He kinda does have a point

He kinda does have a point.

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What a fucking racist

what point?
The point that they need to sort their fucking selves out and get rid of these radical elements from their religion?

oh whats that..they're not doing that?

He doesn't have a fucking point. The muslims are not the real victims here for fuck's sake

theres no population center of 50 million stateside

I can imagine all the fireworks.

What would happen? I think I would be safe desu senpai

The point that this guy cares more about backlash in Muslims than the death of 50 millions Americans. Obvious sarcasm joe.

top kek, Norm bringing the bantz

possibly the most redpilled comedian

Only your Mom's bedroom

Based Norm gives 0 fucks

If it was detonated in the NYC metro area, the blast and radiation might kill maybe 30mil and thats pushing it.

Do you idiots realize that's satire, right?
It's fucking Norm.


God, I love Norm McDonald.
Before you get too upset, look up his work.

he wants to convert to judaism

Even 5,000 Americans dead means we should nuke the entire Middle East.

Poe's law

lol it's a joke you fucking child.

norm rocks.

oh I wish a mother fucker would.

Those sand niggers chose to ignore this isis problem,
they chose to ignore the al qaeda problem,
they chose to ignore the taliban problem,
they chose to ignore tho boko haram problem,
they chose to ignore literally EVERY problem that was their responsibility to take care of, until it blows out of control.

there are no peaceful muslins

For every fellow burger flipped, I'd have zero problems nuking all of the Middle East including Israel until theirs a dead ocean and not simply a sea

That's what they get for nurturing Islamism as a mean to fight communism.
What absolutely baffles me is that even after 9/11, THEY ARE STILL FUCKING DOING IT

Le new fag, kys cunt

Yeah, the same peaceful Muslims whose ancestors decided many centuries ago to go on a rampaging conquest all the way to Europe and end up in a military standoff with the Christians. The same ones who continue to drag their own people into a faith that promotes extremism to the highest degree, the same ones who demand that you have to let your guard down in order to live in harmony, only to be bombed again a week later when you do.

>nuclear explosion in the US
>ISIS did it
>go to twitter, I want to see footage
>literally all of my feed is #NotAllMuslims

No fuck him, I have lost all sympathy to the shitskin horde that has invaded Europe, attack after attack after Europe let them in. Fuck them all.


>nuclear device
>kill 50 million
>made by some shitty raghead terrorists
stopped reading

Yeah, them Americans boi wuz asking for it! Muslim is good reli they dindu nuffin

they don't need to make it themselves :^)

>one nuke
>capable of killing 50,000,000 Americans

Where are they gonna set it off? It would have to hit the equivalent of like 4 NYC at once... Or all of California...

impossible unless it was some unheard of new nuclear device made of antimatter or some shit

Any device with that size explosion would destroy the Earth


He's joking, Norm was making fun of the leftie apologism for muslims

he was best Colonel Sanders


kill yourself


I'm not able to comprehend these levels of irony.


You played yourself

>Norm Macdonald has been irrelevant for so long that people don't even know he's a comedian

Hearing his name just makes me miss when Saturday Night Live was good.

norm is 3 tiers of irony in at all times, but he can quickly transition to tier 4 or tier 5. just a magnificent creature.

what terrifies me is if germany were to kill 6 trillion jews , imagine the backlash against peaceful germans.

Might be good incentive for all the "peaceful" ones to reign in their degenerates and fanatics.

hasnt it been like 20 years since he was on SNL
getting old

But 9/11 WAS a national tragedy.

Caused by durka durkas

0 (zero) attacks have been committed by refugees though, they've all lived in their countries for decades or were born there.

he has a new comedy special on netflix and it was really fucking good

This. Either the Muds kill their own, or we kill them all.

Thats reassuring to know that of the 2 Muslims we let immigrate here in the past ALL of their offspring turned out to be terrorists. Really makes you wonder about the 300 million flooding into Europe and what will happen of the 5 kids each they'll all have.

If that happened I'd be in full support of genocide

Muslims are peaceful people, racist bigot.

Gas the Muzcucks

Actually, nevermind. I'm against religion. Fuck muslims.

Religion divides the workers. If ALL religion were banned, the world would be better.

pls be trolling

No they aren't. The real victims are the oppressed working class.

Imagine the backlash against Muslims? It's already happening. Can things possibly get even worse?

>the backlash against peaceful Muslims
Yeah, all 3 of them would be in a really shitty situation.

Yeah, they can be more open arms with the Muzcucks.

The only way for things to get better is to kill them off.

absolute madman





Well maybe "peaceful muslims" should be self-reporting radicals in their communities rather than do nothing and act like niggers when the FBI sweeps a mosque

Sorry man I actually have a job and dont pay attention to anything tv

>implying the jews let him on tv


How do you get to the point where you can spout shit like
>The worst thing about 50 million civilian casualties would be that the ideology responsible for it becomes less popular

Your a fucking liar one of the shooters in thevpqris massacre was a syrian refugee

they will mostly kill spics and niggers, nothing to lose

Haha love Norm. All these newfags missed the satire. The guy is a master.

Pretty easy to get there when you can't go five minutes without denying the holocaust.

The guy can say anything he wants and suffers no repercussions because the Jews destroyed his career a long time ago. He's fucking great.


calm down sweden


This is probably a joke you assholes. Do not fucking attack people for jokes. I think we need Twitter to be replaced with a platform that transmits sarcasm better.

What's his point? Is he saying we should backlash against liberals?

Ok we will don't worry Muslims

Most of those civvies are white, they deserve it obviously

Yes there are a couple of nukes between n. Virginia up to Boston would put 100 million in harms way

You have about another 100 million in the south and 100 million between the Midwest and western states

The remaining 20 million sprinkled throughout the states

No we don't you autistic fucking edgelord "nazi".

How can you unironically use that flag? Are you 12 years old? Go try and be edgy on reddit, faggot.

Is this a joke? It's Norm McDonald you fucking idiot. He's pointing out how fucking stupid the people are the spout the "Muslims are the real victims" narrative are.


If you dont know Norm McDonald you have to go back. The only way you havent experienced this guy in this country is if you just got here.

Where in the hell in the US could you detonate one nuke and kill 50 million people?

Trump is our president now.
Maybe in a alternate timeline.

Your mothers vagina

>kill 20% of US population
>liberals will still be notallmuslims
When will this ride end?

>It's an argument from absurdity, but suffers from the same problem that textual comedy always has, sarcasm doesn't translate well.

That makes it better. Norm has never translated well.

Jesus Christ, the amount of subhuman IQ normalfags here who can't get the obvious satire.
I hope Muslims nuke us. If the 6.8 billion dumbest people on this Earth were culled, humanity would be better off.

>NormNorm makes a hilarious joke
>pol doesn't get it

Norm was being sarcastic you doofus


>3% of whites owned slaves
>100 years later

>50 million
That's a big bomb

>what terrifies me is if I was walking through a dark murky swamp at midnight and a vampire jumped out and started flying straight towards me. Imagine if a little kid saw :(

Norm MacDonald is more redpilled than everyone on Sup Forums

I'm fairly certain Norm is being overly sarcastic here. He hates Muslims.

He's being ironic

Help me pol, they are getting to me. I'M GONA FUCKING LOSE IT!



40 Years ago Democrats tried to strangle the civil rights movement, cement segregation forever and assassinated Doctor King and other prominent activists.

Today: The Democratic party is the progressive party fighting for social justice from the oppressive racist Republicans! We are on the right side of history!

What terrifies me is if the SS were to gaz eleven million people and kill six million jews. Imagine the backlash against peaceful Nazis.