I'm a proper lefty Sup Forums (like voted for Corbyn level lefty), but even I find pic related to be ridiculous...

I'm a proper lefty Sup Forums (like voted for Corbyn level lefty), but even I find pic related to be ridiculous. Why does Huffington Post seem to be more concerned about the Syrians involved in the fire, singling them out for a headline out of all the people affected by the fire? Sometimes the left I love so much really is just a parody of itself...

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you are part of the problem then

It is only sometimes. I'm mostly a lefty because I think public services are important and the right keeps shitting all over them. Also socially I don't give a fuck if people want to change genders or get abortions or whatever.

But when it comes to the immigration debate the left is just so toxic, like during EU ref they refused to acknowledge any potential downsides to free movement.

I'm a former lefty, so I'm always sympathetic to your side of things.

One thing the left really want is to be seen as being caring towards others.

Unfortunately, this can sometimes spill over to caring one-upmanship. Black lives matter is in that category. So too is singling out Syrians as in your article.

I'd like to gently steer lefties towards the truth because so many are in this warm comfortable bubble of myth, half-truth and self-censorship.
It's comfortable and somewhat self-congratulatory but it's not honest.

>I'd like to gently steer lefties towards the truth
See there are some issues I can agree with the right on, I ended up voting Leave last year, despite ALL my friends telling me not to. But I'm an NHS worker so I can't see myself ever agreeing with the right when it comes to public services.

The truth about Corbyn:




more of this shit

You are a flat out retard if shit like this perks your nipples but then you blindingly swallow all the other shit mainstream media feeds you by the bucket.

How can you be skeptical of this article and turn around tomorrow and be like YEAH HAVING CHILDREN IS OVER RATED LIKE THIS SCIENCE ARTICLE SAYS



Aaaaand this is why growth of government is cancer. The leeches will never willingly detach themselves from it.

>"Im a proper lefty"

*Starts helicopter*

He's dead right that the Blairites are just power hungry, they'd suck May's pussy for a cabinet position. Wrong about everything else though.

Still loving that people bang on about the IRA thing when the DUP have supported 'terrorism' themselves. And he's wrong that it's just the party's past, it's Arlene's present, here she is with UDA leader Dee Stitt last year

The thing is though that we will never actually be able to cut these services since people like you will stop us, so you don't need to worry about it and you can come to the right

What makes you think I swallow other mainstream media bullshit? I don't want kids but that's just because I'd be a shitty parent

>we will never actually be able to cut these services
hahaa good one, what do you think the Tories have been doing for years. NHS has had cuts when budgets are adjusted for inflation, and they've had it easy compared to social care, education and DWP.

Public services are important, not gonna be lectured by a Yank about this, come talk to me in ten years when you're bankrupt from medical expenses:

Well that's fantastic and foreseeable at least there will be none of your kin in the future you useless waste of life.

Of course you swallow that shit, otherwise you wouldn't be leftie.


You are like this faggot and if you're not as bad as him at least agree with some of what he's got to say which ironically makes you a bigger racist than all of us.

>Of course you swallow that shit, otherwise you wouldn't be leftie.
Kek you don't know where my political views come from, I could say you're only right wing because you swallow what the right wing pundits say. Don't know if Australia is different, but here in UK our print media is overwhelmingly right-wing, if I swallowed what they said I'd be a right winger like you.

Regarding the video, the alcohol stuff is bullshit, but come on you cunts (descended from us cunts I'll admit) did take their land and their culture. I'm not saying that excuses or even fully explains their current problems, but it is a factor.

Left wing does have some good ideas and views and opnions.

And I can understand lot there views of wanting help others.

But athe same time they don't seem mind other people suffering or struggling due resources and space being givenazi to others.

I just find the left full double standards Dellusional delluded biased bigoted ignorant and mad PEOPLE and crazy views.

There loosening the public due to there own insane and crany policys which treat white people and the home population of countrys as second class over imigrants.

The left is now disgusting disgraceful

Yeah I agree and it pisses me off about the left as well. Like we do need skilled immigration in the UK because we have skill shortages, but suddenly it's seen as 'racist' to object to free movement in the left.

The left seems to have forgotten that they're supposed to fight for the working class, who are seeing wages suppressed and a housing crisis spiralling partly because of free movement.

Free add revenue from you fucks.

Kek who doesn't use adblocker you retard

>Why does Huffington Post seem to be more concerned about the Syrians involved in the fire?

Welcome to the larger world you have been ignoring lefty fag.

Before you start down this path I want to make it clear that everything you have said and done prior has contributed to your death and the death of your race. If you were smart enough you'd be ashamed of your self. But your not.

Please... I implore you to lurk.

Over 200 years ago we take their land so they get drunk every single day at a park outside a shopping center?

Fuck off

>I'm not saying that excuses or even fully explains their current problems
Read better cunt

Eh I am ashamed of how the left has been about immigration, and even my own past attitudes towards the debate. I don't think it's leading to 'the death of my race' or any bullshit like that, but it has been ultimately harmful to the country.

But until the right wing has better policies about public services, I'll never be ashamed of being a lefty.

>bankrupt from medical bill
>what is insurance

Privatization makes healthcare cheaper. In the US we pay less and get way better care than in your third world shithole. I only pay $245 a month for complete coverage, whereas you get taxed to death to pay for your communist government.
Go fuck yourself.

>I don't think it's leading to 'the death of my race'
it doesn't fucking matter what you think, it's all mathematical. they outbreed you. they are more violent than you. they will kill you when the scale tips too far into their favor. they've already started.

>Privatization makes healthcare cheaper. In the US we pay less and get way better care
Absolute bullshit. USA spends a higher percentage of GDP on healthcare than any other industrialised countries, and you get much worse results for it:

>what is insurance
What are co-pays and deductables? What is still paying through the nose for medication even with insurance?

>USA population
>320 million
>United Kaliphate population
>65 million

No shit we pay more for healthcare in total, you inbred faggot limey

>they outbreed you.
Kek whatever, yeah non-British people do have more babies than whites, but we're still like 90% of the population. Even by 2030 they'll only be 30% of the population (telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/immigration/10809481/Non-white-people-almost-30-per-cent-of-population-by-2050.html).

Remind me, isn't the USA more than 30% non-white already? Wont you guys be a majority-Beaner country by 2030? I think Britain's doing just fine. I'm actually more worried about 'white' (slav) open door immigration than I am about Paki Drs and Indian engineers.

sounds like suspects to me, the whole damn family is gone?

>Not understanding how percentages work

Jesus how retarded are you Yanks?

>lefty spotted

That's not how math works

What's retarded about wanting to protect public services?

Hahaa shit I didn't even think of that.

>"race is a social construct"
>"gender is a social construct"
>"yeah let's destroy the white race"
>"oh immigrants killed my child, i guess we ha ve to collect money for refugees on her funeral"
>"i hope you are pleased my jewish masters"
the whole concept of marxism is retarded and everyone who falls for leftist demagogy is just braindead, if you look and communism and socialism and what they have done in the world, marxism takes everything people created and destroys it, furthermore they are the ones responsible for all the cultural degeneracy we face today and do not kid yourself leftwing-liberals are just as bad

Not all socialism is marxist

Most of these are about immigration or race, already said I'm annoyed with how the left treats these issues. Also
>my jewish masters

Kek Corbyn got less Jewish support than any other Labour leader, 8.5% according to this article:

Regarding gender is a social construct, I'm not that retarded. I just don't give a fuck if someone wants to change genders, because how does that impact me in any real way?

for what its worth rainbow, you seem way more center than left

You think? I guess I am centrist on a lot of issues, but I lean to the right on immigration and I'm left as fuck on public services.

you should do a couple of compasses and see

>Public services

If you like public services I'd highly recommend you look into Natsoc, ie the only way to make a communally based society which has universal respect for its people work.

Eh just a bit too extreme for me man, I want the Slavs to leave my country not be wiped off the face of the earth.

>how does that impact me in any way?

It's not about how it impacts you personally necessarily, it's about how it impacts the culture and morals of your nation. The indulgence in the mental illness of people such as transsexuals so that they can pursue their mindless fetishes and hedonistic goals reflects a society which does not care about basic morals, ethics, or ideals such as restraint and discipline, things which make up the basic foundation of all societies. Whenever a society loses sight of these goals in favor of radical individualism and materialism throughout history it almost always experiences social strife and collapses, and it was a major component in the downfall of Western Rome.

putting blood before beliefs transcemds politics

these people hate who you are, they hate their countrymen and wish to be replaced by foreigners

What I find disgusting is that all the people helping/opening up centres for people to drop off food and water and clothes, are all Brits. Not one mosque is helping out.

Thats not really what Natsoc is about, you can certainly use it to argue for doing that but at the end of the day National Socialism is literally just describing a nation with one universal culture and ethnicity which works in the interest of its people first and foremost. And because of this universal ethnicity, the citizens of that nation all feel a much deeper connection with its history and people, a tenet itself which lends to a government that actually cares about those who live within it and citizens who actively contribute to the wellbeing of their community. This is as opposed to communism in which people are forced at gunpoint to do that or multiculturalism in which everyone in any one nation hates the other group and is actively (consciously or not) trying to remove them.

>proper lefty
>like voted for corbyn level lefty
>reading washington post
>woah guysss it's identity politics
>rainbow flag

read zizek and/or neck yourself liberal fuck

>"Family of Syrian Refugees Missing"

>No-one thinks 'they bailed cause Achmed warned them he was gonna bake 120 apartments'

I heard that certain tooth/gum diseases can turn the blood septic and affect the brain.
Britain's poor dental care is catching up to them.

haha forgot to update my ID

I just don't give a fuck though. I'm not religious, and with regards to morality I think if you follow the rule of 'don't hurt other people' the rest doesn't matter. I seriously doubt people changing gender will lead to the end of civilised society. And I agree with the radical individualism and materialism thing, I just don't see what that has to do with the trans thing?

It's huffington post learn to read filenames retard.

apparently that tower has a lot of muslim residents but I did side-eye the fact that the explosions supposedly happened during Eid and the neighbors muslim friends seemed to know more than everyone else

I can see the appeal to that. I do think a name change would be needed to get people behind it though, NatSoc has too many negative historical connotations.

>One thing the left really want is to be seen as being caring towards others.
They single out the Syrian family.
This is posturing. They actually don't give a shit about them, they care about people THINKING they care about them. And the fact that they aren't concerned about anybody else proves that, in reality, they don't give a shit about anyone that died in that fucking fire. It's always political with these fuckers, ALWAYS.

It can actually, it's called a brain abscess. I know you're just shitposting but UK has great dental hygiene compared to the rest of the world, we just think whitening/straightening bullshit Yanks do is vain and pointless. We don't care about them being straight and white, but we do care about having healthy teeth.

You voted for corbyn?

You, you are why Britain is just fucking shit now.

>I seriously doubt people changing gender will lead to the end of civilized society

It's not that that will specifically lead to the end of society, it's that it reflects a symptom of a society which has lot sight of what has made it successful. Transsexuals are mentally ill people who are incredibly self obsessed and materialistic. Their obsession with changing their physical appearance to match an image which they sexually fetishize reflects a following of their hedonistic pursuits to the point of self destruction. If we as a society will not do anything to those who spit in the face of the very foundations which allow us to operate, instead indulging in their mental fantasies with no basis in the real world, then we will all face the greater effects of that.

This is a fair point. It functions well on Sup Forums as a universal identifier though, for obvious reasons.

never a truer word spoken

>thinking your average paki is a doctor


It's the mudmen who are gang raping children and pushing Islamism constantly.

They're the people who chuckle to themselves when they see people like you thrown off buildings in the Middle East.

The people who'd love to do the same to you here.

Imagine voting for Corbyn fully in the knowledge that he supports the vast importing of people who want you, and our wider way of life, dead.

Wew lad. I suppose we know you're a bottom.

White people are not humans to them, period.

Because the left worships weakness and victimhood. And there is no better screen to project victimhood onto than brown, muslim "refugees".

>proper lefty
>Why does Huffington Post seem to be more concerned about the Syrians
pick one

Health insurance is basically a banking scam. There was a time before insurance companies when healthcare was dirt cheap. Insurance companies ruined that and that is why we are looking down the barrel of single payer. So fuck insurance companies. It's a completely unnecessary industry that has helped fuck America into the position it's in now.

Kek. Doesn't this mean you're a conservative in Britbongistan?

This is a good point. When you see a liberal bitching about how you should think of the less well off, especially migrants/immigrants, I guarantee you they give even less of a shit about them than you do. All of it is literally just to built to make them feel morally superior. They are the most vain, selfish, and dishonest people on the planet. They would throw every single person on Earth under the bus if they felt it would make them seem like a morally righteous person.

I'm not the one running our NHS and education systems into the ground. If I could trust the Tories with public services I might not have to vote Labour

>Imagine voting for Corbyn fully in the knowledge that he supports the vast importing of people who want you, and our wider way of life, dead.
1). Corbyn said he'd end free movement
2). Tories have been in for 7 years, 7 years May has been home secretary then PM. 7 years they've not only failed to meet their tens of thousands target, but actually seen immigration levels increase during their government.

>thinking your average paki is a doctor
Yeah fair point they aren't, the point I was making was that we can control who and how many people we let in from outside Europe. We do need doctors and shit but if they want to just open a corner shop close the fucking door.

That's the point of this thread retard, I'm a lefty on most issues but seen as 'right wing' on immigration, the left really fucking pisses me off with how toxic they are over the immigration debate.

Everyone can be a vain cunt in some regards. I don't condemn trans people for having surgery any more than I condemn people with small tits getting a boob job or fatties getting lipo, it's their decision and I don't see it as harmful to anyone.

lefty myself, and fuck the left. they are nothing but a propaganda machinery for (((those))) who opressed us for so long already. the right isnt really better in that regards (politicians and journalists etc), but the normal people in the right arent as utterly retarded and ignorant.

as for why they single out the refugees in that case. probably to tell "see, muslim suffer from the terror as well, so its not about religion. import more of these savage shitskins goy"

Yeah some valid points. Do you think the left can change though? Do you think we'll ever stop labelling any debate around immigration as automatically 'racist' and actually listen to some of the counter arguments?

I don't really have much to add debate/information wise. But I just wanted to say that it's great that you can step back and question the media you're seeing like that. Many of my leftist friends just accept what they see because they think they're being thoughtful and kind.
Keep educating people to question what the media presents them. You go dude!

not nearly lefty enough, will be seeing you at the gulag commie-chan

News Desk: OH no! How will society survive without those ultra-smart brown muzzies? DAMN!

"Fuck whitey!" (is white)

Liberals won't worship Christ so they are always tricked into serving Satan because humans will always want and need masters and leaders.

Corbyn was very ambivalent on free movement. He paid lip service to it. And even if he did support free movement, WITH THE EU, what makes you think he'd be opposed to third world immigration from the Middle East and Africa once EU immigration dried up ?

Corbyn is as close as you can get to open borders lunacy we you'll ever find. You think he's someone who'd be against helping 'poor refugees from North Africa drowning in the med'?

You're bonkers mate. Sorry.

The Tories are self serving parasites, but at least you know where you stand with them. They have to appeal to Brexit voters and UKIP supporters now, so they have to bring immigration in line with public will.

What this country needs is a no nonsense nationalist type Labour Party. We'll never get that though because labour sold out the white working class for non white immigrant votes, a direct new labour policy for more than a decade.

Look at how groups like MEND lobby for Labour to pander to the Muslim vote by promising to win them key seats in the general election via Muslim votes. Look at their twitter feed for fuck's sake. They're doing it in open sight.

Our democracy is being subverted by people who hate our way of life, and want people like you dead, or at the very least marginalised or oppressed.

Open your eyes lad.

And even if he did support ending* free movement

Thanks man, I think it's important to question what the media says. Some of my lefty friends are good at this (one of them admitted the Independent is centre-left propaganda once), but some of them do just swallow whatever the Guardian says without thinking.

I will say I think Corbyn helped with this, the left-wing media slammed him so much it made many people I know think twice.

my guess is as good as yours. germany has the problem of its history, or rather what (((they))) claim our history is cucking everyone because every step slightly to the right in their mind leads ultimately to the next genocidal hitler. however trust in media declines, more and more terrorattacks, i dont think they can hold it up for much longer. we probably wont throw out each and every refugee and go full 1488 again, but we will reconsider the policies we used so far again, and hopefully come to the conclusion that taking in refugees helps noone, and especially not as long as we keep bombing their places ourselves creating terrorists and refugees alike and that if we truely want to help them it needs to be done over there and not here

I hope they suffered

Yeah he probably is a bit too pro-refugee for my tastes. But really I voted Labour for public service reasons, I despise the way the left is dealing with immigration but I agree with them on most other shit.

And you're right a nationalist Labour is unthinkable, even if Corbyn's wing loses power, as you said the NuLabour alternative is just as bad.

>especially not as long as we keep bombing their places ourselves creating terrorists and refugees alike and that if we truely want to help them it needs to be done over there and not here
Fucking this. If the right clued up to how much interventionist foreign policy was contributing to migration, they'd get a lot more votes.

but thats the problem, the right wing politics are controlled by the same people, and they wont adress it because of this. (((they))) need to destabilize the middle east to be able to create greater israel. furthermore all the refugees and problem they cause elsewhere rile things up, spread fear and confusion which makes those easier to controll as well. additionally they get access to the oil which especially for the US is really important (pic related). thats what i meant with there is no difference between left and right. among the people maybe, but i feel if they still think one side is different from the other they are as bluepilled as the other side making them the same once again.
crash the system with no survivors is the only way to save the world i fear

you seem to be one of the more reasonable people i've seen on the left, but the only reason you seem left wing is because of "public services".

Now i don't know much about UK politics but even the "far right" in Sweden wants Social Democratic politics when it comes to public services, but they want to almost end all immigration from the middle east and african countries since its ONLY hurtful for our Country.

Would you feel comfortable voting for them?