Reminder that if you conduct in illegal filesharing or streaming

you are no better then a thieving nigger or gypsie

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>paying for jewish propaganda

good goy

avast ye scurvy dog! are we going to have a problem mate?

>niggers walks up infront of your bike
>points replicator at it
>jumps on replicated bike and rides away

Youd better get all that blacked off your computer, then.

>conduct in illegal filesharing

its legal to download in this country, dumb swede

if you can copy stuff freely the whole entertainment industry would die.
not only that, small time entrepreneurs and inventors wouldn't be able to compete with the big industries.
grow upp

I pirate every piece of media I consume unless it's offered for free. I also block ads fight me irl.

t. gypsie

I actually AM a gypsie , no shame here

Sup Forumstuga

https:// .gg/fxQ7nFw

>Put "discord" in the gap, captcha thinks its spam

>t. bluepiller

Do you also believe that all the wealthiest people in the world deserve every cent they got because they earned it all FAIRLY?

I'm going to download the black panther just to seed it.
>M A D M A N

Aye, this be the truth. The money changers be not deservin of our coin.

except for those who do it purely for art, which media is supposed to be, meaning the only thing that would survive is real art, and corporate cash campaigns would go the way of the dodo increasing everyone's intelligence, quick everybody torrent so we can colonize stars!

Suck my dick.

Good riddance. There's too much (((money))) and too much (((propaganda))) coming from that shithole of an industry. If I like something I'll buy it. If I don't think it's worth your asking price, shut up and busk.

I have absolutely no illusions about piracy - it's illegal, period.

... I just don't fucking care.

>mfw just finished cleaning up my music library

went from like 360 gigs of shit mostly from to 128 gigs

ask me if i give a fuck

copying 1s and 0s isn't the same as theft now fuck off

>if you can copy stuff freely the whole entertainment industry would die.


All jewish owned media should be taken, not bought.

Kill yourself, MPAA/RIAA shill.

>calling anyone bluepilled

let's see what you manchildren says when no new movies or games are made

Jew argument
They will always be made

we both know that wont happen, theres always enough retards that do pay for shit.

>talks shit on commercial art
>posts an example of such

i still see a lot of trash there. about 128 gigs of it

>make something people enjoy because you find it enjoyable
>people copy and mod/improve on original idea
>everyone does it because its enjoyable
>live in era of actual enlightenment because it isn't for money or agenda

>go to bike shop
> shop has paid to make 50 bikes available
>point replicator at one
>replicate 50 bikes
>bike shop only gets money for the one bike sold compared to the 50 that are used

>landlubbers still call piracy theft
>they still haven't got their cyber-sea legs yet and don't know a fo'c'sle from stern
Yar har har, time to seed shit I don't even care about just to piss you blighters off! Eat my ass you pussy faggots!

The irony is, the one who gets mad at piracy are mostly communist.

>copying digital data is morally wrong
It's only wrong if you're actually hurting someones livelihood (i.e. a small business or producer)

If you're pirating (((hollywood))) movies or music from a big-time artist I could give a fuck less. I do it myself all the time.

oh yea ?

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eh no

Har har bootlicker. Ye be receivin hundreds o tribesmen into yer midst daily but ye still trust yer admirals. Whatever doom befalls ye will truly be of yer own makin.

> invent magical technology which allows us to reproduce things endlessly for little cost
>Jews try to convince us it's immoral

if we invent a machine that can reproduce apples I don't care about the farmers i'm never going to the shops again.


You are like a little baby. A little baby that eats garbage and draws pictures with poo.

if you don't like it don't watch it to begin with


That's what you get for not differentiating your inventory.


'tis free and ripe for the plunder so why not? If a wench shook her tits in your face darin you to squeeze would you not? Are you a faggot?

Eh I forgot to hoist me flag.

Good goy

nuh uh

>muh free shit
since when was Sup Forums invaded by socialists?

ROFL, seriously. 360 gigs is nothing. Not even sure why you would embarrass yourself by posting that you only have 360gb of crap?

>implying that's a problem

Oh fucking gee, what will i ever accomplish of I lost my favorite avenue of escapism

>implying 50 people would buy some knockoff bike from some random dude on craigslist rather than paying a shop for a custom
get fuckd


You don't understand just how cheap and easy it is to set up a project studio at home and make music at home. It's always gotta be some conspicuous consumption lifestyle thing for you people.

My shit be for me and me alone, you'll not have any of it you fish eating scallywag. If somebody else wants it he can get it for himself, I'll not do his work for him!

i only steal from jews
get fucked niggernord

i don't torrent unless i've purchased it in in the past and can't be bothered


it's not healthy i'm tellin you right now

Why the fuck should I feel ashamed of pirating when going legit would mean funding shit like this:

What? Local culture would improve? They'd stop shipping off their best entertainers to be eaten alive by Hollywood, turned into Lefty propaganda robots, and spit out into the ocean when they're finished with them? The horror.

don't be a flagfag
fuck you commie jew nigger taqiyya sandnigger cock sucking fuck

"Internet piracy" helps sales, especially for small acts nobody would know otherwise. The only people against it are old MPAA/RIAA Jews who don't understand things change. If it was up to them records and VHS would still rule the day.


Oh well. I use drugs and jerk off to shotacon too. What of it?
Want to fight? I like to fight too. Spent a good 15 months in juvie as a teen and learned how to fight well.

Sup Forumstuga
https:// .gg/fxQ7nFw
>Put "discord" in the gap

>Why the fuck should I feel ashamed of pirating
because if you don't want them to get money to do shit like this you shouldn't consume the media they produce to begin with

fucking flagfags
internet swag guy here

Support local entertainment in general. Go to shows, etc. Get some fresh air at the same time.

Where'd you get a picture of me?

Why did I get a boner reading this?

That's nothing faggot. I have a whole drive dedicated to my music.

>don't understand things change
They do. They just have no interest in a competition which they will inevitably lose. It's the same thing as "businesses" that whine about municipal services cutting into their money printing machines.

>everyone on the planet now has as many bikes as they could ever need
>this is somehow a bad thing because now bike shops dont make as much money

>oh no, not the jewish propaganda!!

Also, your taste is not that bad, don't listen to the Check faggot.

That explains everything. It's a culture, not a consumer good.

Meh, only got a 30tb RAID6 atm. Not all that much.

>bike shop guy can now spend more time riding or hiking or playing music or something else
>while replicating his food

This. It's a service industry, fuckys. A product includes value. Nobody gives a shit about creating customer loyalty. They just want the gibs.

My game has been pirated tens of thousands of times, so if I've had 6 figures of piracy against me I feel like I'm justified to pirate 6 figures of software.

Pirate economy.

LOL like I bestow a shit about wha' ye think

There is literally nothing wrong with taking from Jews

Let me tell ye a tale, the tale of Netflix, who braved the high seas in a time when pirates ruled the cyber waves. The dreaded 00s! Never was there a better time to be a pirate, so many ports of call open on friendly American servers, so many trackers and hosting sites abounded! I did me share of plunder in those days, much booty I hauled aboard my hard drive and I was not alone, no, near every one of me mates shared in the booty. Yet despite all this, despite all our rapacious carrying-on, Netflix arose from the depths like a Leviathan, growing larger and larger and more powerful even as we blackguards scourged the seas with our merciless downloading, and now Netflix sits top a stock mighty and tall, creating new shows for me to torrent, somehow rising to the top despite my best efforts to get their shit for free.


Letting kikes rob you while deciding you're too good to return the favour is how to ensure you'll always be their good little obedient slave.


> "stealing" paul blart movies from faceless multinational conglomerates is the same as shitting where you eat by stealing from & killing your neighbors

only a fucking swede

it's against the law

the revenue with the publishing houses is around 7% per book for an author.

meanwhile an independent SMALL author makes around 80% to 100% over each book he sells.

So yea, fuck off.

>Jesus copies and pastes bread and fish to feed the 5000 men
>this is bad because the baker and fish monger will go out of business

the law is the law

Belay that lubber speak you imitation wench. A real sea dog of fortune knows loot when he spies it from the crows nest.


If the law commanded ye to suck nigger dick would ye do it? Oh wait, I be talkin to a swede!

Nice proxy, Israeli.


I'd finally stop playing games for 9 hours a day and do something else with my life? I started pirating books recently, I think they'll be harder to not get produces. Don't get me started on modding Spotify and playing anything I want. I think I'll do just fine.

Accelerationism or bust!