Christianity is for Cucks

Your entire religion is full of passive aggressive pussy ass effeminate doctrines.

This is why Christianity was initially adopted mostly by women and slaves. Stop believing in nonsense and Stop being such an effeminate pussy.

inB4 crusades where half the time you were killing other Christians Jews out of frustration LOL

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What's wrong with "turning the other cheek" in a homogeneous society of law abiding and peaceful white folk?

its not just turning the other cheek its the whole religion, the new testament is full of pussy ass quotes.

and how are you going to have a Homogeneous law abiding white society without some Genocide?

Thou shall not kill.

Turning the other cheek does make some sense.

Passive resistance makes your attacker look like an abusive shithead, publicly.

If you fight back, you yourself will be perceived as aggressive.

Also, in the event of a misunderstanding, non-retaliation will prevent the misunderstanding from growing into a deeper problem.

Consider the notion that "turn the other cheek" also means turn your asscheek toward them, as in - walk away.

There's a time for self-defense, but often you can just let your enemy reveal their ugliness. The consequences they face are entirely their own doing.

Pussy excuses.

You can't have it both ways. You can't say Islam is like the worse most violent religion while Christianity is peaceful and then claim you are a masculine manly Christian.

It was a used as a slave religion to insulate the masters from the serfs.

"Don't be mean to us. Render what is Caesar's, etc...

...OK but now it's time to go to war 'for God' and set up international enterprises 'in order to do missionary work'."

I'm really getting tired of anti-Christians that have absolutely no knowledge of the Bible. Thou shalt not murder, and look at the way Jordan Peterson reacts to lefties yelling in his face, as in he doesn't react at all. It makes the lefties look rediculous, doesn't it?

Hey man, Deus Vult when you have to.

But most of the time, you don't have to.

>What does it mean to "Turn the Other Cheek"?
>Turn the other cheek
Wow, wouldn't have thought that. Really made me think

Aigth we get it you are a neo-pagan

And a good guy too

levitical law is still in effect, it was never abolished

turning the other cheek means to submit to your personal enemies, not to enemies of god

if someone beats you up they shall be judged to be beat up too. the punishment for kidnapping is the death penalty etc.

I'm an Atheist

I'm Not a Muzzie but lets for a second Imagine we are aliens that dont know anything about the earth and compare contrast the two major religions:

Islam: Muhammad was a blood thirsty conqueror who had an entire Harem wives, decapitated anyone who disagreed with him, raided caravans pillaged villages plundered towns and using armies composed of a bunch of disorganized sand niggers he started the Caliphate that toppled the Two major Eurasian Superpowers of the day (Byzantines and Sassanids).

Christianity: Jesus was a bitch carpenter boy, constantly helping anyone that asked, and complaining about being persecuted and crying to his dad for help because he could not bare a little torture, finally his most "violent" accomplishment was toppling a bunch of tables in a temple in a fit of autistic rage.

Now, you tell me who is more bad ass.

You tell me who's followers have accomplished more.


Turning the other cheek means being willing to forgive and to endure suffering,

The Pacifist interpretation of that verse directly contradicts other parts of the bible, so it can be ruled out.

In the first 200 years of Islam they were conquering the world, while the first 200 years of Christianity they were getting eaten by lions in the Colosseum like the cucks they are.

But anyway the accomplishments are entirely irrelevant to my point,

Which is Christianity is for Cucks.

You came here to fight, not to seek understanding.

Islam is the most violet religion /=/ Christianity is a Pacifist religion.

Muslims are unhinged barbarians who believe holy war is justified against anyone who isn't a Muslim on the account of them not being Muslims.

LOL the cognitive dissonance made this guy write and entire thesis trying to reconcile the cuckness of Christianity with his manly impulses

If Christians had tried to wage war against the Roman empire they would have been exterminated.

By enduring persecution and martyrdom they conquered Rome.

I came here to call you Christians out on being pussy cucks and point out the massive contradictions in this "masculine Christianity" movement that I've been seeing here lately.

>But anyway the accomplishments are entirely irrelevant
Why? You're saying Christianity is for cucks but that's empirically false. When Europe was at it's most fanatic they were conquering the whole world.

>If Christians had tried to wage war against the Roman empire they would have been exterminated.
LOL yet Muslims where somehow able to take out the roman empire a few centuries later.

Jesus has two teachings concerning forgiveness.

1. To forgive those who repent
2. By the same measures you determine to forgive other people you will also be forgiven.

It must be summer.

"Turn the other cheek" isn't about being passive resistant, it's about forcing those that seek to oppress you to have to treat you as equals in the process. In historical context an abusive authority would backhand hit their subjects. To "turn the other cheek" you are inviting them to strike you with a fist instead. That act would lower their status to that of your own.

The statement gets inferred to have a different meaning, and later verses place ethical values on self defense that would conflict with that interpretation.

The shills are out in force today huh.

Whom am I shilling for exactly? lol

Muslims are filthy animals who lucked out and conquered when the Romans and Persians were exhausted by perpetual warfare.

Even during European colonialism and conquest Christianity was always a force for peace and moderation against violence.

For example the missionaries send to convert natives where always the first to try and stop the military from killing or enslaving natives.

>turning the other cheek means to submit to your personal enemies, not to enemies of god

You're just moving the goalpost. The enemies of God become your personal enemies if you engage in any sort of confrontation with them.

Okay? What's your point here? Don't tell me you're an edgy teenager that thinks it's bad to try and be kind to people. But once again, you're logic is still backwards, your praising Islam and attacking Christianity regardless of the outcome of their practice. In fact that's not even backwards logic, that's a complete lack of it.

>What does it mean to turn the other cheek?
>turn the other cheek


Didn't see this post. Now I see you're not interested in any sort of discussion and are just here for (you)s. Waste of time.

If Muslims had been under Roman rule in the same position as Christians they would have certainly been exterminated for acting like belligerent niggers.

I'm not praising and attacking, Im just calling you for what you are. Effeminate Cucks. If anything Islam(which is all you bitch about) is a manlier religion.

But All religions are bullshit in my eyes.

> Islam: Muhammad was a blood thirsty conqueror who had an entire Harem wives, decapitated anyone who disagreed with him, raided caravans pillaged villages plundered towns and using armies composed of a bunch of disorganized sand niggers he started the Caliphate that toppled the Two major Eurasian Superpowers of the day (Byzantines and Sassanids).

> Christianity: Jesus was the Son of God; raised the dead from their grave; cured incurable diseases; turned water into wine; is the commander of the Lord's Army of Angels; Met the devil and won; Kicked the (((merchants)) out of the temple. Founded the most based (and only true!) church with only 12 random idiots he found on the street; Still triggers communists, jews, fedoras, muslims, feminists and satan.

> Now, you tell me who is more bad ass.


>"masculine Christianity" movement that I've been seeing here lately
By your standards then even Aquinas eight centuries ago was just a shitposter on Sup Forums. Face it user, you were taught wrongly about this teaching and won't let go because it makes for such a nice strawman against the ebil cucky christians

>"Holy Scripture must be understood in the light of what Christ and the saints have actually practiced. Christ did not offer His other cheek, nor Paul either. Thus to interpret the injunction of the Sermon on the Mount literally is to misunderstand it. This injunction signifies rather the readiness of the soul to bear, if it be necessary, such things and worse, without bitterness against the attacker. This readiness our Lord showed, when He gave up His body to be crucified. That response of the Lord was useful, therefore, for our instruction." (In John 18, lect. 4, 2)

Read Isaiah. Then come back and say what you just said.

>is the commander of the Lord's Army of Angels
HAHAHAHAH!!!! Tell me more about Jesus military experience and his qualifications for bring a "commander".

If anything God probably makes him do nice wooden dressers and doors to decorate the rooms in heaven.

I wonder if you will ever realize how ridiculous you sound.

>turn the other cheek
It actually means, if you force your enemy to view you as his equal, then you have truly won.

Reminder that God LITERALLY cucked one of his best followers, Joseph, and impregnated his wife. Worshiping god = prepping the bull

yeah because you're so alpha


Also being called edgy by a poltard is probably one of the funniest things that happened to me this month.

Well At least Im not a Cockstian.

Well he was the commander in chief of God's Army of Angels when they cast Satan and his army in Hell. In other words, he won a military battle against ultimate evil; you literally can't do better than that.

Normally it's how it works. And works fine 99% of times. It makes countries abundant and peaceful. A good place to live.

But sometimes you have to fight back.

tl;dr Jesus broke the law of man, despite him saying, "Render unto Caesers what is Caesers." O should also add that verbiage in the bible is interpretive of suggestion. "Should be put to death", is a suggestion, not a command. Thou shalt not kill, however, is. :D

there are hardly any real practicing Christians anymore, how much have you heard about Pentecost? That's the birth of Christianity, a 50 day celebration every year. most in the USA just want candy at Easter and presents at Christmas that doesn't make them Christian. Those holidays are pagan and citizens used to be locked up for that. We've taken down most of our Christian monuments and the leaders who were Christian were retired or murdered. We are slaves to the snake tribe of israel. Our "churches" are controlled by the 501 3c tax shelter and don't tell the truth.

I'm just curious: are there any Christians in the thread who believe in evolution?

no, i mean people who go against gods will vs going against you in personal business

compare someone robbing gods temple vs someone robbing your own possessions

somone blaspheming god vs someone spreading false rumours about you behind your back


People who steal are going against Gods will, even if they're stealing from your personal business.

Except for a few Protestants, most of us have no problem with evolution

The problem with this interpretation of the verse is that you can use your backhand to slap someone.

Why would god not give his creatures the ability to adapt to their changing environment?

I believe in evolution.

You should not "submit to your enemies" but rather be willing to forgive people who have transgressed against you and to suffer hardship which is the true meaning of Jesus's teaching to "turn the other cheek."

>wtf i have to make sacrifices and practice self control? FUCK religion!

I think I'll let God judge my actions rather than an uninformed dingus, OP

The vast majority of white Christians believe in evolution

This is why I can never get behind Christianity no matter how much I might long to because it demands that you bend at the knee in worship, totally at the mercy of a being that is supposed to be all-loving and yet ready to dish out punishment merely for being human. What kind of cruelty is this that we are given one life to get everything right and if you fail then you are damned? Who in their right mind would treat his children like this? Why must we beg and plead on our knees for forgiveness for being born sinners?

I look up to greatness and I want to emulate greatness, I want to climb to great heights and say "we are truly magnificent because look at what we have accomplished!" Grovelling on the floor is not greatness, it's just pathetic and it's a weakness that has allowed enemies to enter the gates. More harm than good is done through deeds in which it is hoped good will come.

Then don't grovel. Where are you getting this dogma?

How do you square evolution with the idea of original sin? Again, I'm just wondering what your thoughts are on this

Yar, this be why the pirate life is the only life for me. Check out me mate's book to teach ye how to be real men.

Turn the other cheek doesn't mean take constant abuse. It means "stand fast with Christian love".

Christians often make this fatal error of instantly forgiving everything. The rules are: Love God, love thy neighbor, resist evil, forgive.

Many people forget to resist evil. You are supposed to fight evil. Someone who always goes passive and takes abuse is just stupid.

>Check out me mate's book to teach ye how to be real men.
Little girl alt-righties squeal with delight thinking they believe this tripe, but shriek with outrage when black men do what ever the fuck they want because *they* can.

Clearly, unfortunately many Americans are so blinded by the kikes trickery that they don't realize Christianity was created by the kikes to keep the goyim from rising against them.

They'll defend their captors tooth and nail.

>Your entire religion is full of passive aggressive pussy ass effeminate doctrines.
Nope, lies from Satan who is influencing your heart with negativity that you are feeling.

>This is why Christianity was initially adopted mostly by women and slaves. Stop believing in nonsense and Stop being such an effeminate pussy.
No its mostly adopted by lowly men God chooses like me. This is described in the bible.
1 Corinthians 1:26: For consider your calling, brothers: mnot many of you were wise according to worldly standards,3 not many were powerful, not many were of noble birth. 27 But nGod chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise; oGod chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong; 28 God chose what is low and despised in the world, even pthings that are not, to qbring to nothing things that are, 29 so rthat no human being4 might boast in the presence of God. 30 And because of him5 you are in Christ Jesus, who became to us swisdom from God, trighteousness and usanctification and vredemption, 31 so that, as it is written, w“Let the one who boasts, boast in the Lord.”

Calm down, Jamal. I was making a joke. I know you niggers aren't too keen on reading comprehension.

>Thou shall not kill.
Thou shall not kill your (white) neighbor. (unless he's cuck)

The progenitors of humanity, the first people with souls committed the original sin. And mankind was banished from the garden and into this fallen world.

I can't really speak to when this was.

Christianity says "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". It also says "The only way to Heaven is trough God". Therefore, Christianity commands you, by love, to purge Heretics. If a few years of torture in a crypt helps a heretic love God and avoid an eternity in hell, then you saved a soul and did what was good in God's eye.

You can't get behind Jesus because your pride won't let you.

>I look up to greatness and I want to emulate greatness, I want to climb to great heights and say "we are truly magnificent because look at what we have accomplished!"

Jesus Christ is the very definition of greatness.

So it didn't happen as described in the Bible, as what you're saying?

Tried to apply Christian teaching in my life....i sucked hard and suffered greatly. It just doesnt work.

My quality of life went through the roof as soon as i tackled real world problems with real world solutions instead of this middle east mumbo jumbo bullshit.

Tl;dr: stay away from christianity, its for women, weak faggots + crazy weirdos

The teaches that are meant to be taken from the text are there, the text is not obligated to be a perfectly historical account.

creationism was created 300 years ago by people that dont actually understand much. its like the game telephone, people are not paying attention to God and instead pay attention to what they heard from some other person and just quit thinking right then and there

What is "applying Christian teaching?" Either you believe Jesus is who He says He is or you don't. It's a not a self-help program to give you a comfy life, but to save your soul from eternal damnation and separation from God. Everything else is extremely secondary to that.

You guys only believe in Christianity because it's the politically incorrect thing to do in 2017.

That's how dumb you all are

No this shit doesn't work, i think they got it wrong and misinterpret some things. That whole theory doesn't add up and makes no sense

This, bunch of contrarian hipsters Sup Forums edition

Kind of dry and numbers based stuff but the quotes from the bible are spot on. Men who actually read the bible know it's all about dominance. Anyone who accuses christianity of being anti-sex needs to be checked for dyslexia, the first command from god to man is sex:

genesis 1:28
>God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.

>its another talk shit about the bible while never actually reading it thread
By insulting our faith, you simply reinforced it,necio

You're using a picture calling for defiance

I do. Mostly because of how much the word "yom" is used, and the amount of words it is translated into throughout various languages.

Nope. That's a huge assumption you are making. I converted to Christianity around college (ironically, speaking to other non-religious people made me convert to religion because of arguments we would have) before I ever came to Sup Forums, or was too interested politics.

The point of "turn the other cheek" is to find the good samaritans and help them to stay on top of agro scum, instead of spending resources on war.
Even Sun Tzhu writes, that the best win is to win, while staying at home without gathering an army.

i.e. (you) can tolerate savages showing their dominance over you, because mercy you show will gather good people around you. And it`s the good people, that understand mercy, they are the ones who create prosperity, not the powerful dominant ones. From this point on you got savages by their balls.

It`s entirely different from being a cuck, how Catholic heretics promote the idea.

Except tons were already Christians before arriving here. You, along with other cringy pseudo-intellectuals try to act like people following any ideal is "contrarian." There's nothing cool in the present-day about being religious, there are hardly any incentives to convert, etc. I don't go out and flaunt myself as a Christian.

Martin Luther says turn the other cheek is actually saying to get ready to be treated like shit by fucking heathens.

As in someone will smack you you should brace for the next hit.


If I get raped hard in the ass and mouth, Christiaanity says that I have to forget them and love them. So yes thanks to Christiaanity I became a fag whats its wrong so I fall in a fucking vicious cuck cyrcle.

Catholicism is not Christianity.

youre a fag dude just eat shrooms


I'm just making sure I understand your position. I deal with a lot of people who take the Genesis story literally, and I also deal with people who take it metaphorically. All I'm hoping to do is understand the metaphorical position.

If you're interested in creationism, you should Google "The Wedge Strategy"

It's a leaked document that outlines the Discovery Institutes public relations campaign to introduce creationism/intelligent design into U.S. culture, academia and education. I thought it was really interesting.

Interesting. Could you explain more? I don't quite understand "Yom"

Are you fucking retarded?
Turn the Other Cheek has philosophized for hundreds and hundreds of years.
It means to not take small slights against you as justification for causing violence. Give people a chance. You "turn the other cheek" and if they continue to hit you, take action.
This isn't hard to understand. We've turned the other cheek on democrats, muslims, gays, everyone for the better part of our entire lives.

It's time to start the fires.

the bible says eye of and eye tooth for a tooth
and jesus said he hasnt come to change the laws

Nobody will read the truth in this post but:

When Jesus said the other cheek, he specifically referred to being smacked back handed, so turning the other cheek meant to demand respect. Lets say if a slave turned the cheek to his master, it would be an act of rebellion. But whats more beautiful about it is that Jesus doesnt demand you behead your ememies. Its like a loving defiance, and with self respect. Of course as Jesus spoke in parables it meant respect yourself. He also in another passage tells you to be on guard if you know a robber is coming. He was certainly not against defending yourself or standing up to authority. In fact Jesus himself was the biggest rebel of his time.