What we know so far about Grenfell:

- The smoke alarms and sprinkler system were turned off before the fire started

- A muslim man interviewed on sky news said the fire started on the 4th floor from a refridgerator explosion

- Another person who escaped the building says it was a microwave explosion in the kitchen

- The fire engulfed the entire building very quickly but did not collapse the building (yet)

- Eye witnesses said they heard pops and explosion sounding noises before the fire started

- A few months ago an ISIS magazine told militants to start setting fires to buildings in western countries

- The building was remodeled (10mil) about a year ago

Also, today is Trumps Birthday.

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The fire rises

The towerblock was full of muslim immigrants. This is Gods payback for the terrorist attacks in England.

A Muslim migrant is depressed, so he decides to see a psychiatrist. He tells him, "doctor, ever since I came to this country, I can't sleep, I can't eat...I feel sick".

The psychiatrist tells the migrant, "I think I know how to make you feel better...there's a bucket in the next room. Take a crap in it, then piss in it....then stick your head in it and smell the fumes for 15 minutes."

The Muslim migrant takes the doctor's advice and comes back after 15 minutes. "Wow! I feel so much better..so what was wrong with me?"

The doctor replies, "nothing, you were just homesick"

>- The smoke alarms and sprinkler system were turned off before the fire started

How can something which doesn't exist get turned off? Get your facts straight.

how would these niggers know what started the fire in the first place

This is the result of shoddy British workmanship, how the fuck does a whole 27 storey bldg go up in flames from a fucking faulty fridge or other electrical appliance going bad?

Because they already told 3 times Ahmed to store his explosives in garage not the fridge.

And id like to point out the building, and those around it, are still standing.

Live Streams


Ban fridges of mass destruction.

That's not what I concluded from what I read but if that's true, then that's just as bad if not worse. I'm pretty sure in America you HAVE to have sprinkler systems in an aparment complex hosting hundreds of people. You also have to have a fire escape I believe.

When I lived in a small apartment in college the city made my landlord hire someone to come into my home to make my window a few inches bigger because it wasn't up to the standards of the fire code. They came and made it large enough so that a normal sized human could fit through it for obvious reasons

Because someones fridge blew up? Fridge blows up. Ohshitnigga grab a wet towel. Ohshitnigga its nit working. Fucking run! Everyones outside. My fridge blew up, i couldnt put it out.

Its not rocket science.


Because the thermite hasn't detonated yet.





>Fridge blows up
Fridges don't just 'blow up'

You have to have them here too. They have to be inspected. A country that bans you from having a tv without a license or from purchasing plastic cutlery under 18 and you think they dont make us have sprinklers and smoke alarms?

>- The building was remodeled (10mil) about a year ago

Holy fuck, it's crumbling

get da wadda niggu

its going down

I believe youre thinking too literally. Im sure it didnt explode like a car bomb, probably electrics fucked up and caught on fire. The problem is why it sprwad so rapidly and voraciously.

So then how did an apartment operate without them like he is saying?

Slumlords man.

Exterior was covered in plastic panels which became liquid fuel.

Dripping fire was plastic. Firefighters were specifically spraying edges of plastic to prevent further burning.
Exterior was coated in fuel so building rapidly engulfed in fire.

Ban plastic panels and sand nigger bomb factories from occupying the same space.

>A muslim man interviewed on sky news said the fire started on the 4th floor from a refridgerator explosion

I believe TCAP (largely used by muzz terrorists) is:
- very unstable
- stinks
- need to be stored in a cool place.

Make your conclusions.


fuuck its still burning hard, it's gonna collapse, jet fuelers gonna get btfo

He just quoted Kek.


>one of the poorest areas of the city
>old commie block with no safety systems
>only one set of stairs anyway
>this area is full of muslims / non whites
>council housing
>lazy council doesn't take care of building

but ir wuz da muzlims !'!!!!

not this time Sup Forums

>Exterior was covered in plastic panels which became liquid fuel.
why would bongs do something this dumb?

It's not like ISIS made videos showing kebabs how to cook explosives in the kitchen.



ITT: We Laugh About Kebab Tower Inferno
Thread Theme: youtube.com/watch?v=UWLIgjB9gGw

its like watching 9/11 all over again

That's a pretty clean kitchen desu

> subsidized low cost housing projects are money pits not maintained to the highest standards
> it's filled with kebabs
Fuck them, let them burn.

Where else are they going to do it? Im not saying thats not a possibility by the way. Its fucking London. Watching the interviews Ive yet to see a white british person. In fact, one of the reasons they gave for so many people getting out is that a lot of the residents were awake because its ramadan and they eat late or some shit. The whole area is infested.

This would never happen to a concrete commie block.

My grandmother lived in Slovakia and an apartment a couple of floors above her caught fire and burned out after the resident forgot to turn off a gas stove.
The apartment immediately above it and the apartments on the same floor had some smoke damage. The rest of the building was completely fine.

fire is scary

Vinyl siding? Although I don't think I've ever seen it used on high rise buildings.

Some peaceful muslim probably burned the place down while trying to prepare the combustible for another parcel that was going to be a part of the city.

Its how they make slums look nice here. They do it everywhere.

They keep showing that Mikey guy explaining how he got his family out but OK.

The building doesn't really look poor from the outside it looks average.

the plastic siding could have spread the fire all up and down the building exterior

- I heard that a lot of people who escaped were Muslims due to staying up late for Ramadan.

- The sides of the building that were caught fire first are speculated to be gas lines.

- The water pumps to the sprinkler system did not work because the electricity had been cut

The really depends on how much stuff is able to be fuel but far more importantly how effective the sprinkler system is.

>Its how they make slums look nice here. They do it everywhere.
I've never seen that.

Sure on low rise buildings up to maybe 6 floors. But never on anything taller.

well, what can you expect from a bunch of inbred retards.
when they can't even stick their dick in someone with a genetic distance from them in the happy medium between goats and their cousins, it's a wonder so many of them even manage to be as effective in their terror attacks as they are
(which still isn't as effective as they could be)

thats cgi, not a photo
cgi advertisizing pics of building always look good

>Happy birthday Trump.

It was probably a nazi. Now you understand why we need to crack down on the internet?


Well its not like 02.09.1666 but okay i take it for the beginning

I've never seen a refrigerator catch fire. Especially enough to burn a building down.

Nigger stop lying to these gullible anerisharts. One can have a TV without license, but one cannot use it for watching TV, you diggg.

Inb4 Oi blammin hell, coi blimey wot u gana use a TV for other than watching shitty shows

>Use TV to play games on console
>Use TV to watch DVDs/stream from internet

PS go back to PAKIstan, you aren't welcome here.

Good. Those old 1970s council flats are a monstrosity.

There's another one gone.

Oh, by the way. That tower block was populated and riddled with niggers, mudslimes and the Chinese.

Pretty easily, judging from this.

that man was named Mohammed.....coincidence?

>the plastic siding could have spread the fire all up and down the building exterior
Sure if everyone in the UK are idiots and don't use fire resistant siding, like real vinyl. But even then why would you put it on a high rise rather than any number of other cladding solutions.

Vinyl siding will burn it it's very hot but it's actually a reasonable fire retardant material in most considerations.

They put plastic caps on the buildings up here. Man, they fucking love that plastic shit in Scotland.


we should return to traditional architecture

Well it's what I've heard on one of the livestreams. There's a local group which has been complaining about the lack of such security measures for years and they have been warning that eventually huge shit gonna happen. From what I got the apartment tower got renovated a few years back, but they didn't install alarm systems and smoke detectors. And I assume the authorities who should have been responsible for checking just didn't give a fuck.

Top comment on Breitbart:

>The UK's SkyNews reports that the apartment tower is owned by the local London town council (government housing) and is heavily North African/Muslim/Somalis/Ethiopian/Eritreans/Sudanese and all other manner of third world legal and illegal migrants. The fire broke out on the eve of the ending of the Islamic fast period and cooking inside the apartment flats on charcoal stoves is common. Welcome to the third world Londonistan 2017.

Yeah you guys will be paying back 10 million in damages!

>exploding refrigregator
Its like they arent even trying.

I read that this video purposely leaves an important step out that causes failure in the bomb making process so if anyone tries to replicate this video, they usually die.

>Happy birthday Trump
Yes praise kek

I guess it was the Landlord that want to sell the house for a good Price but Needed to get rid of all the ppls inside. Housing Price in London is really hardcore this times

Go type in "how fast does fire spread" into jewtube. Scary stuff.

Any pics of such buildings?

>The smoke alarms and sprinkler system were turned off before the fire started
No one man clearly said the alarms were quiet, and UK buildings almost never have sprinkler systems.
>A muslim man interviewed on sky news said the fire started on the 4th floor from a refridgerator explosion
This same guy had 2 stories, 1 where the neighbour responsible knocked on his door and told him to evacuate, and another where he knocked on the door and was gone by the time he reached the door but he saw the smoke

>if everyone in the UK are idiots
they are


Add shitty cladding and it can spread quickly through the whole building.

It was just renovated a year ago you fucking mudshit, nigger muffin.

When your paki family are expelled I'm going to make you watch me brutalise every female relative you have.

Dem mothafugga bootleg refrigeraters


I had a quick search, lemme look better.

Own goal by the muzzies.

> The water pumps to the sprinkler system did not work because the electricity had been cut

Does the UK not have fire code for sprinkler systems to be directly attached to unregulated water mains? Unless the city had no power and the backup generators for the water pumps for the city.

Or maybe the UK doesn't have pressurized water mains?

People that make building and fire codes are not all retarded. The only reasonable solution for the fire suppression system failure is intentional sabotage. The main valve connections for fire systems connected to city water mains are legally required to be chained and locked open in ever city I have ever had to look into a water room in.

It happens here & it's always the same brand, they did a major recall but there's people out there who still have them, scores of people killed by these since 2003.

My mom is a fire protection engineer and says older buildings in the UK do not have sprinkler systems

Immigrant tower engulfed in flames on Trump's birthday

I have the death dealing dryer in my flat. I leave it on most days im at work.

You wanna put ur dick in paki?

Essentially it's some weaponised troll video made by the west to kill off naive yet dangerous bomb makers before they harm anyone in the public.

>blow out your candles mr. President

The landlord is London council, not a private landlord.

I can't believe you people are saying all refrigerators are terrorist tools. Just wow. Oh and FYI, refrigerators produce cold, not heat, so how would they even catch fire? Fucking tech-illiterate conspiracy theorists.

All Praise the Fridge of eternal cleansing then!

Please help this man is missing, last seen in the building!

Bomb making mudslime messed up, fire spread. Forensics will find bombmaking materials.


Those are called "corbie steps", or "crow steps", for anyone who might be interested.


>and UK buildings almost never have sprinkler systems.
Maybe for single occupant housing but surely multi dwelling high rise buildings would have that as a code requirement.

I'm no chemist but the cunt seemed very casual when handling the stuff


Look at those cold dead eyes. He' like a shark. Stares right through you.