"Soros urges EU to keep Poland and Hungary in democratic check"

"Soros urges EU to keep Poland and Hungary in democratic check"


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You must surrender Goy.

This is what they actually look like.

Wtf I love Soros now.
W-wait are you trying to jew me again?

Tick-tock Pooland!

You can do it the easy way. Or the hard way. Open up Nazis!

this fucking lizard needs a bullet to the Head.

>implying you will last for more than a decade

Bet they wish Hitler was around now.

Go home Merkel, It's Ramadan.

aren't they democratically elected? this Jew needs to fuck off.

Hitler created this mess in the first place.

Because we can.

> to preserve the rule of law
Meaning: you can't make your own laws in the national legislation, because supernational organizations must set their retarded laws for you that has no connection to the will and morality of people of the land.

Thank Soros papĆ³, I love being a slave to your puppet regimes.

This annoying manipulative psychopath needs a Glasgow smile.

If I take off your nose, will you die?

>Implying Hitler wouldn't gift Polack untermenschen as slaves to his Arab friends as a reward for winning the war.

It will be extremely painful

The Xindi were a retarded race, and ENT was terrible.

oh but that means nothing. Do you think the native Eastern European tribes can make up their own laws? No no no no no.

They would in the end try to look out for their own interests and try to rebel against the rule imposed upon them by foreign powers. They might try to preserve their heritage, their country to their own children instead of letting people like Lord Soros rule over them.

The goyim are like cattle, they can't be allowed to roam free, they must be herded led to the right direction.

No Jews did that.

Hitler tried to stop them

Will he ever die

If you nordcucks didn't last a decade, it doesn't mean true master race wouldn't last for eternity!

And he lost and now we have literal jewish socialists leading the EU.
Fucking amazing outcome.

It's a big nose


AFAIK the first makers of the European Economic Community (1958-2009) were OK guys. They were old school and would despise the current comissars.

It's who inherits the organisation and who infiltrates it that is the problem.


He pays protestors and is going full force with this isn't he?

For Jew.


"wider range of democratic choices" .. that I approve of.

Poland and Hungary, among the last great nations to fight back against the Tyranny of the globalist billionaires.

Fight on!

Schtoltenberg the man behind utoya is now the leader of nato

kikes are pushing it so hard now. they really are gonna get gassed.


> The PM was due for a visit at the youth camp the next day, and was in his residence preparing his speech at the time of the Oslo explosion.[40]


I don't remember electing this motherfucker to influence my nation's policies.
He should shut up and tend to his shekels.

Falseflagged by accident

>I wouldn't be raping you this hard if you hadn't resisted in the first place, it's your fault

ENT = worst. T'Pol's boobs saved it a little.

He was elected by qualified and wise men. He knows what's best for you!

I'm still trying to figure out the mental gymnastics how it is authoritarian to follow the will of the people to keep garbage from coming into their country.

Funny how they don't allow comments, nor ask why an American billionaire is trying to dictate the politics of sovereign European nations.

The xindi caused a human Holocaust never forget

one of the minor Polish parties is pushing for a referendum on the Refugee Question.

Ok, I am sorry for questioning. I will go back to my shed now.

He's not dictating anything. He's merely suggesting the EU cease their hateful biggotry. The man is clearly a human rights activist.

Why are we allowing this octogenary jew rat stay in power in the EU
25billion magnate, tell people to take immigrants in their neighbourhoods

About time to turn on the oven

why hasnt satan called his demon back ?

>"Democratic Check"

Much kek.

>Poland, Hungary, Czechs and Russkies all bail, team up with Britain (with May needing some distraction and morale boosting) and Germany gets BTFO once again.

Next time we will rebuild it properly.

Even better;

>Preserve the rule of laws that we just invented right now that break pre-existing laws k thanx

Anyway, Hungary, you had a chance to solve the Soros Question many decades ago.


I got something interesting:

Why are Merkel, Juncker, Soros, Rothschilds etc. still alive?

Trump better step in to help Poland and Hungary.
Ruining the EUSSR should be his top priority.

Why is anyone even listening to this old fart?

>"You should take migrants, Germany says so, we will sanction you if you not take em"
so democratic...

My guess is that he essentially pays people to listen to him. I mean, if you show up at his talk and shake your head in agreement, he might donate to your charity fund or liberal foundation.

By not doing his job properly the first time around?

Why is Soros still alive?

"democratic check", but they democratically voted for not taking in refugees.

really makes you think, right?


Wise men, huh?

Where do you think all the baby foreskins go?

It's called money.

That's how the system has always worked.

Every left wing government and org on the planet is on his teat.

We found out down here that he was putting millions into media and union organizing in fucking Australia, which is so far out of the loop it's not funny.

Fortunately we have our own billionaires who run this country to counteract him.

Although we're still getting raped in the ass either way.

Salon ran an article asking if Democracy was really needed in today's day and age, where """""Experts"""""" were more well versed in managing nations than popular votes.

Trust me - Give it a few years and the notion of "democracy" will be getting slammed as hard as "free speech" and "nationalism".

Soros can suck it, Poland and Hungary are 100% right


Open the gates but they won't get out alive.