To all of you newfags who are unhappy with the custom flags


Regardless of how epic and hilariously funny you kids think that these extremely overused memes are, they do not contribute to meaningful discussions. All they do is divide and conquer. Good threads are often derailed by this mindless shitposting, because there are always retards who contribute nothing to this board but still feel the need to post.

Originally, long before r/the_donald swarmed this Sup Forums, there were no country flags here. This board was alot better back then, since you actually read and discussed what people wrote instead of attacking them for which country they're from.

I understand that many of you don't know or give a shit about politics, that you are only here for the epic memes and banter, but this is a board for news and political discussion. If you don't like that, I'm sorry but you have to go back.

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the average black man dick is eight inches while the average white man is six, the tallest people on earth are a sudanese African tribe even the women is an average six foot, the most intelligent people on earth are the Nigerians they are doing better than even the Asians, the best athletes in the world are black they dominate rugby, soccer, American football' base ball, tennis and golf you name it oh and we've taken formula one so just bow down to the black kings it also takes six white man to take down one black man just get over it there is nothing you can do about the fact that god made black men strong.


Well said.
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>replacing stale bantz with stale larping

I hope mods keep old Sup Forums style
Mods will be godtier if they make optional flags permanent

Captain Blackbeard be recruiting at Tortuga Sup Forumstuga

https:// .gg/fxQ7nFw

>Put "discord" in the gap, captcha thinks its spam

Point taken, some custom flags need to be replaced.


>According to census data, almost 40% of Nigerian Americans hold bachelor's degrees, 17% hold master's degrees, and 4% hold doctorates, more than any other ethnic group in the nation.[10]


If it weren't for flags I wouldn't have realised how all germans are butthurt globalist losers.

just because the top 10% of nogerians move over here and get degrees doesn't mean the rest of the 90% aren't 70 iq retards

Only time white ppl are brave

1. Behind a keyboard

2. Behind a badge

3. Behind a robe

4. When they out number you 10-1

5. When they are drunk/high

6. When they are amongst themselves

Get mad..the truth hurts

white people proven dumber than black people

>In October 2014, 68.4 percent of 2014 high school graduates were enrolled in colleges or universities, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Recent high school graduates not enrolled in college in October 2014 were almost twice as likely as enrolled graduates to be working or looking for work (72.7 percent compared with 37.9 percent).

>The college enrollment rate of Asians (86.1 percent) was higher than for recent black (70.9 percent), white (67.3 percent), and Hispanic (65.2 percent) graduates.

White people have been downgraded in the race/intelligence scale, now being only marginable better than Hispanics.

White people now are dragging the standards and the statistics down, and so they have been proven to be dumber than black people, even with all the racism in the world society. It's predicted that in the future Hispanics will overtake whites and put them at the last place in the race/intelligence scale.

Blood River.


>ITT; Poo in Loo cries because someone told him toilet witches aren't real.


your argument is now invalid

They're not even new they're mostly the old flag system

Yes fucking this.

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college enrollments rates dont equal intelligence bud. nogs are also getting affirmative action..Next argument pls

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I have beat up black guys before, so yeah your full of shit hahahaha.

Projection, much?
Maybe stop engaging in criminal behavior, maybe the police will leave you alone, Jamar.

>yet the largest measured dick in the world belongs to a white
>tallest person on earth was Robert Wadlow, white
>highest IQ belongs to Marilyn vos Savant, a white
>vast majority of olympic gold medalists & international champions are white

try harder yeti


I agree 100% with OP. In fact, I will even swallow his load

cant we all just be friends?

Worlds smallest penis competition. All white males. White guy wins

50 bucks this is a fucking leaf.

how has uriah hall done in the UFC against whitey? Don't show that B-league ultimate fighter bullshit.

>implying that's a random sample
>implying that's statistically indicative
good job nigger, showing again why you're at the bottom.

Holy fucking god that one on the left.

>even Poohjeet is too embarrassed to larp behind a Canacuck flag.

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>women don't even wanna touch it


>boosted sat scores
>admit niggers for diversity quotas
>we wuz smart and shit

Explain why Nigeria is a dump then

>the most intelligent people on earth are the Nigerians
is that another level of the black WE WUZ propaganda?

>Originally, long before r/the_donald swarmed this Sup Forums, there were no country flags here. This board was alot better back then, since you actually read and discussed what people wrote instead of attacking them for which country they're from.

The fuck are on you, calling others newfags with shit like this? /pol was never good. It wasn't good when we didn't have flags, it wasn't good when we did. And even if newmoot get's rid of flags for the THIRD TRUCKING TIME /pol still won't be good.

Sup Forumstuga

https:// .gg/fxQ7nFw

>Put "discord" in the gap, captcha thinks its spam
this gets past the captcha

Sup Forumstuga

https:// .gg/fxQ7nFw

>Put "discord" in the gap, captcha thinks its spam
this gets past the captcha

Sup Forumstuga

https:// .gg/fxQ7nFw

>Put "discord" in the gap, captcha thinks its spam
this gets past the captcha

Sup Forumstuga

https:// .gg/fxQ7nFw

>Put "discord" in the gap, captcha thinks its spam
this gets past the captcha

Sup Forumstuga

https:// .gg/fxQ7nFw

>Put "discord" in the gap, captcha thinks its spam
this gets past the captcha

Sup Forumstuga

https:// .gg/fxQ7nFw

>Put "discord" in the gap, captcha thinks its spam
this gets past the captcha

Sup Forumstuga

https:// .gg/fxQ7nFw

>Put "discord" in the gap, captcha thinks its spam
this gets past the captcha

>at the mere whisper of a black man
>all the white microdicklets come out of the woodwork
>they wear their insecurity on their sleeve
>they have charts and graphs
>i have lulz
Egypt is Black man's property, get out of our kingdom you arab

Wow I didn't know this, thanks senpai! I promise I'll behave more often now

Even Gorilla's don't want to be compared to niggers

>Explain why Nigeria is a dump
jizzlam terrorists

the flag looks like watermelon

This is antifa-tier logic. It matters where people are from and they hold theirselves a certain reputation based on their posts and politics. I never cared when people called finnish people mongrels, because there is certain truth to it. You sound too butthurt to be on Sup Forums anyways.

I want the old Sup Forums back :(((

what's up with asians banging latinas?

This IS the old /pol

>"i have lulz"
>spend nearly an hour debating statistics about nigger nonsense

Egyptians were mediterraneans and stil mediteranean, I am Coptic so stop trying to steal my history because u dont have one

Nice to see how literally the first post refutes your claim how much superior the new system is and how it discourages mindless shitposting. It's even worse now.

>inb4 go to fullpol
The boardesign is shit, it's slow and they have even more autism.

Wait, so with so much racial bias in the system they manage to beat out whites by 3 percent? holy shit nogs are retarded.


Asian men want to bang anything other then asian women. Black women are off because they are black. That leaves white women and latinas.
Latinas are easier to get.



>all the old flags do is divide and conquer
So the new flags don't? fuck off

SWEDEN YES memes will still be around seeing as Sweden is beyond fucked and there is a YES report every week

Where is the autism general?

blacks who believe in these nonsense shit fake history are pathetic

I think the new flags are distracting and who cares if some nigger from india, or cuck from sweden gets shouted down?

Also why not introduce state flags too if they're gonna do this much? People have been saying they've wanted a stateflag forever due to the blandness of the Americuck flag, why not offer it?


Well, they have an average IQ of 85 in America and sometimes down to 70 in Subsaharan Africa, so...And the liberal media and the Jews in it are trying everything they KANG to reinforce that believe. Just look at the new Assassin's Creed and all the other stuff.

Cuz this board doesn't represent dumb America you low IQ nigger.

hmmm but what jews interest in that?
BTW the new AC main character is looking like a dark mediterranean not sub saharan african so it isnt wrong he looks south Egyptian but waiting to see the rest of the game characters

I agree. If fake countries like god damn Belgium get their own flag, so should Texas.



A FUCKING LEAF and SWEDEN YES memes were born for a reason. The flags are quick and easy way to identify cancerous countries

they have him voiced by an African American so who knows where they're going, I'm tempted because I've always wanted a game set in Egypt.

They won't be distracting in a week at most, newfag.

Me too, but until now the main character nothing wrong with it south Egyptians are darkmediterraneans , lets wait to see how they will design the other characters in the game

The best thing about the Canadian flag? Nobody knows I'm actually Swedish.

It's funny how you superficially understand that we make fun of Canada, Sweden and India, but you don't understand the form or function of that teasing. Its you - you have go back.

Ah, you got double whammy. You most be really really tolerant and progressive

so u decided to live all of ur life without sun?

Didn't they, like, find the missing link in Bulgaria and Greece? They found human-like bones dating back 200,000 years before any African homonid.

>crypto poo detected

The Jews interest in that is to undermine the power and dominant culture of white Europeans, especially white anglo-saxon protestants. And in terms of globalism and the elites it's to create a rootless, balkanized, multitude of people who are much easier to rule, than a unified people with common history, race, religion and nation.

It only works, because of our complacency and the suicidal, cucked tendencies of whites today.

We haven't had new flags for a fucking week and already post quality has improved tremendously. The whiners are just a bunch of fucking redditors.


I personally don't believe in the out of Africa theory. Anything where you do research that relies on spare findings which go back millions of years is guess work in the first place. And the Russians who came up the first with the out of Africa theory in the 90s indeed said they did it for reasons of multi-cultural ideology and propaganda. We probably developed simultaneously as distinct populations on the planet.

well most of Muslims hate Israel even Egyptian muslims despite the peace treaty, so if they transformed Europe (and I really hate just thinking that can happen|) to muslims majority continent they will just increase their enemies so what is the point? death for Europeans= slow death for israel

Online dating is for used up whores looking ti get beta bucks. Prime girls pick alpha at the bar....likely named tyrone


This is clearly a canadian poster.

That usually is the argument the Israelis use themselves. But we KNOW that Soros is doing it; it's not even a secret he and his organizations do it out in the open. Israeli NGO's don't do it, from what I can tell, but some Jewish diaspora NGOs. The Israelis are indirectly responsible for starting these wars and creating the refugees in the first place. Especially in Syria and the US war agenda as a whole.

Despite Sup Forums obsession with Jews most of these NGOs which import non-European immigrants from the middle east and Africa, who work together with people smugglers, are white goy socialists and social democrats. A lot of them are antisemites aswell. It's an EU, socialist, social democrat and neo-liberal agenda. Some Jews in the diaspora form a well connected, internationalist hard core in this agenda. Do they hurt Israel in the long run? Maybe, maybe not. But even in Israel there exists the same libtard left that wants to dissolve Israel and give the land to the Palestinians and I don't mean the ultra-orthodox anti-zionists, but middle class kids basically.

It's some kind of sadomasochistic death cult. I do't really get it myself, because it's so fucking insane.

Fuck whiteys


By that logic Aristotle was black lmao

Shut the fuck up and get out, Canada.
Custom flags are worse than ever.

old faggot who thinks these memes are serious detected. I think storefront is what you're looking for, dumbfuck.

leafs are easier to spot than ever

people don't even bother to read my replies because of the flag.
Now its a lot better.