Your opinion about China?

Your opinion about China?

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Look at me i am china man

Ching chong

Fucking disgusting place filled with hive-minded insectoids. Like Russia, it needs to be wiped off the map along with all of it's people.

The current state of China is a such a shame. The country has a rich history, had great inventors and philosophers, and now it is in the hands of communists it's a polluted immoral shithole

Overpopulated, soulless, depressing, poverty stricken, filthy, hive mind with absolutely no culture left. It's a complete shithole

explain to me why i shouldnt wife a qt chinese girl. at least then i will have guaranteed a future for my lineage. the white race is doomed. the jews have ripped away the christian foundations of our society. there is no pulling out of this death spiral. the chinese are immune to jewish trickery because they are themselves a type of jew. this is why china has existed for 5000 years and cannot be conquered or destroyed.

Mao was a great leader and he did nothing wrong.

Because most chinks are ugly as fuck. Models you see on the internet are not representative of Chinese women in real life

That when automation and solar becames cheaper it will be FUCKED and they will drag everyone to poverty because the nations who make the difference are too busy virturbating themselves and will be POOR CHINKS THEY WERE ALWAYS ENSLAVED.

Bring back the fucking manchus. Man eating manchus plis.


Christianity schmistianity. National culture is king, and must not be diluted through criminal measures such as mass immigration.

Wasn't too bad a place. Super racist and no one spoke English (don't blame them) but it didn't seem too bad overall.

holy shit, they are starting to evolve through natural selection a sort of ESP sense for when their infrastructure is about to crumble

He didn't starve every single one of them during the great leap.

The bourgeoisie aren't people

>A country cutting corners on everything they create

>Waking up everyday knowing your life and can be taken away from instantly
the moment you use the elevator or escalator

>Chinese drivers are one the worst people on the planet not because they hit you but because they wont give a shit when they do.

>Horrible pollution in the air and land

>Highest suicide rate

>People don't give a shit about each other or animals

That's china!

Except for the ones that are

China is danger for all of us. I don't know wether they should be harshly regulated starting now or if that would fire flames of hate toward the west. A pre emptive attack against china might not be a good idea but jesus this country is just scary with their number and seemingly mindless unity. Their going down the fast road toward bio-drone behavior and are already mining africa for resource crystals.
They have OUR computer hardware manufacture right by their border they could cut us off in a blink and they have the insanity to eventually go for it.

Everyone is spread around the room buzzing, chating, poking each other and there is this creepy kid in the corner watching silently.

dont forget about their folded eyelids

Chinese workmanship at its finest.

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Chinese driving at its finest!

Living in China seems to be like living in a Final Destination movie.

Everywhere death is out to get you. It's almost like the Chinese don't give a fuck though, because they know there are too many of them. It's one of the ways that they naturally cull the population.



A literal cancerous tumor on this planet, like India and the United States.




>look at me I posted it again
>t. truong van ching chong

basic form of commie gook

A literally fucking degenerated subhuman fluid genders shitlicking faggot, the HIV of all humanity - faggots, call others "disgusting", and threatening to wipe up Russia, China and America....????

This is really some eye-opening shit, thanks to this little new flags function.