Who does Sup Forums hate more?

Who does Sup Forums hate more?

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>Sup Forums is one person

Death t' Israel, free Palestine

definitely Saudi
Zionists are /ourguy/

Who said Sup Forums is one person?

They're basically the same.
You don't deserve the right to use that flag, Shlomo



this, BASED JEWS are our friends

Fuck that place




death to both, christians take back the holy land

jews are our friends comrade

unironically the saudis. Israel are cunts but the saudis are the biggest supporters of terror in the region and walk the US around on a leash

they're working together

They are the same semitic scum and need to be removed


Thanks for the answers, I just was collecting information on who Sup Forums hates so I could make the point that Trump supports both of those countries, and it's a very VERY big oxymoron that any of you Drumpfies support Drumpf.

Thanks for walking right into my trap and exposing how stupid every one of you are.


But CNN hates Trump

wat game is that

I hate Israel/Jews way more than I do ISIS and Muslims. I mean they are savages, sure, but if not for Jewish influence they'd be no threat to us, off in their desert.

Plus, I got to say, ISIS has good spirit.

I hate semites equally
Gotta make em equal bro

saudi arabia are kikes


Back to your containment board shitskin

sooo cringe

shadow president

Saudi princes are all jews.
ISIS is run by the jews.

You didn't take the RedPill. You were given a placebo.

mudslimes ofc


Trick question. These flags represent the same country.

Got it you are extremely triggered. Now remove yourself you autistic commiecuck neckbeard

You know more then half of these people aren't jewish, right?

>(ID: Juu

the cringe is real
looks like a struck a nerve, LOL

the camel piss drinkers

>shadow president

israel and its muslim puppets

Leave it to a lefty/pol/ shitskin to defend kikes online.

Israel, but seriously, the only reason the Saudis are in power is because of the US. They made a deal that the US would keep them in power if they would sell their oil in US dollars. Now the US just attacks anyone who doesn't sell oil in US dollars though.

Its called The Final Solution
Code in pic attached.

didn't mean to quote

Not an argument, but nice try. Someones a big mad *giggles* triggered, I can tell I struck a nerve.

>trying to be deep and failing

The state

>The state
babby's first rebellion

Carl Marx and his Jewish Bolsheviks killed 100 million Christians last century.
Don't be surprised if you get some pay back if you walking around in your commie t-shirt.

Defcon my jewish friend


Go eat your tendies fatty

I hate both equally.

Nuke them to hell.

Go back to plebit

You fucking dumb faggots

Hate is not a zero sum game

The vicious dog or the malicious owner who unleashed the dog

Muslims in general.

is this even a question?


Saudis claim they are Jewish.

>it's not true because i say so
you have to go back commie kike

The Saudis. People who sperg about Israel are kinda Autistic desu. Have the Israelis pulled of a 9/11 type event here? Yeah I didn't think so.



das rite whitebois keep cryin

Israel did 9/11, dolt. All the experts know this and Mossad agents were even caught "documenting the event".

Muslims, too much of them and kikes are easy targets outside ISrael

And how about the attack on the USS Liberty patriot?

The Saudis don't try and erode our culture.

Tis the yehudies.

Some of the most desperate /leftypol/ shitposting I've ever seen. I mean it's not like I wasn't flooding your board with hundreds of diverse pictures of the people who actually post there, humiliating the living fuck out of you personally irl to the frothing rage you experience now, but I stopped because your board, much like your ideology, and the brains of the people who follow it, is dead.

does anyone have somemore funny commies?


....they just try to outright replace people...

What's the difference?

btw the answer is israel. eventhough efforts of rich muslim countries to spread radical islam in europe are not to neglect either.
this for example. Erdogan uses imams as spies in europe. foreignpolicy.com/2017/03/27/erdogans-international-network-of-muslim-cleric-spies-turkey-germany-gulen-coup/

Both are manipulative shitstains on the planet blow em both to hell i say

Israel has no true friends or allies. They only have nations they manipulate.

we needs t' loot back th' Vatican from thos mason spys

No need, Britain beat you to serving God's chosen in that regard already.

>Saudi-Arabia or Israel
uh they're fucking allies and both are cancer

Israel got so many nukes that a nuke on them would probably take out all of arabis as well.
It really is a perfect solution for global peace. We turn the whole middle-east into a glass bowl.

I hate goy who think muslims did 9/11 more than I hate jews.
And I hate muslims who think muslims did 9/11 more than i hate goy who think muslims did 9/11.
I want to kill them all because this world has to be culled now of the shit genes.

that honor goes t' Russia