who's going?

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The guys just looks like a faggot liberal

We should all ride our bikes there.

he's bike lock scum

some guy said he would broadcast the court stream on periscope but i cant remember what to search in the archive for it

He looks like a Fawkes mask.

nevermind found it 129554990

No matther how hard/mean or menacing Clanton is trying to look, the louder I can hear his high pitched faggot voice featuring a slight lisp

I hope he gets an appropriate sentence.

So the potential bail violation thing didn't amount to anything?

hopefully he comes through

probably not, it possibly could be brought up at the court tho

think it's this one

He can try, will probably be shut down.

God he's so ugly

>eric clanton's court date



Stool Pigeon!

>some guy said he would broadcast the court stream on periscope but i cant remember what to search in the archive for it
I think he posted here,



This might be disinfo, he was caught hanging out at a antifag picnic

Sup Forums would never spread disinfo

>>checked comarade checked
This are antifa shills, don't be fooled

very fake news fag/autistic azn is going

Why does he wear the mask?

he was no one till he put on the mask

What possible reason could antifag have for wanting to give the impression that bikelock fag isn't their boy anymore.

Be warned folk
Any thread about cuntyClanton will be infiltrated by antifaggots

will breaking his conditions come up?

>kekistani flag
>dumb as shit
it checks out

one of you fags has to record some shit.

what happened to that kiddy diddler that got caught on camera a while ago? wasnt supposed to be attending antifa rallies or something like that

take your swastika off if you are trying to pose as antifa you moron

boy nu/pol/ sure is new today

Hi Antifa

You total fucking plastic revolutionaries

This fag is gonna get killed in prison


Not before he's sodomized by everyone, he is gonna be the lowest ass whore in jail, thern he'll be shanked


Who you think will kill him white black brown

So how come this? [Remove]

It is called cut losses
Just telling you because you sound very naive

I recomend you this keep your eyes open

go back to t_d or voat, you don't belong here

Antifa detected

nah he just doesnt like kek flags. Im an islamist from lybia and i got more in common with the identitarians then you do fag. go back to the_don

So, who's paying his legal fees?

He's so fucked

lol that other user practically shoved in your face this was propaganda created by /us/ and you still don't get it

im serious, go back to t_d, you stick out like a sore thumb

bro bono jew rat lawyrer

>some neo-Jack Ruby watches the news today
>filled with an insatiable lust for leftist blood
>Eric Clanton gets shot point blank, dies
>civil war 2 in full swing

He did nolthing wrong tho senpai

not before he has some fun in the big house I'd hope, they'll do much worse things to him

Eric is changing rapidly

I found it in one of the antifa groups on kikebook

Let's play spot the antifa shill

Gorge Soros he funds all antifa

I'm going in full kekistan gear! It will be glorious! Shadilay! Good night Left side!

Clanton is a faggot

trunicht dindu nuffin

Don't tease my dick like this m8

this is his pro bono lawyer

what a scumbag

> "He's an innocent man Sup Forums. you got the wrong guy"
> Sup Forums's "shitty detective skills"

agree, dumb as a rock
you guys can keep it

Dan Siegel his lawyer

>Representing a guy whos guaranteed to lose pro bono

Even if you have a political agenda, how could this end as anything other than an embarrassment for this faggot?

>this is his pro bono lawyer
What's his taste in music got to do with anything ?

All I can take away from this is that antifa housed a sex offender and knew about it.

Dan Siegheil hates Antifa. He just wants a front row seat at Eric's demise.


Here is his pro bono lawyer in bit different scenario

I just watched a Youtube video about this guy

The person who posted it has a periscope and in the comments says that he'll be livestreaming, not sure if he'll be livestreaming the hearing but maybe he will

Whites, dead man inc. Wants him bad

I would like to see the moment the judge will show the bikelock

And that surprised you antifa are low life communist scum that need killing with fire

These fucks in the NLG hats should be treated the same as antifa they show up to every rally and lie to police when one of the antifa scum gets picked up I've even seen some of them are starting to cover their faces with masks. You gotta ask why would a legal observer needs to be masked up?

My money is on AB getting him first

That's a very smug face.
Just a prediction; he will get (((lawyers))) at top $ to represent him.
If the cunt shows his face here I'll (COMMENT DELETED FOR HATE SPEECH)

Christ that video is cringey.

He's a degenerate anarchist. He's beyond the average shitlib.

>who's going?
his father will I guess, he was there first time with his wife and Eric's brother.

he looks like a fucking autist though

splain me how come stickman is free? he cracked a skull on video and becomes a hero and doesnt get arrested?

>I hope he gets an appropriate sentence.
minimum 10 years, but 25 would be more fitting for his very brutal violent acts of domestic terrorism.

because we have self defense laws in burgerland

interesting. wonder if he's seen the video of the attack

These paid protestors are PROMISED legal support. It's part of the package.

This fag isn't doing this pro bono, I 100% guarantee he is being paid under the table.

I wonder if he's ashamed of his son

hopefully god comes thru and locks this fagget pussy up for at least 2 years that would be nice

lol what a fucking idiot

The evidence against him is pretty weak, I don't think it will stick. At most he'll get probation.

And you guys call us snowflakes. Need a safe space from us you Nazi fucks?

fuck off antifa
they found all kinds of shit linking him to antifa
they found the backpack, clothes and weapon he used in his place of residence


stickman would have to go to court to prove self defense though, it wasnt obvious on the video. i am just puzzled why he wasnt arrested, when the fascist police will arrest people for just standing and doing nothing.

I want to go. What courthouse is it in and what time? thx

>interesting. wonder if he's seen the video of the attack
This video,
Trump supporter smashed in the head with U-Lock by masked Antifa Thug in Berkeley

if the evidence is weak, why would he even get probation? Not to mention you obviously didn't read the police report

>kekistani flag
>t_d fags identify themselves now
anyone else love the new flag update

He was only the muscle to suppress Free Speech and Political views.

Federal Offenses and you can throw in Sedition and Treason for all of them, from the Donors to the street muscle..

Antifa should be labeled a Terrorist Organization.

>standing and doing nothing
are we still talking about the guy who assaulted like 5 people with a deadly weapon?

>I want to go. What courthouse is it in and what time? thx
I don't know what court house, but some user posted this,
Should be there around 12 eastern time.

the "attackers" face was covered, it could me literally anyone. Just because someone had the same boots and glasses, doesn't mean it's him.

pretty sure its alameda court house

he's not going to be able to stream it. last time they had to shut the arraignment down when someone tried. there's a no phone/no cameras policy. if anything he'll stream outside like last time.