So apparently Athena is a natural blonde

How do you feel about that, Greeks?

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I thought it was purple


Common knowledge man. turkish rape babies aren't the same as ancient greeks. same for modern Southern italians. they are arab rape babies.

>There are chinks in AoM now.
What the fuck m80


It is.

Great source. Great game though.

Ancient Greeks were known to have Blonde hair and blue eyes. That's why they invented the word Iris.

Apollo was blond to, wasn't he?

Holy shit dude a made up figure was blond? Everyone knows mythological figures represent the average look of that country's people. Greeks btfo!!!

Let's find out!


Dorian invasions.

Your greek gods came from central yurop, killing and raping. And later building one of the greatest civilizations ever existed.

Greeks = master race. Nordics = let Mohammed fuck my wife and mud huts.

Refute this.
>Protip: You can't.


Greek master race checking in

Lighter hair and eyes are not even that rare among many greeks, the Turks just polluted their genepool a lot during the ottoman reign.


I'm a natural blonde as well :^)

Point out that Nordics let their wives get fucked by Mohammed - AT WILL.


>Doesn't show a picture in at least 4000x4000

t. jan-jaap- klaas willem van der mollema

And your point is?


get back to your own country filthy immigrant. you country is shit, you are shit and you are nothing but larping about 2500 years ago people related to you, not yourself achieved things.

pathetic turk or arab rape baby, get back to where you belong.

>that source
I was also born blonde as fuck but then my hair turned dark, what is the point here?

They both look very northern European but which one would you say looks more typically Scandinavian, Athena or Hercules? I would probably go with Hercules, he looks like my Swedish uncle.

What the fuck does that have to do with anything, she's obviously an adult!

>pathetic turk/arab rape baby
Big words from a Congolese desu

I'm Greek, sister is blonde, blue eyes.

I'm brown hair, green eyes.

We're both naturally pale as fuck.

Then again our grandparents (both sides) parents are from northern Greece, so we could just be Slav's.

They were of the same stock of people that raped through Scandinavia and Germany.

Aryans. Nothing in common with West Europeans though. Mostly Balts, Slavs, Nordics and Northern Germans.

Alexander The Great had Rosy-blonde hair and at least one blue eye.

Ancient Greeks weren't the same as most modern Greeks.

just admit it; you are an immigrant aren't? why did you immigrate?

pathetic scum.

I don't care, are there real blonde Greeks or not?

All Gods are blonde in Greek mythology.

>Ancient Greeks weren't the same as most modern Greeks.


You snowniggers just have an inferiority complex that your culture and civilization was invented by swarthy Greeks.

>Ancient Greeks were known to have Blonde hair and blue eyes.

ive met naturally blonde greeks before. one lived down the street from me. i met another at work and there was a whole family of them running a cafe i went to. the two i spoke to were from mainland, northern greece. strange that all the macedonians ive met have been dark haired though. probably turks.

this. i always imagined Athena as having thick brown or raven dark hair

but i guess that would make her an anglish rose

Greeks were Black!

Greek sources described her a brown haired with one blue eye and one gray eye

Yes, but prob rare.

In Australia, with the Greeks that are here. I'd say maybe 2/10 are like me and my sister/parents/grandparents. The other 8/10 Greeks here just look like Arabs.

>mfw most Australians shit talk Greeks not knowing I'm Greek
>mfw most Greeks don't know I'm Greek

It's really weird when I come into contact with a Greek that doesn't look Arab because we're both sort of surprised that we finally see someone whose Greek and not looking like a shit-skin.

The majority of macedonias are from anatolia since they came as refuges in 1922.

Are You Not Entertained?

>Snow niggers being jealous of greater civilisations

lmao no one even said that you swarthy rape baby.

it is just a fact that the ancient greeks and romans were different from today's brown-skinned, black-haired, brown-eyed big nosed greeks and italians.

this because they mixed with turks, arabs.

you honestly believe that in those 2500 years nothing happened or what? lmao at you fucking niggers.

the renaissance happened in north italy for a reason, not in mongrelized south italy.

Much of Greek science and philosophy was originally borrowed from the middle eastern civilizations generally coming from the Fertile Crescent, who most definitely were not white/Europeans.

Nice shitpost, though.

Modern Greece is in fact a multi-ethnic state comprised of Greek-speaking/Christian populations of the former Ottoman empire.

This doesn't mean that Ancient Greeks had anything to do with modern-day Germans/Scandinavians.

Pathetic LARP desu. Ancient Greeks were indeed whiter/fairer than modern Greeks, but also far superior to Germanics.

Well that is because most greeks in australia are pontians.

And Alexander was blonde, fair skinned and blue eyed. Modern Greeks are Turkish rape babies and are nothing like ancient Greeks.

But Aryans were gods

Stop Larping white boy, the Greeks were Black Africans who conquered Greece and took white slaves as they bitches.

sad. props to your ancestors though for not getting raped or mixed with turks.

correct. both swarthy "greeks" and scandi nordics "we wuz greekz" are larping


No, they were Indo-Europeans that were worshipped by Greeks as gods.

From the site: I've been living in Belgium for six years and I can definitely tell you that this is the worst country in all of Europe. Every vacation we try to escape the horrible country we call home. The only reason I live here is because of my fathers job. When I turn 18 I will leave and never come back.

Not even worth typing anything for Belgium definitely the worst

Hate it and will escape it as soon as it will be possible

Never seen so many drunk hobos in any European country in my life.

What a crappy place, bad food, bad weather, and seriously ugly people.

How does it feel to be literal shit?
Also: I have been to Brussels once and it seriously stank of piss. At least look after your capital

>let's just keep repeating the same thing with no proofs whatsoever

sorry snownigger, go fuck a boar in the forest

>ancient greeks were blonde with blue eyes reeeee fuck off turk rape babies
How are you stormfags this fucking retarded ? I'm completely serious. Why do you never read books or genetic researches and just parrot the shit you read in your hugboxes ?

Fine, I'll bite. Two things need to be said here. First Ancient Greeks had tribes, the two most popular were the Ionians and Dorians. Back in the day you could tell them apart. The Ionians had light skin and could have fair amber blonde hair colour. Not the blonde hair the nordcucks have obviously due to the sun. The Dorians were more tanned short and hairy. Now before you say ''where are the Ionians you stupid gyros?'' I will say that as the name suggest the Ionians mostly lived in islands Attica and of course Asia Minor(Ionia). Almost every single light skinned Turk you see has Ionian blood. When the turks invaded Anatolia they were around 100k(varies accordies to sources) and the Byzantine Empire had around 5mil people. You can already guess where I am going with this. The whole Turkish rape babies is just a meme and after a century or two it was Muslim Greeks fighting Orthodox Greeks. I can even give you another factor to see where I am going with this. Before the Turkish republic the word Turk was an insult none wanted to identify as one. Every muslim in Anatolia prefered the word Ottoman meaning a muslim belonging to the Ottoman dynasty. The word Turk remerged after the young turks movement. If anyone of you actually bothered to leave their pcs and travel you could see that the Turkish people near Europe and the Turkish people living east have no similarities at all. ( Not so fun fact almost all Turkish immigrants come from the east.) Final thing I need to say is that according to our history books here at least the ones we have now before the leftists change them again it was stated that during the Ottoman times there were classes according to faith. The classes didn't interact much if any at all. The historians here mention few cases were a Greek woman slept with an Ottoman and was stoned or murdered in an other way. You can see that those Greeks were fighting for racial purity even before the race was a thing in Europe.

No one said Greeks were white.
Their elite/gods were. And they weren't germanic but Indo-European.

You might be a literal mongoloid.

Also Gods such as Helios/Apollo were depicted with yellow hair since they are solar deities.

I just want to bait you into showing me a blonde Greek mate! High resolution thanks!

Yeah, lots of people are retarded.

P.S. Are you the Albanian immigrant or just a random Belgian?

Greece was invaded by indo european tribes this is common knowledge m8.

doesn't mean I pretend to be related at all to them or claim any achievement of them as my own. that would be pathetic.

almost as pathetic as a swarthy turk rape-baby claiming they are related to ancient greeks.

Greeks are 80% olive skinned

no I am a random belgian. I live next to an albo family though. fucking scum

>hurr durr turk rape babies
There is it again, the stormfag just keeps spouting retarded shit without knowledge of Greece's history or genetic makeup.

Isn't this a case of

>if I can't have it no one can


Objectively speaking, modern Greeks are more related to Ancient Greeks than anyone else.

Like what stake do you even have in this?

You pathethic Germcux have so shitty history, you have to take all great inventions of other cultures as your own.

Are you really that stupid to consider whole south ( half of Europe ) as shitskin and rapebabies when the Aryan migration started from middle east.
Are you aware there are still antrhopological records of Aryans in Iran who are not shitskins.

Are you aware that Germanics are the ones who lived in mudhuts and throw stones while SPQR prospered and they later entered and fucked it up.
Are you aware that your tribes were bunch of shitskins, and if SPQR prevailed you would be still regarded as such. Yet none of the southerners hate you even if you never built empire like SPQR but basically stole it. Just like you want to steal identity now.
It just shows that Greeks and SPQR were true White Masterace, they mixed with best white genes. They can adapt to scorching sun and get tanned a bit, they can adapt to freezing cold and be pale. You Germanics can't survive on a sun more than 20 minutes without getting a cancer and ending up in ER from vodka poisoning.

Here's the Greek elites, you fucking fool.

Pigskins wouldn't last in the Greek sun, basic facts you imbeciles fail to understand.

>Ares has white hair and a faggy beard

Ionians = Yauna = Yamna = Yona

There's no clear distinction between tribes. To me they're all Dorians.

By elites I meant gods, you dumb monkey.
Greek gods had the same origin as: Baltic, Nordic, Germanic, Slavic gods.

>saint seiya

Mah nigga.

Loved that show when I was a kid.

I have been to Egypt and have no problem with the sun what-so-ever


>post athena

>goddess of wisdom and cunning


>y-yea b-but helios was a solar deity so checkmate

do you even try?

pic related.

btw, it always strikes me that a Southern european, who in general have a darker complex, who has light features looks always far more beautiful than an ordinary northern european and vice versa

Oh god, nice reading comprehension.
Greek Gods aka bringers of Greek language were Indo-European.

What are members of V4 supposed to play in AoM? I usually play Gaia or Hades, Chinks, Kangz and Swedes neet not to apply.

Indo-European isn't a race. Not all speakers of the Indo-European language group were of the same ethnic group. Quite the opposite.

Best greeks were athenians
Athenians were browner than the Thebans, who were described as fair-haired. They were also notorious fags, unlike glorious civilization-bringer athenians, who defeated the persian empire at his height almost single-handedly. Sadly, all that people remember is the thermopylae meme battle, while Plataea, where the athenian phalanxes crushed an overwhelmingly superior enemy in open-battle doesn't ring a bell in the philo-nordicist retarded mind
tl;dr: some greek tribes were fairer, but the alpha greek was always med

Because southern women and men have nice facial features, just darker in general, but many turn into light haired after sun exposure with tanned skin.

You have beauties don't get me wrong. But often your women look a bit inbred or as pale piglets with too soft features. Can't say we have also lots of women which look gypsy babushkas but meh.

Isn't that dyed? Roots are dark

Except they were and they split into two branches. R1a and R1b.
R1a had the most blonde hair and bright eyes.
R1b were a bit darker and more swarthy, but carried red hair gene.


you are learning some insults from your more melanin-rich brotha's I see.

what are you doing in Germany?

>you have to take all great inventions of other cultures as your own

where have I ever claimed the ancient greeks as my own, or their achievements as my own?

>You Germanics can't survive on a sun more than 20 minutes

Guess I really struck a nerve. calm down m8.


That's just like your opinion man.

I dunno, i'm a southerner and while I have black hair my sister has blonde hair who have the same color scheme of the girl in your pic
Blonde hair in southern regions are (usually) always like that

>this thread

>eternal anti Greek thread #2542368425852652227123684238426742

Can't you leave then alone you pathetic wewuzers and schools?


>get defeated by spartans

>get destroyed by thebans

>get destroyed by macedonians

plataea weren't just athenians either m8.

props to their navy though.

>It just shows that Greeks and SPQR were true White Masterace,

just look at modern greece and italy and its proof this is not the case.


Nice try autocorrect

pic related.

but on the other hand, northern europeans with darker complexions are also usually more handsome. f.e. mats hummels

maybe it is just because they are rare.

It really suprises me how the lgbt community of the west managed to pass the narative that Athenias were ok with homosexuality. Let's take it from the start. According to the Athenian law public homosexuality was punishable by death. The only ''gay'' thing they did were you can actually support the statement was the fact that during the body training in young age the coach showed to the young Athenian how sex happens BUT it he wa showing the whole act using the students legs. No penetration at all. I was part of the sexual education, if he did it twice his head was in grave danger. Another funny fact is that the word we Greeks use for the gay comes from the ancient Athens. That word is Πούστης. If you take the word an analyze it, it originaly was a quest meaning where you stand/sit? Talking of course about the theatre. Implying that the known homos were segregated in public life. But yea... ''Muh gay bringers of white civilazation''

have to agree with this.

No group of people in history has managed to stay on top for more than a few hundred years. It really doesn't mean much. The Swedes were bloodthirsty conquerors once, did their DNA change?

>You will never cross the milky way in a trirreme to invade some space barbaroi.
It hurts.

>every society in the world is white when they achieve something and magically black when they don't
Nordicists are as bad as the niggers