Since being gay is a choice, why do people choose to be gay?

Since being gay is a choice, why do people choose to be gay?

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weak will
child abuse
in some cases it actually is a better choice for the person in question

Sweetie it's not a choice

Nice bait, faggot.

because they are fags.

Sex addiction usually.
If being gay meant you were like everyone else you wouldn't see such dramatic rates of suicide, drug use, and stds from risky sex in faggots.

confirmed leaf

why do people choose to be heroin addicts or shitpost here 24/7?

You want to try drugs, you want to fit in, you had a bad upbringing and you get hooked and it slowly consumes you.

You were bullied at school, maybe molested, maybe suffered some trauma, you could never relate to women, you have psychological problems so you decide to suck some cocks, maybe play at being the girl you always wanted but could never have, you want to realize some of those trap fantasies, it starts by exprminetation, perhaps you just install the grindr app to see what it's like maybe you want to stick it to your parents so start sucking them dicks and before you know it you are a certified cocksucker and you begin to enjoy it and at that point you are so deep in gay city you might as well be running for mayor

yeah, but futanari isn't gay.

They dress better
Make more money
amazing what gagging on a cock will do for you

they are faggots

Because vaginas are really fucking gross when you really get down to it.

And, men have jobs.


I don't think it's a choice to find something attractive. I can't find men sexually attractive even if I tried, so I assume it's the same for gays and their attraction to women.

What is a choice is living a promiscuous life, being obsessed with sexuality and oversexualising everything, spreading genderbender propaganda to children, etc.

They want attention.

This. Stupid people seem to forget that futas have GIRLdick, not disgusting gay boydick.

Because dick feels good i suppose.

>Because vaginas are really fucking gross
Thas a weird way to say wonderful gooey wonderland of magic

>even trying in the first place
>implying classical conditioning does not apply to human sexuality
>implying the [reward] of orgasm isn't strong enough to condition almost anything to be stimuli

Because they're fucking gay

man, i'm jealous as fuck

>comparing dogs to human
Fallacy right there.

I tried to force myself to be straight. It doesn't work.

Because they are mentally ill. Same with trans and all that shit. Simply a mental illness.

They don't choose it. They "propagate" through child sexual abuse:

Except they're not qualified as mentally ill anymore as they're not causing harm to the society.

Your ideals tho should be considered as mental illness.

>Not causing harm to society

Not having children or contributing to white nationalists' ideals is not officially counted as harming the society.

Sure you can keep living in your own imaginary utopia.

>who is BF Skinner?
>did the same shit on humans at much higher levels
>still rang true
Besides, your opinion doesn't even count, as it doesnt make sense. dogs are quite comparable to humans, only subhuman mudslimes like you beg to differ, because you have an irrational hatred of dogkind.

>not officially counted
I wonder (((who))) would be in charge of "counting" such things.

and the fact that it's a drawn fetish porn, and they have female bodies.
You fucking cuck faggot.

Not a choice, but an illness.

its not really a choice, so some dudes like dick. On the other side some chicks like twat.


Did you try electricity yet?

BF Skinner surely contributed to the psychology with experiments done with animals, but it still doesn't change the fact that dogs and human are still vastly different. Majority of dog breeders and raisers agree that dogs should not be treated like humans, not in a way that they're inferior.

And the fact that you fall for ad hominems just proves that you're wrong, you're afraid that somebody questions it.
ah the jew card. When nothing else works, just blame da joos!

Good goy

You are the winner of our free trip to Checnhya.

>mental illness

Because male ass looks, tastes and smells good.

I love nothing more than my partner sitting on my face, spreading his cheeks with my nose rammed up his bowels while I snort his poo and lick his gooch sweat.

Society would cease to exist if the ratio of heterosexuals to homosexuals were reversed. The continuation of society is based on contributions/sacrifices made for the future generation. What contribution are they making?

>XDDDDDDD that'll teach him

A syndrome to be exact

>yfw humans are biologically predisposed to bisexuality
>yfw sexuality is a choice
>yfw choosing to be straight is the right choice

T'was a joke, apply some cold water to your cherry-red ass, will you?

Like i said, officials don't count "not continuing the society via contributions" as harmful to the societies, and it doesn't matter if it ceases to exist, we muslims can take over then.

>It was just a prank bro, don't be so sensitive.
>apply some cold water bro, you know the meme xdd learn from that

You can take your false flag out now.

I've tried everything short of a lobotomy by now. If there was a cure to homosexuality I would be the straightest man in the world right now. But I'm still exclusively attracted to men.

Honestly just accepting the fact that either the Muslims or Right Wing Death Squads will bash my head in or throw me off the roof when one or the other takes over. I hate most other gays and I didn't choose to be this way, but I'm gonna have to pay for it anyway.

because it is easy, you can literally walk out the door and ask 10 guys to suck their dick and at least 5 of them will let you, meanwhile to fuck a bitch you gotta be fit, rich or both

being a faggot is being lazy

You are forgetting our mission, gays defend us, when we take over, then we'll show them what we really think.

have you tried going cold turkey on the cocksucking

False flag.

Because two trannies going at it is the best shit ever.

Mental illness

pavlov yourself and try to associate women with pleasure.

Almost every gay I've spoken to in college thinks it's a choice, as proven by them thinking they can come onto straight guys and can bring them around.

I've never sucked a cock in my life. I'm literally a virgin.


That's the argument, and that's the issue.
If fags don't think homosexuality is a choice, then they're claiming the laws of determinism, but if they're choosing to come onto men that are straight, then it disproves the theory of determinism.

I heard americunts suck good dick, so i became gay. Atm only cheap ozzy bf called mick, but soon i hope i get a better burger one named jordan chuck tucker.

Oh come on, they don't really think they can bring a heterosexual 'around'. They just want to A. be absolutely sure they can't fuck you and B. get an in to be the guy the ones who aren't sure experiment with.
You know how we will work at a woman like a bobby pin in a keyhole, why wouldn't gay guys be the same way towards their potential targets?


>disregarding the argument
Trudeau is a fag.

Too scared of Vagina (for men) and too scared of Penis (for women).

Maybe it's the fear of having a child??????????

Steve Carell to play him in the inevitable biopic

legal weed, breh

weed turns people gay

>le (((meme)))
hahaha so le (((epic))) (((meme))) le ((((funny))) XDDDD!!!!!(((!!!))))

Mentally some people find more comfort, joy, and pleasure in a gay relationship, both emotionally and sexually.

To say you are born gay is to say that fresh out of the womb, you already know what you wanna stick your dick into and has nothing to do with your mentality.

As a gayfag myself who used to be straight, I think you never truly know what your sexuality is until you're an adult or at the earliest, late teens.

Cutiepie Pufflywump, yes it is

most fags got molested as children. I was and I was horrified of pussy because a retarded nigger bitch diddled me.

A girl wanted to "change" me and I tried it. wasn't bad, definitely not as tight as boi pussy and I still find men attractive. But it felt pretty good so I guess I'm bi now. I don't go looking for sex anymore though because I'm bored with it.

If a guy or chick want me to fuck them, then I'm down for it. Just don't have the desire to seek it out.

That's gay user...

Canada, ladies and gentleman.

It's not a choice. The things you find sexually arousing are hardwired reactions. It's not 'natural' to find anything sexually arousing, it's an evolutionary reflex that keeps the species breeding.
I fucking love vaginas man, I like to stick my face as deep into a cunt as it'll fit. I'll eat her out thru my fucking nose. But think about it. A vagina is a wet worm's gullet, if it wasn't for some hardwired instincts, vaginas would be fucking disgusting. I'm not wired to react to dick, and I can't fathom why any woman would ever want to touch one, they're nasty as fuck, and I'm thankful women have wiring to make them think otherwise.

only if you inject it with cock

I only just got in here faggot, keep your fucking fedora on. see

Since you're Canadian, I'll argue in favor of emotion.
If you were blind, you'd be hardwired to fuck what was emotionally appealing.

The ratio will never be switched.

You were responding to a comment, and you specifically disregarded what they were saying.
Get your head out of your ass, you canadian faglord.

How can anyone be this mentally ill. What do you dislike about women? There is literally no way to dislike fucking a woman over a man, but the other way around is just disgusting.

No, you also pick up on a wide range of sex-specific pheromones. You don't 'just' enjoy the smell of a wet pussy. Some of those pheromones will fill up a room.

what is your definition of attraction?

Found a Swenadian.

I've been having gay thoughts since I was 5 years old. I wasn't even molested. These persisted for my entire life and I finally realized what it was when I was around 14. I like women, but mostly just their personalities. I just don't find them physically attractive at all.

You continue to disregard the topic of discussion, on various posts.
I'm asking what you would do if you had never seen a vagina.
Humans are biologically programmed for emotional stimuli.

A poophole is 1000 times worse than a worst vagina. But they aren't for looking.



You would pick up on the pheromones of the person attached to the vagina. Way more so if she's actually horny.

The butterflies, man. Probably the same sexual reaction you'd get. I get them whenever I see a hot dude, but when I see a hot chick I just feel nothing. I'm not repulsed by women, but the feeling just isn't there.

I guess animals choose too then. Ofcourse it's not a choice. I never understand the hate against gays. Why does it bother people that someone is gay? Who the fuck cares.

I've never understood the idea of a gay gene.
Nature wouldn't carry on a dead-end gene.


naive imbecile

That's whimsical fantasy shit. We live in an age where people almost exclusively fap to internet porn.

For pleasure

Also, I'm absolutely repulsed by buttholes and the thought of anal sex still grosses me out. But otherwise I'm still extremely attracted to the male body.

>Marxists really argue this
Why would you compare an animal to a human?
Are you trying to dehumanize people to such a degree as to equate them to animals? Civilization was created for a reason, we shouldn't regress because of some erroneous idea of natural homosexuality.
There's hate for gays because they're an overall nuisance to society.

yes, it carries recessive genes with odds of being expressed that are low enough that the species still survives

just like all congenital defects of varying lethality

but with modern UNnatural selection (reproduce only if you are physically able, no other selection) you have all of the worst recessive genes and mutations have just about equal chance as the healthiest/preferred ones

especially in the first world

You don't have autism by chance, do you?