Why do Eastern European girls love niggers...

Why do Eastern European girls love niggers? Yesterday I stayed at work to hang around (I deliver for a shoarma place) and my 2 friends/co-workers said their friend was coming over. Their friend turned out to be a 5'8 Somali nigger with a pretty hot white girlfriend. I wasn't sure she was Dutch at first (non-typical facial features for people around here) and she later said she is Latvian. The Somali nigger boasted about getting girls (in other words, cheating) right in front of her and she didn't say anything. I felt bad for her but she is also so stupid. According to my 2 friends (theyre Egyptians lol) their fellow shitskin friends always score with Poles, Hungarians etc and showed me these girls on Facebook. Sigh.

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>not mobbing and shaming her the second you see the nigger
>not insulting the nigger making him chimp out so you can beat his ass in front of the white girls showing who is the boss
>being some lanky fuck who is scared of a nigger


>alienating your friends from you and losing your job for fighting, for a sleezy hoe Eastern-European

Surely you'd lose your job over somebody you dont even know, keyboard warrior bro

then stay cucked loser, after all you're the one who befriends coalburners.

grow some balls man.

>stay cucked

How can i be cucked when I dont even know these people

Maybe those women were hookers. Haven't heard about many Hungarians working in the NL, they usually go to Austria, Germany, UK or Ireland. Also many of those Hungarian hookers are actually gypsies.

Women have a history of inviting invaders into their homeland. My only speculation as to why they keep doing this would have to do with genetic diversity perhaps. Whichever group is provably dominant gets the pussy.

>hangs out with them in his freetime
>sees the nigger walking in and does literally nothing but make a thread later on Sup Forums where he crys and bitches like a man without balls would

gif related should have been your reaction, but you're a cuck so I don't expect much from you anyway.

So then I am cucked literally every time I walk outside and see a white girl with a non-white boyfriend and don't randomly beat up the boyfriend? Funny world you live in. I believe for 200% that you go outside every day beating up the Turks your women date, faggy neckbeard

>Why do Eastern European girls love niggers?

>So then I am cucked literally every time I walk outside
no I was talking about your circle of friends which consists out of nigger loving white woman who would rather date a nigger then they would you.
and you sit there in the corner taking it like a good lil cuckold.

you fucking pussy

Honestly who gives a fuck?
> Be me
> white beta gay boi
> see nigga walk in with white bitch
>Immediately think why she like him and not me
> Nigga had muscles and decent features for a nigga
> look in near by mirror
> see muh jew nose
> see muh chick tendies gut
> see that I basically look like a mii character
> later post on pol whilst fapping to interracial porn.

How the fuck is a girl I never met in my life suddenly a part of my circle of friends? I barely exchanged 2 words with her. And it seems logical she picks a nigger over me if she doesnt know I exist :'')

I'm torn on this because I'm very racist but it's nice to know a fellow manlet is scoring puss.

Slav women are sluts man, massive sluts in fact. They also hate their men, so a chance to fuck someone else is a godsend for them.

you're such a fucking cuckold holy shit.
do I really have to spell it out for you cuck?

>is friends with cunts who befriend coalburner and have nothing against niggers which means they ain't redpilled which means you did a shitty job

Delet this

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white that's why

How am I going to teach Arabs to turn against their nigger friend because he dates a white girl? They know him longer than they know me. Do you ever go outside? Your trolling attempts are boring, go outside and beat up niggers if you arent a cuck like you say I am :')

>befriends arabs
what the fuck is wrong with you cuckold?
get some white friends and stop hanging out with coalburner and other trash.

Nice friend meltingpot, i'm proud of you toothpaste


anyways I could get a job there and its only like 100 meters from my house, Ive been working there for a year now and theyre very nice people. They call me their family while white normies around here never talk to me. Hows it going with protecting your women from shitskins btw? Go outside now! dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4364712/Migrant-charged-raping-murdering-teenage-girl.html

Ikr this country is a joke, but theres nothing I can do about it and the people voted for the same shitty parties again last election instead for Geert Wilders

>hangs out with untermenschen

lmao fuck off from my side you fucking cuck.