN FAMILY HAS FOUGHT AND KILLED FOR AND WE ALL PAID! I WANT TO KILL LIBSHITS FIRST THEN ANY SHITSKIN THAT IS HERE ILLEGALLY THEN ANY NIGGER THAT WANTS TO START SHIT THEN THEN ANY KIKE WELL LOTS OF THEM NEED TO FUCKING DIE BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL ANTI EVERYONE EXCEPT KIKE

wonder why our economy is fucked?

> South Sudan
> liberated from themselves
How's that working out for them?
Speaking of which, how's the food in Zimbabwe, and why were white people such good farmers that blacks from the entire continent converged on them for food? There were no farms when they got there, and there are no farms after they were murdered by the president-for-life's AIDS infested lackies

By that logic, there should be no poor of any race in an ethnically homogenous society
There should be no poor black proper in black countries, no poor asians in Asian countries. Your family has loved amongst its people for a hundred years, thus they cannot have been victims, cannot have been swindled, cannot have suffered hardship, cannot have made poor decisions.

Why would you believe this?

>if it exists why is there a huge exception?
>no its definitely real, I just want to know why the logic doesn't follow

poverty in whites gives rice to racism. they start bogeymaning other races for their own faults

jesus dude you're fucking crazy. I'm serious, you sound really messed up.

You also conveniently pretend that whites are some big mega ethnicity that sits around plots how they're going to be rich and fuck over non-whites. The worst wars in history were whites bitterly and brutally blowing the fuck out of each other. Go ask around and see who is 'white'

Irish? Potato niggers.
Spanish? Moorish rape babies.
Italians? Olive niggers.

These people hate each other and have fought brutally. The Irish brought over to America were treated WORSE than the niggers in many places. So were Italians. But they got fucking over themselves and built up. You think refugees trucking in after WW2 had tons of stuff and connections here in the states? You think people liked them and welcomed them in and gave them shit? Fuck no.

You think the Chinese or the Japanese were liked? Fuck no. They EARNED their place in society, just like everybody else except for uppity niggers. And you know what? Even they were working on it, until they decided that 'fuck dat, gib gibs racis cracka' and settled for being animals. That's why you can have blacks that 'break the mold' because literally nothing is stopping them except themselves.

>Don't mind the literally millennia of time on the continent where no lasting civlization, culture, or philosophy developed when whites/arabs only touched it 700 years ago at best

Lmao my dude.

Answer my super riddle nigger

>Speaking of which, how's the food in Zimbabwe, and why were white people such good farmers that blacks from the entire continent converged on them for food? There were no farms when they got there, and there are no farms after they were murdered by the president-for-life's AIDS infested lackies
they got rid of their evil oppressive whites here comes the economic blast off

In every society there are lower and higher classes, human beings organize like this, it does not matter if blacks or whites.

Still want to know why africa was shit before whites even arrived

125 IQ as well mate. And I know that's not "average" by any stretch of the imagination, but over here it's not good enough anymore. The only way to succeed right now is to get into the fields that no niggers can enter like doctors/engineers etc. I'm trying my own hand at this really, teaching myself to program. I'll let Sup Forums know in a few years whether it worked our or not. I feel your pain man and I hope things turn out better/fairer eventually.

Its the truth!

This one didn't want this one to succeed either!

They do, man..
Surprise, white people can live in cities like Detroit, dumbass..

those things existed! it's just not really studied too much in the west

Please for the love of god share them

>whites are advantaged

Read european history. Take a big fucking textbook that isn't afrocentric and read on the living conditions of europeans. We had it shitty until the second half of the 19th century. This rich lifestyle is bound to disappear too, thank God, finally whites will get some spine.

The best homegrown 'castles' were literally made out of mud. Mud. On a continent full of trees. Living in the shadow of a civilization that pioneered stonework that has lasted millennia. Mud.