Who else here is for /Hookupculture/?

Who else here is for /Hookupculture/?

>Women and men enjoy themselves and explore their sexuality
>Women learn to truly appreciate sex and attractive men
>Betas and genetic inferiors are left out
>Women who had such a period in her life seeks sexuality and manliness in their partners, steering them away from losers
>Genepool improves through "survival of the fittest"
>Dyels, betas, social outcasts, racists and other scum will have a hard time participating, leaving them missing a large portion of social growth and becomes less attractive both as partners and in social interaction
>Society evolves

How can anyone be against this? You´re not a little beta bitch that can't pick up women are you?


People casualizing sex tend not to get themselves to settle down until it's too late. For men, it's mostly in their 30s/40s, for women, it's when their snatch is too ravaged to be appreciated by some random guys.

This is now a manlet shame thread

>he thinks that people will start families with hookup culture
how fucking delusional are you, this is part of why muslims are going to overwhelm native Europeans in 5 decades

Only inferior betas hate this.

>everyone belongs to everyone else

Praise Ford

> Survival of the fittest

Fucking a criminal with iq of 80 and having babies instead of decent hard working above 100iq man who is of decent build isn't really survival of the fittest and evolution


fucking lorna lol

>explore their sexuality

Is it just me, or do only degenerates use the word "explore"?

>How can anyone be against this? You´re not a little beta bitch that can't pick up women are you?
Yes, I am.

It's great. White boys get so mad, it's amazing feeling their rage when I score prime white pussy just cuz im black and have a BBC

Bullshit. Your financial situation isn't immutable and getting money is the reason why men who would otherwise be regarded as betas reproduce.

I kinda wanna fuck Lorna's brains out

Grew out of in my 20's. Anyone over 25 in a club has defeat and death in their eyes.

I can get all the pussy I want, but I choose not to because I don't want a currently incurable disease. Partner switching leads to STDS, unhappiness, divorce, unwanted pregnancy, drama, etc.

t. Professor Chad

most girls' and some guys' brains are wired to want to have babies at around 27-ish. You'll get there as well, in 12 years.

They tried this. It's called polygamy, and literally ruins society. For thousands of years it was commonplace to have either multiple wives or a stable of mistresses... This creates a massive issue of stagnation (why would a beta even attempt to contribute if they got nothing in return?). The ancients dealt with this by adopting slavery; however, you can convince a slave to cure cancer, or teach it to do much more than menial labour...

You'll end up degenerating civilization into a more primitive state if you condoned this behavior.

>European birth rates are at an all-time low
>people would rather keep fucking instead of settling down
>and even then some aren't careful and single moms happen
no worries goy, everything's okay

>gene pool improves through survival of the fittest
>implying sluts don't take a handful of birth control every morning

how does that negate my point? Women are having babies, just not as many.

Fucking reprobates.

literally doesn't matter once you keep bringing foreign people who shit out babies like it's nothing, nowadays marriage is something that's frowned upon, and natives are encouraged to be hedonists instead of settling down with one person and raising a family

>somewhat beta
>king of manlets
I'm not sure the best way to ensure my future wife won't divorce rape me. I am strongly thinking of trying to meet a Polish girl. Poles seem to be the last actual humans remaining on the planet.

>explore their sexuality

>Women who had such a period in her life seeks sexuality and manliness in their partners, steering them away from losers

I don't even play the hetero game and even I can smell your bullshit you faggot.

Haha you fucking autist Polish girls are extremely shallow. Just fucking lol if you think a Polack girl will be loyal to you unless you have a good amount of cash. Then again, you're supposedly rich so that's a great way to get east-Euro girls, they almost only care about money.

>tfw 6'2
>average face
>virgin at 21

>fresh pussy everywhere you go

I do alright for a manlet.
Women are whores user, they'll literally fuck anything that shows them attention.

Manliness means strength, honor, wisdom and responsibility, not fucking every slut in sight.


>tfw when 5'9
>mfw when lost virginity at 14
>tfw when boned 17 girls at 21


Yeah it's blatantly obvious the 'tall' guys who post these kind of things are straight neets who've never done well with girls.

It's easy.

Swedes don't talk like this. I believe you are a Jew

the height obsession on the internet is truly bizarre
sage in all fields

>i canny breathe

The family structure can't survive in hookup culture.

Also, just because you can fuck filthy hipster chicks and 5's, doesnt mean your a stud.

The majority of people who participate ib that lifestyle are often more ugly than attractive.

Thats just a movie, nigger. Haha.

White girls walk past you and laugh.

>Women and men enjoy themselves and explore their sexuality
you either suck dick or you don't, what's there to "explore"?

>A fucking mongrel burger

>Calling me a kike

Heh, go read the constitution while getting shot by niggers

znam to isto
but nah chastity is a virtue user

>The family structure can't survive in hookup culture.
then we'll go back to communal/tribal model to rediscover why we moved out of it in the first place, women are going to be the first to complain about how the grass isn't as green as they thought it would be

Allowing women to choose their mate based on physical attributes will de-evolve us into animals. We should change the system to allow only high net worth or high IQ men to breed with women.

Lol it's the definition of survival of the fittest when one genetically dead-ends oneself

sp survival of the fittest isn't even great nor wanted.

>almost only
While we're calling out this poster's weird idioms, where is "almost only" idiomatic? Russia?

Your moms ass

The Jews replaced good quality genetics that women craved with money and status.
It was the only way the kikes could carry on their bloodlines and compete with western white males.

Transhumanism is better
All hookup culture does is make humanity """""evolve""""" to be more nigger-tier

The people who are interested in hookup culture are the same ones incapable forming healthy, long term relationships.

>degeneracy is good for society

>implying that allowing women, whom possess the weakest minds, to let themselves get fucked by every douche bag on the street is 'survival of the fittest'.

Women are easily influenced, and categorically lack any free will of their own. The only endemically sexual preference they possess surrounds status.

They are pea-brained bags of hormones and selfishness, and to have their princess fantasies reinforced is their modus operendi

>"survival of the fittest"
Survival of the Jesters more like it, have fun building an army of men who compromise ever greater chunks of their personality to jump through hoops women set for them. Women can't be satisfied, they want chaos.

Artificial wombs will continue to allow autists like us to reproduce. Women are the niggers of gender, and they will be the ones that go extinct.

>1 post by this ID
>and people are still responding without saging meaning this keeps getting bumped to page 1
fuck reddit

5'11 master race reporting

>17 girls
You are just as bad as them. You are the problem.

Amerifat manlet.


Beta's and generic inferiors?

I think most of us have had sex at some point, so having it was never a point of, "Oh boy, I can't wait to feel superior!" It was, "Oh shit, OH OH OH FUCK IM CUMMING!!"

People on Sup Forums get ridiculous over their virginity fears and purity shit.

Shut up manlet

>Be 25 nerd virgin
>Find qt 18 innocent-ish girl
>She's beginning to experiment with sex and all, but that's ok.
>We meet. We fall in love. Becomes my girlfriend almost magically.
>All the problems I've heard during my life on other relationships seem like fake stories. Everything is perfect.
>I'm romantic as fuck, but she's even more. She's attentive, caring, always has good words for me and tells me how lucky she feels to have me by her side.
>Everything goes smoothly for about a year.
>I get a good job, we're about to move together and we're half-joking about marriage and kids at this point.
>Everything is just as good. She's happy as fuck. Occasionally she goes with her friends. That one night she asks me if she can go sleep with some guy friends. She kisses me and tells me all men should be like me.
That night she did coke and fucked 2 guys.
She didn't admit it, I made her confess. You wouldn't believe me, Sup Forums but I felt it.
>She told me she needed an open relationship because she was 18 at that time and wanted to experiment before settling down.
>I know Sup Forums memes. I knew she would do it again and again. I told her to fuck off, but eventually got back together. She cried and seemed sincere.
>Agreed to this open relationship for some time. She is as supportive as always, if not more. Everything is better than ever except one single thing: me.
> Day by day I'm growing more bitter and angry. I try that hookup culture with some success, but I find it so shallow and devoid of all emotion that I don't find any pleasure on it. I consider the women who do that with me whores.
>After half a year she doesn't even cum anymore with sex. She tells me most men can no longer make her cum and I'm one of the few.
>One of the few.
>I ragequit. Tell her we're done and that she's not the woman I want in my life.
>We're still friends, she still loves me.
>I still love her.
never leave 2d. Not worth it.

>Who else here is for /Hookupculture/?

I'm not pretty so no

WOW. Ok rude.

>We're still friends, she still loves me

wow, you were a cuck and still are. erase that bitch from your life you dumb faggot.

>falling this hard for the vaginal jew

You realise that the sperm DNA of previous partners gets carried on into her children right...?
So for obvious reasons, no. It is degenerate and borderline cuckoldry.

You seem nervous. S'd.

As long as I can fuck robots I don't care

i'm not for this, but not against either.
i'm pro-sexual freedom since every human can fuck the way he or she wants as long as it's consentual.

Hookup culture doesn't produce children. Without children a society doesn't evolve, it dies. We're not the first society to invent sexual libertinism, all the rest just collapsed or reverted to a more conservative outlook shortly after (see also the chasteness of the Victorian era as a reaction to the degeneracy of the Georgian era).

>I can get all the pussy I want


I just have a few questions about all this:
Aren't we forgetting about all the women that men don't want to fuck?
Aren't there beta equivalent women?
what are they called?
What about mid-tier pussy?
Are you lads saying you can't even bag mid-tier tail?
Answers please

Another great thread created by some gymcel from r9k/fit

>Genepool improves through "survival of the fittest"

That's why we're all so smart and well-adjusted. Tall, strong, and smart. Truly what it means to be a free burger. No more insults from everyone, we are the ubermensch, monogamous scum.

I was a nobody who maybe fucked 2 different girls a year until I became a doctor. It's literally a free pass to as much pussy as I want. Ironically I'm now celibate by choice precisely because it became so easy. Women are more or less all whores. Even when you find the rare one that isn't, it's just not worth putting up with a woman's shit.

So.. she meets the man she wants and never cheats again and you live alone.

Be that man you stupid cuck... monogamy or nothing... Leave her.

True. However, the degeneration of society is now completely inevitable, because we have abandoned God.

Survival of the fittest involves outbreeding your competition. Having 100x less than the sub-80 iq competition doesn't count.

I know this, meanwhile I don't even believe in evolution in the strict sense. I do believe natural selection increases the fitness of a population.

5'3" here. Everything's fine, for even if I go unloved at least I'll have money.

Nah, I fuck her occasionally but I won't waste time or money on her as I would if she had been the one. She's helpful.

Besides, you'd be surprised. I was angry and decided to make an experiment.
I decided to act like I was some sort of sex god. I'd go for anything above 6/10.
After tons of negative replies I started getting good at it. Then it became easy as fuck.
Married, with boyfriends, conservative, traditional, mormon, nerdy... you fucking name it. All of them wanted the dick after a few days of absentism of their men and some strings pulled here and there. They rationalized the way they cheated on their husbands as if fate had decided that they should meet this random guy and have their holes pumped like their life was a porn video.
ALL women do this. ALL of them. Even those who think they don't. They do. It only takes a moment of weakness and a cheeky cunt and they will be sucking dick.
That's the thing. She's just a toy to be used now, no matter who does it. I'm trying to do it less because I've had my share of being a degenerate, but it occasionally happens. I no longer look for it anywhere, but if it happens with no effort and money spent then it's ok. That's the life they chose, after all. They're happy.

Degenerate thread. More important things in Society for it's improvement than this! Stop the diversion tactics! REEEEEEEEEE!!!

People attract people that are similar to them, so if you are a whore, you are going to attract whores. You fucked up in the first place with your gf you probably could have gotten her to be monogamous, you just say monogamy or hit the road.

People try this egalitarian shit and surprised when women act like complete whores under it. Women want a guy to control her and be dominant this is evolutionary. If you can keep a girl respecting you then she won't cheat.

It's funny because women complain that the family structure subjugates them. They think a more communal lifestyle will liberate them. Hilary "It takes a village", and what not.

>Learn as much about tribal culture as I can
>Discover that the women do 100% of the child rearing, and 90% of all other labor as well.
>Men mostly sit around, goof off, play sports, and get fucked up, leaving literally everything else to the women.

In tribal culture, men have no incentive to do anything, other than be the most bad-ass in sports or whatever other status seeking pursuit dominates. Women are much more socially motivated then men, so they do almost all the labor, meanwhile men still don't care about children, and most would literally just leave them to die, so the women still do that too (not to mention that they have the breast milk).

At least in the nuclear family model, the husband does most of the labor. In this arrangement the responsibilities are more equitably shared, which results in a better situation for the women.

Basically, Women's Liberation confuses responsibility and duty imposed by nature/ God for subjugation imposed by the patriarchy. By "smashing the patriarchy", they destroy the only mechanism which yoked men to their share of the duties, thereby only increasing the women's own obligations.

Because the current birthrate for white women is 1.4. The population will collapse and be replaced by nigs and sandnigs. If you think niggers are an improvement for the gene pool then I don't know what to say.

So, are you saying that life hasn't changed for Africans even after they came here?

It takes a village is communistic shit, they try to say that parenting doesn't matter for whatever reason. In tribals the men try to act like hyper masculine monkeys and the only thing they can do is go hunt and fight and fight eachother.

So empowering to the women that they do all the work around the village and get gangraped every night becuase they want to compete for pregnancy.

Well in the 50's, the African American culture had embraced family and hard working values. They had low illegitimacy rates. They were climbing the economic ladder, and were already wealthier on average than they are now.

Then the cultural revolution and the welfare state happened. Now life for them is very similar to how it was in Africa.

You mean, Jews and Asians? Oh well, at least niggers would be dead...

And yet, Hutterite, Menonite and Amish villages have done well. What's the difference? Can you think of any?

Yes. Exactly.

>If you can keep a girl respecting you then she won't cheat.
True. You have to treat them like children. But that's still more a burden than a blessing. That is not love and they're still cheating on you at the end of the day. All it takes is a single "I need attention" moment under the right circumstances.
Why go through so much trouble when you can get the full benefits for less? And even if you can't get those benefits it's still not worth your time. Go for something better. Build your own rocket or some shit. Don't waste your time.

>Hutterite, Menonite and Amish villages
> Still have property, still have nuclear families who spearhead childrearing responsibilities.

They have a semi-communal life solely because of very high levels of Christian charity. This is nothing like tribal communalism, so what's your point?

Are you seriously suggesting that the best example for what the post-family, post sexual liberation world will be like is the Amish? Foolishness at it's finest.

posts saved giphy gifs of tv show girlz i havent heard of.

>i can get pussy anytime.

No, I was responding to the notion that the "village" attitude of necessity produces the degeneracy of tribal villages or the inner city.

I love it, fucked so many white bitches in college.

When a woman is young, if you want her to be yours alone, you MUST keep her pregnant and busy with children or she WILL cheat. This is a fact of our evolution.

Older women have ridden the cock carousel enough that they realize the worth of a good man.

Because it isn't good and anyone that has actually slept around for a bit knows this instinctively

It's fun when your like 19 and 20 but before you know it you are me, 27 getting chubby with no girl seemingly worthy the effort and girls from the past you let go but shouldn't have.

It's degenerate through and through don't learn the hard way

I'm actually taking drugs to chemically castrate me because I'm so ashamed as my failure as a male.

I never want another boner in my life

They put an importance on the 2 parents along with the community. Communists think its only the community that matters.