Is Israel the closest thing we have to a NatSoc country?


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Everyone here knows that Israel today is what Germany was in the good old days, except they're riddled with filthy kikes and they ruin everyone elses day. Did I say they were like Germany? They're not like Germany.

Yes except for the kikes and leeching off the US

Israel is a shithole that has no right to exist and should be nuked or something

Yeah I guess.

t. Ahmed

t. Nathan Rosenstein

Not at all.
Look at South Korea they have been ethnic nationalists for decades
Try doing some more reading

This desu

>implyigine the parasite has only one host

>never lost a war
>kills mudslimes
>deports africans
>endorsed by G-d
Israel is the greatest nation on earth.


Nope, they are NOT WHITE.

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Really user? they look white to me.

What I learned growing up, from my Oupa, was that Israel is a country that stood by us during Apartheid when no one else did. He also told me that it's a white country, with white people facing the brown hordes - similar to our situation here.

If Israelis are white, and our allies against the Muslims, then why are we hating on them?

There might be some parallels, but there are a few important differences:
1. Jews are a TRIBE, not a race. The significance of this is HUGE.
A race is based only on genetics and so /any dumb old piece of shit that has the ability to reproduce is included/. This is why Germans are so autistic and why they ultimately lose at everything.
A tribe, on the other hand, is a /genetically based group with the possibility of joining or leaving based on some form of merit/.
Differently from say islam (say these dumb words thrice) or christianity (don't drown your face) Buddhism (just say you are) etc... The Jewish conversion method is both an IQ test and moral indoctrination - a long and grueling process that may take years, insuring that no dummies are allowed, only intelligent and moral is allowed or intelligent and cunning (because they are able to act like they are moral for a year of conversion even though they're not).
Similarly, people who don't like things like studying difficult ethical riddles (talmud) in a religion that demands you learn to read (back in the day most other nations and tribes did not learn to read), would simply assimilate. That how we're left with who we are. Obviously there are flukes and over time decadence comes into the picture, but the influence is huge.
This is why, as opposed to the nazis, we don't feel the need to destroy our 'inferiors' (superiors). Jews have no need to rearrange the ethnic map to put themselves at the top like the Germans did, because it doesn't matter to us. We only try to destroy who is a threat to us, and we may, from time to time, manipulate whoever is preventing us from pursuing our goals (namely, to control the state of Israel and not be killed by barbarians).

Also, socialism, even in the natsoc version, is completely gay. We have ideological pluralism. What we /do/ have, as far as socialist/fascist/ values is a common desire to ensure our survival as a group.

thats not how an IDF uniform looks like

What a stupid fucking question.

>tfw shills haven't gotten used to the new flags and their bantz have all become retarded

No bump for you

Sorry buddy, as much as I'd like to embrace your unconditional love, we're not white.
Genetically, were're exactly where we should be geographically - between Arabs and Greeks/Mediterraneans. Pic related

You know what you must do.

Based. If it wasn't for the nuke headed your way...
Ah fuck it. At this point, I even genuinely wish I could emigrate to Israel even for the better weather, if not the sense of unity.

"2000 years without a country after losing once say what?" for 500, Alex.

inb4 colors. yeah well we did sleep around a bit.
In this pic, Jews.

Still... in their current state you can be sure that we will side with you over the arabs for a long time to come.

>We only try to destroy who is a threat to us, and we may, from time to time, manipulate whoever is preventing us from pursuing our goals (namely, to control the state of Israel and not be killed by barbarians)
That is such a crock of shit and you know it.

Yes, which is why the Jews wanted it destroyed: their tribalism and pride are their survival. Anyone else who adopts the same strategy is just more business lost and another roadblock to fulfilling the prophecy of Jewish world dominion.

What's theirs is theirs. What's yours is theirs. Nothing of theirs is yours. If they have to destroy nations and rape and murder millions, that's just a matter of course to them.

Understand? This is why they are hated.

Pic related: Kek has blessed the Goyim's revenge.

Maybe Native Israelis are not white, but most, if not all of the Jews in Israel are European.

>falling for the propaganda

tfw sanhedrinn 59a is about the moral culpability of children (if a child sins is he responsible? from what age?)

"hurr durr I found this meme that says this so I believe it doiiii"

Didn't they lose the Holocaust?

No. Israel is Zionist. Zionism and NatSoc ideology directly oppose one another.

Yeah nah. There is no place for cooperation with a jew.

>crock of shit
a.k.a jewish argumentation

>why are we hating on them

They are a silent nation within all nations. They are Jew first and their nationality a distant second. They undermine and plunder these nations and forge alliances with the ruling political parties or kings, etc.

Being over-represented in particularly lucrative arenas is one matter: using your position to destroy nations is another entirely. The Jews bring about their own hate and destruction with their usury.

It is much Israel to shill for my country with the new custom flags

Hey look I am Nazi now

they are whte arabs

ie a mix between turks and greeks

By the way, excuse me I followed the numerical differently. this is the passage you were referring to (hold down your ADD down now hans.. read to the end):
>But the precept of observing social laws is a positive one, yet it is reckoned? — It is both positive and negative.
R. Johanan said: A star worshiper who studies the Torah deserves death, for it is written, Moses commanded us a law for an inheritance; it is our inheritance, not theirs. Then why is this not included in the Noachian laws? — On the reading morasha [an inheritance] he steals it; on the reading me'orasah [betrothed], he is guilty as one who violates a betrothed maiden, who is stoned. An objection is raised: R. Meir used to say. Whence do we know that even a heathen who studies the Torah is as a High Priest? From the verse, [Ye shall therefore keep my statutes, and my judgments:] which, if man do, he shall live in them.5 Priests, Levites, and Israelites are not mentioned, but men: hence thou mayest learn that even a heathen who studies the Torah is as a High Priest! — That refers to their own seven laws.

What is it with nazis being unable to do their own research?

The thinking that those rabbis go by, is that the best way to identify amalek is that they're trying to destroy us. So if you wanna tango we WILL tango

>is that the best way to identify amalek is that they're trying to destroy us.
He cries out in pain as he strikes you

why are you unable to do any research?
actually 1941
actually self published
actually no one took interest

>oh mine got! some kooky jew said germany must perish at the same time as germany is litterally destroying europe, enslaving slavs, declaring that Jews are inferior and must be /gotten rid of/, killing gays and cripples.

So bad right? compared to AN ENTIRE NATION following an insane leader bent on conquering europe and subjegating everyone who's not arian, already has killed millions in battle. already holds jews in concentration camps, already enslaved tham.

Oh but dear me, some Jew in the US self publishes an angry manifesto and NO ONE PAYS ATTENTION

If only it were one.


That's South Africa's pasta. I can tell you're not him because of the filenames. Cunt.

You said G-d when he says God which means you're a Jew.

Nice meme.

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'We only try to destroy who is a threat to us, and we may, from time to time, manipulate whoever is preventing us from pursuing our goals (namely, to control the state of Israel and not be killed by barbarians).'

The only problem with that, Avraham, is that you damn kikes think that literally everyone from the crackers to the chinks are out to shoah you, which is a pretty convenient excuse to be kikes

Girl scouts

Fake quote is fake.

I repeat. Why are you UNABLE to do any research?

Pro tip - bad phenotype.

Well if you stop saying you want to destroy us maybe we'll stop thinking you do


As a staunch National Socialist I have nothing but respect and admiration for Jews as a tribe. The international Jews are what we should strive to become.

Hail (future) Victory, brothers.

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