Trump's Reichstag Burning

This is a bit of a reach, but do you think this recent shooting of congressmen will have a similar effect to the burning of the reichstag?

Personally, I don't think it'll have any great effect

Nah. Maybe we should move the capital somewhere else.

Who cares? Let's crack some commies

Digits show OP is right.

I fucking hope so

No, he'd have to do something major like bomb Congress or burn down the White House to do that. Personally, I wouldn't be opposed to destroying those buildings but we'd have to watch out for any authoritarian power grabs.

>digits don't even match

Move congress to Detroit and will have a mass exodus towards right wing policies.

Confirmed NRA supporter. Just a little poetic justice for inaction on sensible gun legislation.
>Beautiful morning confirmed.

>we have to watch for any Authoritarian power grabs
Yea....we sure do

So I think it's obvious this faggot was a leftist judging by his nonexistent kill count

reread what I said faggot. in that scenario we'd have to. this is not major enough to qualify for anything like that. I agree that it could be a leftist responsible for this. personally, it wouldn't suprise me one bit given the shit accuracy. in any event, it's fucking funny that it's escallated to this point. civil war 2 just lurched forward as a nearer inevitibility.

false flag

Yes, because the Republican governors Michigan's had for 18 of the last 26 years have just done *so* much to make that state awesome. Right wing policies are bound to turn Detroit, Flint, and Lansing into paradises any day now.

i think dc is already a violent shithole apart from the important area loaded with assault rifle wielding police

>No reciprocity or ability to carry at congressional events

Pretty sure he was fighting against the thing that almost got him killed.

No, our entire government is replaceable. That's the beauty of our system. Both Democrats and Republicans have hundreds of thousands of legitimate candidates to choose from throughout this country. One falls another will rise. Honestly surprised it doesn't happen more. I bet the shooter was a dipshit though. I bet when his live is revealed he won't be one of those legitimate candidates for any office. He'll be some bum with shit ideas and opinions.

>Armed man returned fire
>Trained armed security at event
Not really sure what you are going on about

>only the elites deserve protection


2 of the people shot were armed police officers. Your good guy with a gun scenario doesn't really hold water when this man can walk into a highlt secured event and shoot congressman with armed gaurds and cops standing around. What chance does the average citizen have at a regular baseball game ?
Tougher gun registration is needed.

>"ope, it didn't work this time, better just throw the whole fucking thing out"

Wow, I bet you think the 2nd is about hunting too.

>well regulated Militia
You think this guy was part of a well regulated militia?

Nope, we're desensitized to these things.

>leftists trying to get ahead of the inevitable revelation that the shooter was a rabid leftist encouraged to attack GOP members by all the hateful bigoted rhetoric from democrats and the mainstream corporate media

It's gonna be a long day.

Please let him be right wing. Please let him be right wing. Please let him be right wing....

Good thing the 2nd doesn't protect the right of the militia to keep and bear arms.

No. A gunman could literally shoot up the capital building and kill a dozen politicians and we would be back on our Smartphones in a week.

>0 kills
No he was most certainly not part of a well regulated militia

no. This is more like what happened when Herschel Grynszpan shot a German diplomat in France. You should look into how the Germans responded to that