Feminists and liberals are trying to destroy this man's business

Old fashioned fella tells feminist that piercings might scare his customers. The tolerant left is now giving this man a lot of shit online (1 star reviews errwhere).

Can we help the guy out? Fb is called The Friary in Beauly Scotland.

Cmon pol.

i upvoted him with a 5 star

He did nothing illegal, businesses are allowed to have dress codes.

You tell that to the feminists and leftists that are now destroying his business.

>this is the 21st century

Did she just unironically say this?

I gave him a 5 star but hes got 32 1 stars by these bitches .

If we have laws protecting freedom of speech, and freedom of religion, we also need to bring back laws protecting freedom of association.

Pol geolocated Shia's flag within a day. Nothing is beyond their reach.

why would you cover up her name?

Yeah OP we need to know her name

kek post a link to the yelp

I cant find the page, can someone link it to me?

>21st century
I think she's 100 years ahead of us bros...

Jesus christ, gays are fucking retarded

I love how, even with the affiliation flags, you can still tell easily who the leafs are

I dont know her name either. I didnt make this pic.

>piercings are pretty hot, my girlfriend has them. I think that guy is worried his customers might get a bit too excited eh?

>American education

Its called capitalism. If you are a cuck your business rightly gets fucked.

He's just being polite, she probably isn't even pretty

in fact she's probably a hellcow and the piercings are just a polite way to turn her down

>Applying for a job via texting
>Can't even use proper grammar

No his perzonal army


Nah old people hate peircings, they associate them niggers and sub human tribes.

wtf language are they speaking?

Reveal flag are you burger or leaf?

We are in the 21st century you dumb nigger.

you realize we are in the 21st century right you fucking retard?

>The Friary in Beauly Scotland.
are scots english at all?
the horrible grammar is making it painful to read the pic

He's homosexual, probably too much shit and jizz inside his brain

What do you find hot in piercing? I don't get it, it is just dirty metal parts with sebum all over

Neither! I am actually a bait posting Australian!
Unfortunately nobody noticed my appalling greentext and samefagging
Or the cancerous reddit ellipses.
Thanks for the (You)s.

Okay I found her. Just search for 'Iona Muir of Ord' on Facebook and you will see the feminazi.

or the namefagging.
or my use of bros.
A lot of effort went into that bait and nobody really noticed.
I really like how flags make it easy to bait though.
I hope you can't get banned for this.

There's nothing wrong or illegal about turning down an applicant due to appearances.

Somebody nuke us please hopefully you hit this cunt

Sup Forums can't handle bongs shitposting


Here's the feral cunt's account.



Only similarity between us is that we make use of their language as historically it allowed us to gather more shekels. We speak '''English''' but our grammar is still rooted in celtic languages.

Phwaor she's no bad. Would slip her the finger. That boy needs a slap however.

Wow stabilo eyebrows, slut glasses, nose piercing. You can't make this shit up


Go crazy lads

Jesus Christ. This poor guy.
oy vey what about muh (((civil rights)))

just sent her a message lmao

Nice. These cunts need to know their bullshit is NOT WELCOME

>chest tat
>piercings everywhere
>sharpie eyebrows
>retarded haircut
>face plastered with cakeup
>newmale betamax bf

Christ I didn't expect to get this angry over a fucking profile picture.

5 star review, also trying to report all the negative posts that have nothing to do with the business.

Don't talk to our women like that, cunt. Fuck off and mind your own business you sad little lowlife.

Lots of leftists leaving 1 star reviews with fake stories as well. What a sad bunch. Help the old man out guys.

Man the alt accounts lads!

Did you just use a gendered insult?

ew i hate piercings

post the picture faggot i dont have fb

> Slags

> People


She is bothering someone elses literal business so why shouldnt I mind hers

Just because others do evil doesn't mean you should do it too. Lead by example

Kek, have a you.


what the fuck is she, a Greek column?

I dont hate piercings. I hate the logic from femnazis and the left.

>has face full of cheap unhygienic piercings
>covered in terrible visible tattoos
>no one will hire her for a customer facing job

must be racism/sexism etc, always someone elses fault

Why do they always look like this?

what the fuck is this daily mail shit

no one cares if some dude doesn't get a job in a "chippy" whatever the fuck that is

fucking flags. you think that just because we can't see you're from sweden we don't know it?

Stuck in the era that feminism took roots, because it's the only era that they had any actual battles to fight.

>confusing white power with white knighting

>Muir of Ord

are these real places? they sound like really shitty Doom maps

Right it's the 21st century not tribal ooga booga days, get those fucking piercings out and act civilized.

I like how he tried to do damage control calling her pretty and stuff, I was surprised she didn't accuse the man of being a pig and a fascist and a bigot and an hypocrite, a chauvinistic piece of filth and all the good stuff.



The only good bourgeoisie is a dead bourgeoisie.

Is it bad that I have fuck fantasies about those lefty cunts?

Why am I not seeing any negative reviews? Is it won already

Shame. She could be really pretty.

Fuck off pussy

>looking for men 18-25

You piercophobes.

I just reviewed him 5 stars. Sjw always manage to piss me off

Would fuck
Would curb stomp

>make piercings and tattoos to "express yourself"
>complain when they are judged by their appearance.
Like pottery. So they express themselves, but if someone doesn't like it than they are only skin-deep looking bigots.

No, need a lot more.

yoyooyoyoyoy Lads,
lads i think this is a publicity stunt.

No shit Sherlock, but he wants validation not scorn you stupid cunt

no alt account

Huh, Beauly. Probably the last place I would have expected to see on Sup Forums.

There's no trace of the Scots language/dialect in that pic, they're just shitty writers.


na.....hai... gomen.

>Paraphrases Jesus Christ, Son of God
>Called a pussy by a mulatto spic on a White Supremacist LARPing forum
Neck yourself, cunt. In a peaceful, friendly way, of course.

I didnt use alt account either and I called her a cunt you pussy


>go to the shop to support the old man
>find out it was a ruse and the old man is really a 7-foot tall black Muslim tranny with nipple implants and a gauged and extremely stretched penis that is looped out and prince alberted to his forehead
>he has a full body full color female ghostbusters tattoo in lieu of clothing

I think the goal is to ridicule her and not feed her victim complex.

Pierre is on fire. Let's do it Lad.

>Canadian education

Shut the fuck up. Unfunny proxy-nigger.