Death of Sup Forums

>You no longer know which flags do the shitposting.

>commie flags

>or the country VPN that the shareblue shills are using


We shall know in time

Yo fuck you whitey racist ass cracker bitch

What the fug

is it weird that I like the board right now more than I did a few weeks ago? I actually like the flags. I'm sure they'll get old quick but I feel like the board got rejuvenated a bit.

Tis but a new beginning, matey.

>Death of Sup Forums
i remember this exact same thing being said when forced flags were introduced in the first place

Yup and this right here is we shouldn't have the flags. Reddit bullshit. I wonder if the admins are trying to drive all sane people/over 18 posters off of this board.

Kekistani flags do all the shit posting

Hello r*ddit!

Good thing you can siply filter them all out

Your butthurt will soon end, little fag. I know how hard change is for you neurotic basement dwellers.

nah pretty sure trump general brings a shitload more reddit bullshit than this flag change

>giving clapistanis and leafs a way to hide their shame

this kills the SERBIA hate threads
now i have no idea which poster is a albozerg and which poster is a crocuck

Either go back to country flags or do away with flags period. Any political discussion that does happen ends up being dominated by country flags anyway.

We will always know who's Canadian anyway.

Sup Forums is much better right now. National flags are a bit gay to be frank about it.

I feel like things have gone from telling people they are not white to actual political discussion

It's always Australia.

>implying some dumb flags will ruin this board


You're right. It's been ruined for awhile.

I dunno about that.
Flag specific threads and honeypots keep
popping up.

Kekistanis = 999 reddit and 9,999 anons trolling
Nazbols = 10 leftypol and 999 anons trolling
Commieflags = 2 commies and 100 anons trolling
AnComs = 5 ancoms and 100 anons trolling
Muslim = 5 muslims and 100 anons trolling

LGBT = 100 faggots and 500 user trolling
Black nationalist = 100 white people trolling
European = 10 Europeans and 90 nonEuropeans


That reddit tier post would be more accurate if he had this flag

Knock knock?

Ya forgot us pirates, matey. We be the true shitposters of the cyber sea now.

>you need to look at the flag to identify shitposters
Why? Do you have zero reading comprehension? GTFO nigger.

Proud to still hold and shitpost under my banner

/^Black Lives Matter$/
/^Tree Hugger$/
/^United Nations$/


This is literally what it boils down to. These retards are butthurt that they actually have to use their brain for once. They're the same people who would bump and reply to the same stale pasta and bait threads all the time.

Anti-flag? I'm anti-fag.



Butt pirates are so gay.

Sharia blue won.
It's over.

I'm out guys.
Maybe it's better out there.
Maybe it's for the best.

Meme war veteran signing off.
Sadly the last postive thing I will remember from Sup Forums was the EGS threads.


Butt some of you really are.

Oh please, Ideological bookmarks are great!
Besides when ever we see a fucking communist shitposting, it's obviously a leaf.


And they were wrong because flags turned out to be the best thing on Sup Forums since people became identifiable based on posting trends and their nation.

>puts on Nazi hat
The Jews are destroying the white race
>puts on BLM hat
White women love muh black dick
>put on ISIS hat
Islam is the real redpill

It's like a shill's wet dream.

Indeed, nobody loves Trump more than Reddit

ffs, IDs that change from thread to thread was good, flags were good, but most of the posts made under the fake flags are less likely to be taken seriously. Then it's easier for some to reject a shitpost without having really read it. There. An upside and a downside.

No more best flag threads :'(

This to some degree. It will be the norm to assume they're poos, swedes or a leaf and they'll be ignored more so than if they were using their own flag. It will take a long time though.

It's almost like we're on fucking Sup Forums which is a website about anonymity and you shouldn't believe anything you read anyway

Seriously, how NEW are all of you? Not trusting anyone unless you have a reason to is one of the skills you should have picked up early on.

No, you are an idiot, the lowering of anonymity is always bad.

>lowering of anonymity

>ledditors not being able to use ad hominem attacks because of your flag