This is the metro in Warsaw

This is the metro in Warsaw.
Notice anything?

The Polish train doesn't work and once again is in maintenamce

Does this one go to Auschwitz too?

We already know Poland is based

>Notice anything?

Yah, nobody's using the train 'cause all the poles already moved to UK

the guy who took the picture broke in the metro in the middle of the night

Hello and welcome to City 17

do we have all your shitty people then?

There is nowhere to put your plunger ?

No niggers and shitskins. 10 / 10.

This is the metro in Milan.
Notice anything?

>public services accomodate for people in wheelchairs


Looks modern

This is the light rail in Denver. Notice anything?

its clean, no stains on the floor, and no homeless people sleeping.

This is a train in Mumbassa. Notice anything ?

>only red seats.

Seats need more diversity tbqhwy

That's because it's a brutal regime where even sneezing at the wrong time will get you locked up. Is it worth all the oppression, brutality and censorship just to have a clean train?

It just left.

Poleniggers are too poor to ride the metro

Commuter train in South Africa.

Charming, not as charming when you realize fats will use them as single seats.


The lack of Communist propaganda, no Toвapищ coming back tired from work.
Fuck Solidarnosc in the ass.
You Poles didn't deserve the revolution.

Not for fat people.

>not using cable cars as public transports

And yet, you dare to call us "third worlders"

Looks like CGI, lel.

pic related


nice favelas you got there

No Poles

Train's broken down, need Germans to come and fix it.

clean as hell

this is a train in Rotterdam, notice anything?

take the same pic in 4 years

Was looking all over the thread for this, i think the point is that people haven't treated it like a garbage can

No niggers

Poland is truly based

If there aren't any people, there can't be any niggers. Brilliant stuff.

Those were nice, I'll give you that. I miss it. I stayed off of Gerusalemme. Nice place.

Colorado is by far one of the healthiest states in the USA though, fatties are about as common here as they are in Europe. We still have them but it's not nearly as bad as most of the US

I see at least 8 poles.

Colorado is way the hell more fit than Europe, this state's entire culture is centered around fitness (which is frankly revolting most of the time). If you account for the ethnic disparities in weight averages the whole "amerifat" meme falls apart

I counted 8.

> rotterdam
> no niggers

pick one

grappig hoe dat ik Rotterdam herken aan de Moskee als ik met de trein aankom

no niggers

That's right goy everything is grey,dark and depressing in Eastern Europe we should liberate those poor brainwashed and opressed white people with some diversity and multiculturalism like we did in West... I mean check this Western metro, look how progressive, beautiful and colorful it is!

>let's play spot the white person

Why the fuck did you had to show El Alto? The literal favela city of Bolivia?
Fuck Favelas are literal beacons of civilization compared to El Alto
At least you could've cropped that part.
Just put La Paz pics, or Cochabamba, or Santa Cruz
Don't embarrass us pls

>which is frankly revolting most of the time
Elaborate. What is revolting about fitness? If you mean the "fit" hipsters who do yoga and eat muh organic free-range grass-fed kale I agree, but there's nothing wrong with staying fit