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Gaia desu

>Can't play as Jesus and beat people with his carpenter tools


why have i never seen the chineese gods in the game



Isis for Power Immunity, decent tech into quick myth units
>inb4 lolLokirush

Because it was added in a new version called Tale of the Dragon.

Spotted the semite.

Jesus was not a god, he was a mortal man with a God's soul.


>No roll
>No eternal Deus

Burn this heretic thread¡


Too bad the extended edition is a buggy piece of shit that the devs abandoned.


I pick Assad of the Levant pantheon

Pfff expansions sucks

I'm Japanese. Need I say more?

he's not really on there



I choose Christ, as he is Lord.
Your pagan idols are meaningless and fail to elevate the nature of man. Probably why you so flippantly debase them in games, movies, etc. You know it's because they have no power.

>no Jehovah

is anyone good at AOM who can teach me how to play better
how am i suppose to do 20 things in just three seconds

It would appear that my cover has been blown


if u choose anything other than these your a fag
>Greek, Prometheus
>Egyptian, Thoth
>Norse, Odin
I don't know too much about Atlantis, fuck dog eater gods tho

These are the Major gods, there are more gods (even in the game), named as Minor Gods


Strange though that they chose Loki over Frey seeing as Frey is actually a stronger god

Why does your God need glasses?

>dogeater god
>can't even see without the white man's inventions

RA obviously

Jesus wasn't a jew, that implies he'd worship himself.

Where is Allah ?

Do you realize that Thoth and Prometheus are about giving enlightenment and knowledge to unwashed masses in the shadows? Except for maybe Odin, he seemed to just search for knowledge for himself. How do you reconcile the other two with white supremacy?

hmmmm so what religion was he? Don;t say christian...

He wasn't any religion, that implies he worships himself.

You could ask what religions he's worshiped in, but he doesn't worship anybody.

loki, out of that selection, though raven/coyote/anansi irl

Prometheus and Odin more than anything embody the price knowledge is worth paying for.
I'm a white supremacist because I don't believe non-whites have the ability to appreciate that sort of thing.


just make so many villagers that the button turns red and max food production, thats how you play better.

>Not choosing Poseidon

I feel sorry for you Sup Forums.

Yeah, but they were still different sacrifices. Odin sacrificed to achieve self-knowledge. Prometheus sacrificed to share knowledge with the ignorant, even those who may not have been worthy or capable of understanding.

Oh, there's a Chinese expansion? Is it any good?
I loved AoM when it came out.


bullshit OP Atlanteans


jesus's mom was promiscuous and got fucked by a different man, got pregnant and had a kid. she said it was the son of god so she wouldnt get stoned to death or some shit. either way all semitic religions are just foreign and incorrect.

that's what zeus is for buddy




What's your point?

Kek is the one true God, and Pepe is his prophet!

Just throw more arrows at it and it should die.

Zeus will zap you reiddt scum

Based Poseidon


Is that a screenshot of fucking grepolis?

> Kronos
> god
You triggered me right there mate

Prometheus could be considered some kind of liberal or marxist of his time. He wanted to distribute a resource, knowledge, to everyone, even those who made no sacrifice of their own, and he sacrificed himself to achieve that.

Odin worked and sacrificed to achieve his own self-knowledge, and did not choose to give it to those who did not make a sacrifice themselves, it's reasonable to say he believed everyone should follow that path.

My point was just that, they were very different sacrifices, with very different mindsets being the reason for them.

Age of Mythology

false idol worship

None, all non-existing idols.

since when is Ra literally Horus?
or are they related?

Odin, if not norse then poseidon.

The vatican disapproves of this thread. Repent sinners!


fuck off christkike

lol right?! Family Guy made a joke about that and it blew my mind too! Happy to find someone with some real smarts on this board.

both have falcon head, though they should have given ra red solar crown, mainly to differentiate him from horus

Norse for superior ICE GIANTS.

i dont watch family guy but what i said is true. also stop worshipping a foreign jewish god (yahweh).

Get that heathen filth away from me.

Obviously Gaia.
>Natural everything.
>World is her body, forests are her shrines.
>No Bullshit made up laws.
>Fertility 4 everyone without homo shit.
>No sworn enemies among other gods (You just do not fuck with momma Earth).

Allah is the only God

get that semetic filth away from me

what fun is jesus going to be in a game or a movie, it will just be a bunch of screaming while he's being nailed to a cross



Wait, when did they add China?

Isis is best because, ironically, her power prevents enemies from using god powers around her statues

Also early game gold rush

Can't decide between Greek and Norse.

Chornos, time will eventually allways win.

>sharing knowledge is marxism
Yeah, that's what everyone remembers the soviet union for. The great exchange of knowledge.
>mexican intellectuals

This is how you do an OP, faggot.

Based Poseidon, sink the boats pls

also rolling

It was an analogy. Redistributing unearned resources like knowledge is welfare, no? And knowledge is only one resource, the Soviet Union put more effort into sharing material wealth, not ideas. Turns out it was shit at both. You still seem to be deliberately ignoring the differences between those two characters I pointed out to you. They are only superficially similar, at their core they were both very different.

nice trips


RIP thread.

I fapped to her endlessly as a kid

God of all gods :

Penos - the flesh stabber

nice flag, ur a peon

Odin, anyone?

Fuck, is he here?


spotted the muslim.

>false idol worship

nice joke sempai

HERESY there is only one true God !