Who enforces the NAP?

Who enforces the NAP?

The Caliph

The corporation that the citizens pay to enforce laws

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Not buying Skyrim Special Edition is a violation of the NAP

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The government

I already answered that.

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The mobsters

What if NAP is a spook?

This is why libertarianism as at least an sense, where ancap is just good for memes.

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ancom is just as much of a meme ideology



Supposedly we would all.

But we would break any NAP for the greater good.

>The weak should fear the strong

Everyone. If someone attacks someone else, in order for all people to be safe it is in their interest to respond to the aggression.

You enforce it yourself

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Kek. So true. Corporation gets paid by people for security, then becoming a large and potentially authoritarian force that can extort money from its "customers" with very little for them to do to resist, because its employees have effectively been promised heightened positions of power in exchange for service.

I don't get why anarchists don't think people wouldn't just create a new state, in the absence of the old one. It's inevitable.

So in this hypothetical world you have to pay to use private roads, private ambulances, etc, but the one thing everyone does for free is enforce the NAP? Color me skeptical.

The people themselves do, not some corporation.

When everyone is armed and prepared to kill, there is barely any aggression.

The people. Contrary to what you'll often hear, it's actually one of the most intuitive and realistic principles of libertarianism.

Obviously the invisible hand of the free market will guide and protect us all.
Also this, it's totally OK if the lolis consent.

So if I sneak into your house and murder you, you're saying "the people" will play the role of detective for free? In essence, you're saying the police service is free, but roads, etc., are not.


No. Just because the roads are "private" doesn't necessarilly mean you have to pay for them (hint: you can't condut trade without roads).
And just because the ambulances are private it doesn't mean you have to pay for it (unless you call it specifically and all that. Medical services can act in the same way as security does)
As for the NAP. I'm not doing it for charity. Everyone is getting involved because it is to everyone's best interest.

Also get out of your head the idea that libertarianism and an-cap rellies exclusively on financial transaction.
In fact you should consider that money is NOT everything.

The neighbors, fearing for their own homes, will hire a private detective, find you and kill you.

That meme is retarded. The "invisible hand of the market" is the cumulative demand of people for goods and services.

Yeah, if some criminal just killed my neighbour I'd probably want the guy hanged.

Saying you can use barter in place of paying is just a red-herring. You haven't even addressed the central point which is that you're essentially saying that the police force is socialized when nothing else is. You could just as easily argue that providing other services for free is also in the group's best interest. In fact, that ideology is called national socialism. Not to mention you're being utterly naive if you think people will collectively understand that enforcing the NAP for free is in their "best interests."

But I'll humor you anyway. There will always be criminals, so the group will have to specialize in detectives to constantly find these criminals. But then that group will demand payment for their services. And eventually people will realize that the only way that can happen is through taxes, and, oops, you have a government again.

So as long as I have a group of men stronger than the private detective, I can murder and pillage without fearing rebuke. Oh but then the entire neighbourhood will band against my group. But then I get a bigger group, and they get a bigger group. And then we clash, and the leader is power hungry because he was a raping, murderer in the first place, so he installs a dictatorship and, oops, you have a government again.

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What if it were a group of 10,000 guys

Before you enforce the NAP, you need to define the NAP.

And what if Rockefeller and Clones Property registry (TM) LTD
has a different definition than a De Rothschild Interdimentional NAP Consulting (TM) INC

>that strawman

In a completely armed society with no restrictions to the weapons you can own, crime would be virtually non-existent.

That's also a good reason why the NAP is retarded, commie. A friendly pat on the shoulder to one might be a violation of the NAP to another, then what does the alleged "mob justice" do then? There's no court system or laws to settle the dispute, essentially enabling violence.

This thread needed a memeball.

>NAP my sophistry will crush your rebuttle!
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That's not a strawman jackass. Feel free to define it other than just barking FALLACY! like a larping 12 year old.

>In a completely armed society with no restrictions to the weapons you can own, crime would be virtually non-existent.
Like Somalia? All I have to do is attack you when you're not looking and your weapon doesn't mean jackshit. You're stuck in hypothetical land where you think owning a gun makes you like a superman immune to harm.

I'll be waiting for an actual rebuttle to my argument instead of a completely baseless dismissal based on what you falsely believe to be a strawman.

So you're also shitposting with the LGBT flag. Fellow leaf?


>The US becomes AnCap overnight
>Get together with my criminal buddies
>Form a Mafia
>Go buy weapons from the Chinese
>Ask citizens to pay up to our "corporation" so we can "enforce the laws" or else
>This goes on until the Caliphate invades the American continent

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