Identity Evropa has taken over Sup ForumsIdentitarian on Voat

They want to make it conform to IE's rules, aka "No posting of National Socialism memes, symbols or any other promotion of NS ideology"

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It may be because it puts off newcomers

If you didn't know about true National Socialism and then stumbled across a bunch of dudes posting swastikas and admiring Hitler it would probably turn you off

If they're going to be turned of by swastikas and Hitler then we don't want them in the first place.
Also, nice Reddit spacing.

>nice reddit spacing

you must be new here

>you must be new here
Fucking kek.

no one gives a shit


Nazis have no place in a mainstream political movement

voat is reddit copy so I assume they use Sup Forumseddit instead of /r/eddit
probably has nothing to do with Sup Forums


cuckoldery wins
Identity evropa is controlled opposition

Hitler also warned against movements dying in obscurity due to a lack of motivation to proselytize.

>Normies come into contact with an ideology that doesn't comfort their retarded notions
>Better freak out!
Why are these people breathing still?

>If they're going to be turned of by swastikas and Hitler then we don't want them in the first place.

You're a fucking idiot.

Wtf? Wasn't that site started by former mods of Sup Forums that didn't like the censorship when gamergate happened

Is that a discord? Is that actually Nathan Damigo?

These are good guys I actually like the message of IE.

>Why aren't new comers radicals right away wtf

Lad, you have to foreplay before you fuck them in the ass.

but...thats why i loved pol when i found it

Sup Forums might not like to hear this but IE isn't natsoc and has never promoted natsoc. They talk about it privately but IE doesn't want 1488 LARPers in their vicinity.

but i want to be a nazi, mom!

Are they actually against natsoc or just against the retarded larpers that don't have any restraint?

Nah they seem more like they don't want to talk about it publicly.

And most likely the larpers yeah.

The fucking 'V' in "Europa" makes me cringe so hard. It's not quite "KEKistan" levels, but it's pretty bad.

It's not about them being instantly radicalised, it's about refusing to compromise just because some newcomers act like scared little bitches. If the swastika makes them run away, they're too far gone.


I think we all know by now that LARPing as a Nazi isn't going to get you anywhere and people like Are what turns newcomers off

so are IE still /ourguys/ and believe in nationalism or are they more of the Alex 'I don't care if the US gets browned as long as the people read the constitution' Jones style?

Let's be honest. If you mention Hitler and "positive" in one sentence EVERYTHING you say will be disregarded by 99% of people. The only way to gain traction is to give old concepts new words and NEVER draw the line to the third Reich.

Yeah this sounds like why they are doing this. It's a smart tactic.

/ourguys/ but don't do natsoc shit publicly. The JQ and race realism is something they've always discussed.

From my understanding, that subvoat was made by IE guy and he let a few people take it over and it turned into natsoc shit. And now natsocs, as usual, are thing upset that people don't want to talk about Hitler and the 3rd Reich 24/7.

Gee, its almost as if inorder to achieve any sort of progress towards fixing our society you have to win people over by not openly admiring hitler, nazis, genocide, or blatant racism.

Also where did they even arrive at the name "Evropa"