Why ((((THEY)))) are pushing war with Russia

It all makes sense now. He's actually reasonable and sensible about gender and sexuality when it comes to children and won't let the Jew destroy the family structure.

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I want Russia to invade me desu

awaiting the webm eagerly

naaaa russian is just too dumb to go to war and to lazy theirs millitary is weak and the soldiers is unprofessional

No. They need a pretext for more globalization and less sovereignty. Russia fights ISIS in earnest. Most of the battles ISIS fought last year were against the Russia-Syrian alliance, not against the U.S, because the U.S and Israel created ISIS to destabilize the entire region and create the """migrant crisis""" to empty land for Israel's expansion without irradiating it and to dilute European blood and culture.

Any nationalist nation, especially one that kicks out the fuckin Rothschilds, are on the menu for (((Democratizing))).

Putin works out and likes animals and shit. Toxic Masculinity at its worst.

>No. They need a pretext for more globalization and less sovereignty.

You mean.. like destroying the traditional family structure so the country has to import immigrants to maintain it's pensions, debts and economy?

Like they're doing everywhere?

So how many fighting men do you think it would take to end the Rothschild family line?

Depends on how many fighting men they can set against your fighting men.

Because (((they))) have wet dreams about enslaving Russia to milk it since day 1
They are freaking out because Russia is growing stronger and being a threat to them.

>Russia fights ISIS in earnest.
Nah, the majority of bombing Russia has done was against the Syrian rebels, not ISIS. He has been fighting, but hardly "in earnest" and nowhere compared to the effort put into fighting the Syrian rebels.

falling for the moderate rebels fake news.

A well placed air strike would deal a good blow.

I can't believe none of these Rothschild, Soros, etc type twats have been assassinated yet. Sometimes I wonder if they really do have some sort of otherworldly power or protection.

Read again:

>Most of the battles ISIS fought last year were against the Russia-Syrian alliance, not against the U.S

Reading comp, son.

that and it's literally white people destroying white people

2 birds with 1 stone

Zwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe.

We need to kill Soros. He has a mansion in NY state. Wipe out the entire family too.

RWDS mobilization is imminent.

Couldn't be further from the truth. They brainwashed you into being a useful idiot and retransmitting their agenda. Russians are dying out very fast and being replaced by the immigrants from the former Soviet Republics. Their marriage/divorce ratio is one of the worst in the world. They are world leaders in the amount of new AIDS cases.

But sure, (((they))) brainwashed gullible idiots like you into believing that they are the true alt-right.

>Why ((((THEY)))) are pushing war with ((((Russia))))



Everything you need to know about an oil-drilling banana republic.

Russia's debt to GDP is still 20% and they have lots of reserves

the US's debt to GDP is 100%

top kek putin just paid stone a couple gorillion dollarz to promote himself and the world cup in russia

That doesn't change anything. I was referring to Russian bombing runs, not ISIS attacks.

The rebels are a bigger threat to Syria and Russian interests then ISIS. If anything, keeping ISIS alive but weak helps Putin, because he gets to point at them and say, look what happens when the West fails, look at this evil I am fighting for you. From his perspective the rebels would need to be crushed and swiftly and mercilessly as possible, because that kind of rebellious spirit can spread to other countries.

ISIS is an irrelevant footnote.

Yes, like Singapore's.
Then what?

How is it even possible being that blupilled?
>and this guy puts a nazi flag
wew lad
BTFO to reddit.

retard burger

Russia will always be the boogey-man. It misdirects attention away from Israeli war-crimes and land stealing. As long as the media is 98% controlled by Jews in the West, then we will always have a Russian boogeyman bad-guy.

I'd go so far as to make an argument that the whole "Cold-War" sensational 'THREAT!' every single night on the nightly news was blown out of proportion, because this was happening at the same time when Israel was stealing land and murdering Palestinian children. Smoke and mirrors.

I don't doubt they have serious merc protection and probably some insiders in the intelligence world, at more than one level.
I am surprised that American militias haven't seen fit to march on the Bilderberger meetings, since it's known where and when they happen. The most action the Bilderbergers have seen was a meh-tier conservative news channel out jewspotting.

t. kremshit

He's not the one hiding his flag though

putin is with (((them)))

Update your data.
'The Russian GDP advanced 0.5 percent year-on-year in the first quarter of 2017, following 0.3 percent growth in the previous period and above market expectations... The economy returned to growth after a two-year recession that was mainly caused by low oil prices and sanctions imposed on Russian individuals and businesses in response to the annexation of Crimea.'

I think crimea was worth it

Playing in the sand pit was fun and is a decent revenue stream but it really ties their hands on making one after another ghost to chase.
MUH RUSSIA, is a fucking sequel and its already programmed into the masses. Sand niggers had a mixed review but commies, thats American as fuck.
You ask any merican what they think bout commies and their views are much more inline than their view ofterrorists.
You gotta give the people a boogyman, and with Russia being a super power it lets the DoD fucks excuse to do anything proxy related and "non combat" warfare, much easier to write a report and not really have to show anything to get more of dat petro-dollar.

If so, he wears the pants in that relationship.

(((They))) want to fragment every powerful white Christian nation on Earth, while making Israel ethnically and religiously exclusive. They're evil bastard hypocrites, basically.

The chief enemy of ISIS is the Russo-Syrian alliance. You said no. I corrected you and said that most of ISIS's battles were against the Russo-Syrians. This makes them the chief combatants against ISIS. You then chose to focus only on bombing runs against another puppet threat, the """moderate rebels""". This does not change the fact that the Russo-Syrian alliance has been the chief enemy of ISIS.

Fuckin logic cocksucker. I'm done with your ass.

Population growth in Russia is stagnant, he is absolutely in the right with what he is doing here

The Jewmericans hate Russia because it's the only thing standing between them and a Jew-dominated world.

There is really nothing more to it.

Ok so this midget idiot actually believes that people become homosexual due to propaganda?
I grow up in the age of no internet in a very conservative society, and I knew that something was not quite right with me since my pre-school years.
My relatives will often joke about my female friends, and If I like any of them. I was really confused because I did not find girls attractive.
Homosexuality is not a choice, it's from birth.
I can not remember a period in my life when I did not like boys but girls.

It's almost Yuri Bezmenov was right and Putin knows about the subversive methods due to his KGB past.

Them being puppets has no relevance on whether they are a threat or not.

>This makes them the chief combatants against ISIS.

You're confusing offensives and defensives. ISIS may have been engaging the Syrian-Russians, because obviously they want more Syrian land, but Russia is engaging on offensives with the rebels, not ISIS. ISIS is a gnat attacking Russia/Syria as Russia attacks the rebels. Is that simple enough for you to understand now? Let me add one more sentence in case that was too complicated.


Putin's own agenda compromises the US/Israel one, that's why they want him out. Both are fighting over the same territory, except Putin already has control of Iran and Syria so indeed the bankers are assmad.

America is living proof he is right, that propaganda has been shit all over my generation it's why my generation is so fucking worthless

And that's why we need propaganda of gay life style?

>Homosexuality is not a choice, it's from birth.
A recent scientific study proves you wrong, you choose to be a queer dick sucking faggot, the reality is I don't give a fuck what you do with your life so you can stop pretending you were retarded from birth

Homosexual propaganda got banned in Russia because a Soros NGO was mailing gay sex coloring books and buttplugs to eight year old Russian boys. That's what fucking did it. Blame your own kind and the kikes for being pedophiles.

What if instead of being a faggot you were really into the family pet always and forever, would you support fucking your dog?!?!

>there are people here upset he banned pic related from happening in his public libraries like it does in Canada

Did I say that we need gay propaganda?
I am just saying that waving the LGBT flag will not make anyone gay.
What Putin does is witch hunting and appealing to the masses.
He is very well aware that the gays are not a threat, but they are very useful tool to earn support among the uneducated/prejudiced people who never got a chance for an honest conversation with a gay person.
Idk how to explain this better to you - being gay is not a fucking choice. I would choose to get a fucking hard on from girls 1000 times over being gay if I could, so I can have a normal family and biological children with a person that I actually like sexually. But I fucking can't.

This really pisses me the fuck off, this is literal brainwashing from an early age, not only does this shit happen there but at the school too.
This is what eroding western society looks like

You re a fucking moron. Believe whatever you want.

>something was not quite right with me

So kill yourself faggot

The only moron here is you for eating up the propaganda, nobody actually gives a fuck if you're gay but I do care when you start targeting children to influence

From last month
ATM almost all Russian bombing is against ISIS because of the safe zones they agreed to.

You can't influence a person to become gay. Believing in this shit just shows the level of your intelligence.

Ya that's why parents are taking their kids to reading sessions with trannys and cross dressers, because they don't want them to be influenced

>witch hunting
That very webm proves you wrong. He clearly isn't hunting anyone.
Also nice job with the classic "you're oppressing me cuz I'm gay! Now let me do triple anal with you and your kids or else you're a homophobe!" shtick. Classic victim narrative to push your agenda.

poorfag sauce

What the fuck does your allegory experience have to do with the legalities of subjecting Russian kids to homosexuality via media?
Honestly, its not about whether kids grow up gay or not, its about not having a dude in assless chaps with dildos glued to his fucking forehead suck dicks on a float in downtown while your kids take a gander.
You faggots pushed the goddamn envelope, kids don't need to see the shit so why argue that it's your right to express it infront of them? I don't let my kids see straight people act degenerate either.

Syria/Russia are only concentrating on ISIS lately. You can't really fight against ISIS as long as you have moderate beheaders behind your frontlines ready to attack you while your forces are occupied.

Yeah, but that's not a specific attack against ISIS. Palmyra is the largest city ISIS holds in western Syria. Meanwhile Putin is barely touching the HQ or core of ISIS in eastern Syria.

If I was Putin I would be attacking whoever was holding Palmyra who wasn't Assad, it's a base that can be used to harass your supply lines. Which of your enemies holds it is irrelevant, the fact that an enemy holds it at all is the important bit.

I am not oppressed, because I don't live in Russia, thankfully.
And yes it absolutely is a witch hunting, because the whole legislation of homosexual propaganda implies that you can influence someone to become gay, which you can't.
If there was a way to influence someone in changing their sexual orientation, can you please influence me to become straight?
I will pay you for the service. I am that curious.

>Idk how to explain this better to you
>You had never recieved proposal for dinner from good-looking gayguy, walking through usual lgb-hangout with your bisexual gf
You propagandist crybabies and your rights for flags... So artificial...
All you do, is making the life miserable for all, including those you are "protecting"


You don't actually want to be straight faggot, you've had some much rejection from females through your life that you use being gay as a defense mechanism to prevent you from getting more emotional damage.
You've made the choice and no matter what anyone here says you won't change, you're not gay because you like men you're gay because you've had tons of rejection through your life.
Being gay from birth is a jewish trick

>still no jidf flag

>humans aren't easily influenced when they're young
please die

There is a huge correlation betweem homosexuality and abuse suffered under childhood and pederasts are overrepresented proportionally amongst gay men. The gay movement in the 60s has campaigned for pedophile rights as well. Not to mention their excessive promiscuity, drug use, STD rates, low life expectancy etc. And no matter how much society compromises, they will want more and more validation for their degeneracy, because deep down they know their ways are an abomination against nature. Now that the US caved in for gay marriage, tranny rights are the next and pedophilia is already being normalized in your leftist mouthpieces.

You can't be far from truth.
But Im tired of arguing with you, because it is pointless.
You believe something and not a single fact will change your mind. It is called prejudice.

>you can't influence children
>transgenderism is skyrocketing as it's viewed as hip

When the fuck is the full interview coming out.

Seeing the ABSOLUTE MADMAN interview Putin will be gold.


Why is he SO FUCKING MAD at the CIA anyway? Did they turn him down for a job?

Pretty much this, arguments have already indeed been made in favor of pedo rights which is absolutely disgusting, but hey we're degenerate as fuck in America and we clearly don't give a shit what effect it is having on the youth. Some fucking 5 year old that think he's a girl didn't get that way from birth, his fucking lesbian parents set his environment up to influence that feeling and then when he expressed it they reinforced it with brainwashing.
Literally just described the last 6 years in America

The government has no land access to Raqqa and the Western backed SDF is already besieging it and ISIS is slipping away towards areas closer to the government, what a coincidence. Also the US did everything to prevent the pro-Assad forces to reach the Iraqi border and link up with Shia militias from there. I wonder why. It's like the US is more interested in keeping the enemies of Israel/KSA occupied than removing ISIS and having a stable and secular Syria again.

So what you're saying is I should be a psychologist because I hit the fucking nail on the head without even knowing you. Were you abused as a child? Because that's a big one leading to being gay

Gay life style propaganda obviously works, because otherwise kikes wouldn't be pushing it. More gays = less children = more AIDS = more molested chidlren who later become gays themselves = depopulation. That's the paln.

>GDP in terms of USD.
Nigga are you retarded?
Considering Russia's trade with the US is 50~70 Billion dollars per year, your chart means shit.

Pretty much, it's being pushed heavily by hollywood which is completely run by jews, jews ticks lead to less white babies

Kill yourself faggot. We don't need you. Go fuck yourself in 4 walls and that's it.

Homosexuality is natural. It occurs in nature. Just like cancer. Just like rape. Just like racism.

Keep your sexuality for yourself and I will keep it for myself.

You having homosexuality gene means you were never to reproduce. Your biological imperative is to spread your DNA. And if you don't want to, fine. Your next biological imperative would be to contribute to society. And what I mean by that is, do something useful and don't parade your buttfucking memes in our faces.

>Were you abused as a child?
No, I was not. I had the most normal childhood.
Gay people come from every background.
You would know this if gay people were comfortable revealing their sexuality to people like you.

Propaganda glorified hard work and loyalty as I was growing up and shockingly when I came of age it was absent from the job landscape. Millennials are "worthless" because we were given instructions for a game that no longer exists unless you want to start your own business.

Please tell me you're trolling

No millennials are worthless because they are self centered shits, they don't want to work a day in their life they want everything handed to them.
I used to be like that till I got a shitty job and started to be able to afford things I wanted.
You are right though about being fucked over. The boomers have pushed all the problems onto us

>gay people hide their sexuality now

holy fuck this isnt the 40's where being gay was hated. Every single faggot in the world just like you did in your very very very firt post cant wait to inform you that they are faggots.

You are worse than people that come from New York and then within five minutes of the conversation inform you that they are from New York.

>appeal to nature
Ok, tell all the sterile people out there to go kill themselves, I guess.

Russia have a gdp smaller than fucking italy.

The joo only want to see whites killing each off. Again.

There are identical twins one being gay and other hetero. There are definitely some environmental factors/trauma possibly in very early childhood causing this.

If being gay was so natural then why aren't you extinct.

Says the American. It's easy to say this when you live in a country where homosexual people are not considered mentally sick and contagious.

i don't think anyone is pushing war with Russia but there are certain things about the current president giving Rosneft the state dept and the FBI and everything else that is very dangerous.

Rosneft (Russian Oil) never joined OPEC, always resisted the idea. Russia has more oil than the rest of the world combined, but OPEC controls most of the world's oil trade.

The value of the U.S. Dollar is also largely made up of the international demand that OPEC creates for USD.

Giving Rosneft influence within our government hurts our economy, and the value of the dollar itself, possibly permanently.

So it is one thing when every other politician is semi-corrupt and has these little handouts they give to whoever, but handouts to Rosneft hurt us very badly.

We have literally gotten involved in decades-long military quagmires to protect our standing in OPEC, it launched the first gulf war very directly, and now all that is being given away, for nothing.

I'll tell them just as I will tell you. You can live in our society, contribute to it, stop putting dildos on your head and stop confusing my child about his or her sexuality.

I don't want my pubertal son to be confused and get buttfucked at age of 15 cause MAYBE HE IS GAY because he was lecture 20 hours a week about faggot rights.

Also you quoted one of my sentences. I used appeal to nature and shown you other cases of nature. Because you push it as ok because it's genetic ( and thus natural ).

Sterile people don't have sterile people pride events and don't tell children in their schools to consider castration. If anything SOCIETY IS TRYING TO FIX STERILITY EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE BORN WITH IT.

Show your flag then flaggot.

the 'sexual spectrum' didn't even exist until tumblr showed up and started mainstreaming degeneracy. Now these arm chair faggots sit on tumblr and shit out their influence on the younger generation who are none the wiser to what things were like before.

Why do you think homosexuality is inheritable?

There. Happy?

(((they))) control both sides

If it is not inheritable then it is a learned behavior.

environmentally hereditary

monkey see monkey do