Migrants in Germany

Is it true that nigs and immigrants are more well behaved in Germany or are they just as bad?
It seems to me that in Germany they are better integrated, is it true Sup Forums?

Why the fuck are there niggers in germany

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The dudes at universities behave perfectly, the financial "refugees" are the dumb retards everybody expected them to be.

Of course they're more well behaved when in Germany they get welfare unlike America or Africa. They're kept in check by giving them money and resources willingly so they don't have to steal it.
Doesn't mean they're not gonna chimp out regardless. They are niggers after all.

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>e least of all somewhere like Germany where they have to be imported

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What country is this BLM from ?

My brother says they are more behaved over there than in the US or else. He insists it's not biology but how you treat them

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>What country is this BLM from ?
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How do I redpill him? He is doing his PhD there and lives in Postdam for 4 years. Obviosly he must know smth more than me

Germany is widely perceived as that one group of whites that would occasionally speak for them back in colonialism, so at least the smarter Africans typically try to show respect while the rest seem to have a disturbing fascination for grunt labor. As for the Muslims, they're a mixed bag. No grudges there that they have with us in particular though. Also gypsies now network on our behalf.

The only real problem is that there's so many fucking people with our government openly treasonous and unaccountable.

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Mama Merkel had got us covered.

So they aren't really that much violent compared to other places?
Why exactly?

It's a good starting point and they're actual government statistics

Why do people in higher education hold these views? Makes them seem a bit more credible

No, not anymore.
This was kind of true maybe 10 years ago when we had next to no black people and the few that lived here assimilated quickly.
Thanks to wave after wave of migrants and "refugees" in the last couple of years our big cities are now full of drug dealing niggers loitering around every 2nd street corner.

They are better integrated in Germany because Germany's standards have dropped significantly.

Could you elaborate a bit more on that?

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The first time I saw black people here was after Merkel let everyone in. You can't really call them immigrants sonce they're here since 2014 which makes it difficult to make a statement on how they "intergrated".

However, their behaviour isn't good. They don't speak German, literally dress like those degenerates in rap videos and, if they do something at all, do something criminal.

But there is a group of people of whom I can make a statement; muslims.

Little backround: They came in the 60's because we didn't had enough people who work and because our politician's don't have any credibility or morality.

The average muslim from Turkey or amy other shithole didn't integrate at all. They have more loyality towards muslims in other countries than the Germans here, and I'm talking about the kids of the original immigrants. They don't speak real German, like the black people in the Us, have a below average iq and are pretty criminal in comparison to the native population here. They wear hijabs and don't eat pig flesh.

It is not uncommon to get called a "scheiƟ Deutscher" (fucking German) by them.

But when they "integrate" it is in the form of drinking beer, smoking weed and having premartial sex.

That is the truth about the more "well behaved immigrants" in Germany.

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We don't have mexicans in Germany tho. Like literally 0

>in the last couple of years our big cities are now full of drug dealing niggers loitering around every 2nd street corner.

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Ask your brother how dogs act basically the same in completely different cultures if it isn't in their biology.

A border collie in Scotland will be quite similar to a border collie in China despite getting different treatment in both countries.

>Little backround: They came in the 60's because we didn't had enough people who work
Wrong, they came because the US wanted missile bases in Turkroach land


The proportion of blacks is a lot lower in Germany than it is in the US, which leads to them being more diluted and forced to be civilized.

Just reach a critical mass of niggers or sandniggers and things go awry. My conclusion is that they're alright when they're in a small minority to keep their low IQ and impulsivity in check.

Because German culture is attractive.

I would send more immigrants there if they are doing so good.

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Jesus Christ Germany wtf?

Niggers in Greece are quite well behaved. Mostly because our niggers are from mostly civilized backgrounds, not chicago apes.

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>Niggers in Greece are quite well behaved.

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First, I would like to apologise for the behaviour of our gypsies.
Second, we really like your shekels.

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I can't really tell. The guarantee of welfare is a big one, apparently - even if they get jailed here, the benefits we have to pay them because muh human rights still shake down to more in one month than their families make in a lifetime. And the tragedy is that most of them don't really understand what "overpopulation" is, so we look like these selfless saviors you and I know we can't actually be. Then there's the fact that most of them -do- receive actual treatment for their fucked-up health things here where they otherwise couldn't (I don't know if you ever caught a redpill on what foreign aid does, but it isn't exactly helping to say the least); for many of them it's the first time anyone seems to give a shit. Meanwhile our Muslims still appreciate us for those many murdered Jews and ironically act as a sort of lynchpin; the Turks show you can survive next to Whitey, the Arabs control crime to such an extent that even the inofficial parts of society get "policed" and the general mood is slightly less chaotic as a result. That kind of thing. Little things and ancient favors which cushion the impact here and there.

Then there's the fact that we always have many exchange students and integrated people, which now most often take it upon themselves to help out (and if only so as to not blow their own comfy arrangements), and the beneficial effects of having a culture world-famous for its successes (they see immediate benefits from not acting up and listening instead).

It all sounds both worse and better than it is, but I hope I could give you the gist of it.

If you can't get irony then you have to go back

Is there a similar barplot for actually convicted people? Suspects isn't good enough, I'm afraid.

But will the same society be held when they reach majority though?

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Sociological analysis. I blame inferiority complex for some of the reason.

Assume the following:
> People are naturally hierarchical
> People are naturally motivated to climb the hierarchy to keep the prettiest and most powerful for him-/herself
> Big differences in hierarchy placement can result in violent behavior. Especially in males and some people with temperament.

This is the inferiority complex. If you are inferior, and you have no way of climbing the hierarchy, you become desperate. You might join a gang, join ISIS, or find another retarded platform, where you can feel a little superior.

Sand niggers and niggers are underachievers in a modern society because of lacking intellect. They are also not as pretty. Further, they react outwards - that is, taking their frustration out on other people.

Japanese men react inwards. Which explains the suicide rate.

The German gene pool is so polluted, that the gap between the top and bottom of the hierarchy is rather limited.
Further, Germans are not allowed to think about hierarchy and nature after WW-II.

Inferiority complex. Sorry for the long post

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So what you're saying is both the nigs and germans have an inferiority complex?


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The blacks and browns in Germany are being paid enough welfare to keep them entertained with Vidya, movies, trips to the pool, shopping, etc... Basically what we do with the nigs here (to a much lesser extent) so that they don't riot when the food stamps/EBT card runs dry. It's paying/bribing them not to turn the USA/Germany into new-Africa.

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If these migrants don't get deported I'm sorry to say that racemixing is going to be a thing.Just look at the statistics of turks who are MARYING with white german women.***KEKED***

By some miracle we could actually create a strong european identity that's not necesseraly linked with race.Look at french black people.(not the migrants).

I know it's very hard for a lot of people here to understand that IQ has almost nothing to do with value of character and how civilised someone acts but it's nontheless true.
The reason these migrants are continuing to act like niggers and mudlismes is because of their culture.And the reason they uphold their backwards culture is because it makes total sense for them to do so.Being integrated in society means having a job-a meaningful job at that.But even native europeans have an increasingly difficult time in finding worthwhile work.This simply leads to total alienation and abhorent behaviour in society.People are becoming welfare slaves.White men jerk off non-stop /drink themselves to death/browse Sup Forums all day /get into degenerate fetishes while blacks/middle-easterns go on raping the native population and their own people and families and other despicable acts.

You can call me a retarded commie all you want but if you fail to see where the source of all of these problems lies you'll never be able to come up with a viable alternative for a future thriving society and culture.
One's culture is determined by their enviroment and in the modern world one's enviroment becomes the economy:the means by which they need to survive.Being a racist ''muh future for white children'' is just as backwards as some SJW cuck who believes that open borders will solve everything.

We're obviosuly heading for an alternate
cyberpunk 1930s where we are being increasingly becoming more manipulated by forces beyond our reach.

Most likely not. It's already collapsing. Now Ethiopia's foreign aid cuts off next year and I have half a feeling that I know where they'll all go. The entire thing is enough to make one despair, and there's practically no way out.

Firstly, we barely have any niggers. Secondly, you can't "integrate" non-European subhumans into racially foreign gene pool. Thirdly, we have a de facto apartheid where even the rapefugees welcome Germans live and revolve around other Germans. Fourthly, have the ethnic database and can clean up the whole country with one legislative or executive action. But in order to do so, US mongrel military must leave our nation (and Europe) for good

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>anecdotal evidence
No the statistics say they are basically the same everywhere.

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How does it feel to get BTFO by biology on a daily basis? A multiracial society is just some bizarre perversion dreamt up in the minds of marxists with sad childhoods and rootless jews, biological organism following their biological perogative when inserted into it is not strange or surprising. You guys act like Brazil, USA, Russian Federation and South Africa don't exist. Population groups compete for resources; bringing a bunch of different subspecies of primate into one administrative region and saying "okay, you're a country now" doesn't change that.

P.S. "French" niggers and arabs are not seen as French by the vast majority of the natives, stupid amerishit. Most people know it's all bullshit and hate it

>No the statistics say they are basically the same everywhere.
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And we all know since some time it isn't allowed for the police to give out reports about stuff like that without consent from the very top.

I doubt the US is at fault here

Burger in germany:
>wife and I in the park, see a pair of swans with 6 babies
>begin feeding them small bits of bread one piece at a time
>muslim and his huge sow of a wife plus their 4 kids come up yelling loudly in arabic
>the fat one is lugging a huge black trashbag
>they begin pulling entire loaves of stale bread outta the bag, begin hurling them at the swans as hard as they can
>like no shit, one of the babies got pasted by a moldy bagette
>begin just tossing rotten food into the lake
>old german couple runs up, very VERY politeley states that theyre hurting the birds and also trashing the lake, which is for everyone (soggy moldy chunks of kitchen trash and food waste are floating all over, the pond looks like a fuckin soupy mess now)
>no fuckin shit, top of his lungs tyrade at this old couple
>kids run over to trash can, begin chucking assorted bits of trash at the two old germans
>I intervene, was a marine, I can speak derkah derkah in addition to german
>lie and tell muslim and his fat cow of a wive that I called the police
>they tell me to go fuck myself, but retreat, his wife kicks the trash can into the lake as she retreats
>now battered and thouroughly aggravated swan family is paddling dejectedly in what is now a literal trash soup of garbage and rotten food
>old couple calls the polizei after I explain that I just lied to prevent a fight
>polizei tell us they cant do anything (despite the muslim family sitting on a bench 200 yards away giving us the dirty eye)
>its because they werent there to see it
>are you fucking kidding me? Theres 4 OF US HERE who saw it!
>"if you keep talking to me like that were going to give you a ticket"

Europe in a nutshell essentially.

There are still more white babies being put, moreover if you haven't noticed we are more than you, so if you interbreed you go extinct.

Hope this Irony, since I assume you have read the post i replyed to.

I think dr layman is working on one right now with the new german crime statistics.
soak it in though because Germany will probably do what Sweden did once Muslims start making up most of the crime data.

Stop recording the nationality of the perpetrator.

Every degenerate movement or organisation - has US Department endorsement or openly chaired by it. US attacked Yugoslavia over racial issues. So yeah, you are a nation of cucks led by jews that fights Whites. Besides, half of your soldiers are non-white subhumans

You know that if there is finally a civil war you're all going to be killed right? Keep pushing.

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The German police are especially notorious for concealing migrant criminality.

>if you haven't noticed we are more than you, so if you interbreed you go extinct.

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guess what happens when those 2 million syrians have 10 useless kids a piece?

you need to fix the problem before it becomes an epidemic.

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