I hate Indians so much. I don't hate niggers, because we don't share the same living space. Same with Chinks and other races. But Indians somehow believe that they should get in all of my hobbies AND LITERALLY TAKE A SHIT ON THEM. Go away Hindu. Poo poo

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Hindus are better, peaceful and don't impose their shit on others.

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honestly if all I had to worry about from diversity was bad IT customer service I would be an euphoric man

Good people from my experience. Reserved and not uppity and foods good. Although male Hindus seem to be very prideful about India. Guy I know never shuts the fuck up on how great India and Modi are.


If only he could ban Indians from doing phone reviews.


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i hate like 5 other races before i even get to indians

is that their space exploration device? Couple thousand more years and they'll be right on our tails

ATTENTION! Any person who doesn't reveal his Geografic location in this thread is DESIGNATED!!

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I don't like indians either, but fuck pakis.

That is obvious.

Unless it's a British flag.


White dude here, Indian gf.

Gonna have kids soon. How does that make you feel OP?

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Modi is great.