Rep. Scumlise should have been denied service by the hospital for his war on the poor.

If the GOP wants to steal free healthcare, then they should be the first to be rejected among millions of elders, sick people, poor people and children.

Free everything for everyone. Except whites.

Yawwwnnn, what's so bad about that?

But what if he pays for his hospital visit?

This thread is so tiresome OP

jou can get free guns in America?


See, it works like this. You have a right to a gun even though not everyone has one.

Same with medical insurance. You have a right to get it but you don't have to.

Now fuck off, commie.

I hope you're shitposting OP

Probably. Do some magnet fishing in an urban area and you'll likely pull a few up.

No one deserves free healthcare except for whites

>steal free healthcare
>steal free
How does one steal something that's free*?

*free stands for paid for by the average American taxpayer

You can't force doctors to give free healthcare without holding them at gunpoint retard

America is a banana country on many levels

"freedom to healthcare"
lmao, everyone can go to a local clinic and get there shit checked. most pay out of pocket, sometimes insurance covers it.

>commie flag
We're like you only fat instead of starving

This is the DNC rhetoric that CAUSED THE SHOOTING


nobody starved in my country during communism

the same cannot be said of the modern times

when you provide me free guns, I'll provide you free healthcare

>conflating positive and negative freedoms
am I autistic if that sends me into a blind rage?

You are free to buy your healthcare just like guns


You have the freedom to healthcare. Just like guns pay for it yourself.

Feeling sick, heal yourself. Feeling unsafe, protect yourself. Sounds pretty cut and dry to me.

>free healthcare
Really? I pay like $350 a month for mine

>denied service by the hospital for his war on the poor.

What a fag. Hospitals are full of rich people and upper middle class.
The poor should feel grateful for even having access to professionals well above them.

Healthcare has to be performed. A right to healthcare implies a right to someone else's direct labor. A right to possess a means of self defense doesn't require forced labor.

Yes we believe in the right to 'own' firearms, but we're not entitled to someone purchasing them for us, we have to buy them ourselves.

You know, just like healthcare.

A freedom is "from", not "to".



You're missing the point OP, he can actually pay for it

There is "freedom to healthcare" just like there is "freedom to guns".

What, do you think guns are handed out for free? Neither is healthcare. Guns and healthcare are treated exactly the same in your country.

Stop shitting up anime with you retarded faggot opinions.

It's time for those helicopter rides


>freedom to guns =/= free guns you still have to buy them
>freedom to healthcare =/= free healthcare you still have to buy it
I want shills and newfags to leave

The freedom to guns does not require other people to pay for the guns you freedom, whereas the freedom the healthcare requires other people to pay for your healthcare.


Hey. Why didn't they bring back the Texas flag?

All congressmen and senators have health insurance.

>Stealing "free" healtcare
If it's actually free why would anyone ever steal it?

You shouldn't separate either of the fringe groups from the main branch.

Fuck I didn't mean to post a frog.

I am free to buy healthcare
I am free to buy guns

There is no such thing as "Freedom to _____." That is not a freedom, but a clever way of disguising tyranny. Freedom means absence of external restraint or control. It cannot be directed towards anything. It is non-directional. You only have freedom from something. When the government recognizes freedom, that means it recognizes an area over which it should have no control, or no limiting effect. A right is stronger than a freedom, as it is a superseding principle. It is something that can not legitimately be taken away without due process. Welfare is not a right, and can be taken away at any time without process. Gun ownership is a fundamental right, and cannot be revoked without due process. When people colloquially say something like "you are now free to move about the country", what is meant is the restrictions preventing you from moving about the country have been lifted or removed. It is not directed toward anything, but rather allows for a thing which was previously restricted. While this seems directional, it's only because you're stupid and don't understand English. "To" has two functions here with vastly different meanings. In the first case, yours, which is painfully wrong, "To" is used as a preposition. It is directional. It says that the verb that precedes it is happening in a specific relationship to the following noun or noun phrase, the object of the prepostions. But freedom is not something that is done, it is had or granted. If you pay really close attention, you'll notice freedom is not a verb. That means it cannot have a prepositional phrase attached. In the second case, "To" is a participle used to create the infinitive of a verb, in this case "move". The infinitive, as the name suggests, is the base abstract concept of the verb, the one which represents all manifestations and copies of the verb, and from which all other uses of it derive. So, "free to move" has a grand and open scope. Freedom to guns literally doesn't mean anything.


imbecilic meme

healthcare is a service provided by other humans, there's no "right" for you to enslave them and get "free healthcare"

according to your false equivalency and shit logic we should also have socialized gun ownership too, right?

I don't understand how anyone could equivocate the freedom to purchase a firearm with the right to free healthcare. We have the right to purchase healthcare.