Why do normies refuse to acknowledge the fact that sandniggers are the problem,not Islam...

Why do normies refuse to acknowledge the fact that sandniggers are the problem,not Islam. I've been living among tatar muslims for a long time and there have been no issues so far

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Because they have had the racism is bad meme pounded into their brains since birth and can't see the difference between hate and realism

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Partly true. Race is the biggest issue.

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Even some sandniggers can act civilized when they are in small numbers and have to work to make a living and interact with society. We've had no problems with Turks/Arabs living here as legal immigrants.

Also normies forgot that the Middle-East was full of secular, nationalist Arab dictators who tried to destroy Israel multiple times before they got replaced by Islamists/anarchy thanks to Saudi Arabia, Israel and the West.

But islam was made by a sandnigger.

Because that is only partially true.
Look at non arab muslims like albanians, Chechnyan's etc.
They are not sandniggers, but they are just as bad as them.
Sure, most of them are mud people. But what islam does, is to act as a multiplier. So while arabs would be savages even without islam, islam makes them even worse.

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Aqua is a slut who don't wear panties. Also, Islam IS the problem. Have you read what their holy texts commands them to do?

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It's easier to blame a religion than a race.

Islam is the problem.

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Christianity also has many fucked up things in the old testament. The common people don't follow these things and use common sense.

Lived in oman for a while, ibadis are pretty based, though I wouldnt doubt it would just take the wrong guy in power to fuck everything up.

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>Have you read what their holy texts commands them to do?
Who the fuck cares

I don't want any shitskins in my country, doesn't matter if they are muslim, christian or atheist.