Lesbian CIS woman accused 15 rapists of forcing themselves on her. One rapist went to jail. Now that is a real hero...

Lesbian CIS woman accused 15 rapists of forcing themselves on her. One rapist went to jail. Now that is a real hero. She stopped crimes before they occurred. Not even cops can do that.


What a beautiful culture.

We will tear down this patriarchal culture brick by brick.

i see a big fucken compensation package on the horizon

What a beautiful culture.

At least she's being tried and could face life in prison. Hopefully she is found guilty and some libcuck judge doesnt let her off.

>non libcuck judges

Some cultures like the Swedish one is paving the way.

>Paki gives her a ride him
>shes all hot to tear down white privilege by offering sex to him
>he refuses to go inside with her for sex because she was ugly as fuck
>she gets butthurt and puts him into the same category as white men, and accuses him of rape

How could anyone rape this humongous fucking elephant. It would be like trying to fuck your way through a corridor of human bubbles before you even reach her cunt.

How can they convict a man of a crime that would be impossible to commit.

>Paki gives her a ride home
fucking typos mang

They really had to have a trial for this? Anyone can look at the picture and realize ain't nobody rapin that shit

>Human bubbles

Definitely typed 'blubber'



That's an American College, sadly

Phoneposters deserve rape
This landwhale deserves jailtime


Shes a women. Shes the victim of the system. Rape dosent mean sex. Someone could have said they will never have sex with her and thats a form of rape.


>l tear down this patriarchal culture brick by brick.
>pic related soon

we will come for you

ah yes, the dreaded anti-rape. discovered by feminist physicists in the late 90s. i pity the poor dear.

>How could anyone rape this humongous fucking elephant.
Roll her in flour and fuck the wet spot?

Evergreen St University or some shit.

Thankfully evergreen got shut the fuck down.

damn. i was hoping it was mine or somewhere nearby.


>Shes a women
I would have called that a mistake, but then I realized that you're right

I'd hatefuck the smug out of the one with pokey nipples.

Dues vult when? Shit just keeps gettin worse and worse, and right when I think the final straw before the big happening is here people just accept it, and shit just continues getting incrimentally worse.

I dont wanna be a useless old man when shit finally cuts loose.

smart man

Soon my friend


Shame about the one with neon green hair, she seems to have potential.
That said, I hope they have a faulty fridge.

Is she a lesbian or is her name Beale Lesbian? Fuckin' britbongs

the sooner the better
I'd rather have us pay the price in blood than our children and gradchildren

Idk. I signed up for da muhreen infantry cuz I wanted to deus vult. I got to kill a few heretics but all I really did was guard globalists big expensive stuff. I just wanna cut loose on the shit thats fucking everything up but cant.

>tfw tumblr brings a bat to a gun fight

They get a couple hundred quid from the taxpayers no matter how long they've been imprisoned and the accuser is not penalized in any way.

wtf is this. i see the pic i say no fkn way anyone wants to come near that thing let alone rape even if under possession or hardcore drugs. i look at the article. wtf is this. police is made out the highly intelligent brave and honurable man (and women kek).

Right-Wing Death Squads vs. Left-Wing Diversity Squads, who has the advantage?

My defence in court would be:

Who in their right mind would rape that landwhale over there?