Sup Forums is bad man once again

>be dindu
>make racist comment
>get reported and suspended
>make new account to blame Sup Forums racists

will it end well for her this time?

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>will it end well for her this time?

Ban evasion? What could possibly go wrong.

inb4 twitter be raycis n sheeeit.

>the Nazis always find me and get rid of my ass

>Sup Forums claims racism doesn't mean anything because people misuse it
>Sup Forums misuses it

really makes you think

I guess that's what happens when you use a Black Panther movie to educate people on historical what-ifs. Such a cruel society we live in.

>Sup Forums bitches about liberals crying racism and getting people fired\banned for it
>cries racism and gets someone banned for it
Really activates my almonds

u sound like kangz

Social media addicts are nothing without their Twitter pages. What else will they check every two seconds on their phone we saw it first with Sweetie now this idiot

>no goy, don't use the tactics that the left has used so successfully against you against them, just lie back and be defeated. At least you'll have your principles!

Because it's time to show them what it's like

who is sweetie?

>my forehead is an intersection of oppression

>be fag
>cry about people crying about people

It's literally okay when our side does it.

Pretending to have some moral high ground is irrelevant now. It's just about winning.

I fucking wish.

BAMN is a good motto, we've appropriated it

Just redpill her and fuck her. You know these black women are just waiting for strong white men to steal them away from their immature perpetual 14 year old nigger males.

When did pirates become such faggots

when we ignored the VPN stage show and shills were forced to roleplay as our ideological flags, but they have no ideology because they have ZERO true convictions so they sound goofy as fuck no matter what flag they wear.


>the black people are the real racists!
*squeek squeek*

I'm just wondering how anyone can believe that Africa would be better without colonialism.

Sup Forums is Machiavellian in its methods. Not many here are naive enough to believe that we can actually change their minds. All Sup Forums can do is resort to their tactics and hope we end up being right.


They were riding around spaceships n shieet before whitey got there though. Professor Mohammad Abdul Shafir The Third said so.


>not hoisting them by their own petard

You will NEVER learn.

You're expecting a group of people who believe that raping infants will cure AIDS to be cognizant of the fact that they were far, far better off under whitey's colonial rule than they would have been under self-rule.
The level of self-delusion niggers have it unchartable by white technology.

>be massive fag
>cry about people who are crying about people crying about people

>I take my political beliefs from poorly animated cartoons

damn right

This isn't vengeance, only justice

we wuz kangz whil' y'all wuz n cavez

>It's literally okay when our side does it.

Pretty much. Moral high grounds and shit are something you can jerk yourself off to when you are already dominating anyway.
But otherwise it literally just comes down to who gets it their way, and voluntarily crippling your own side is sure to make you lose.

There's a reason the "make your enemy live up to their own rules" thing exists.



Ya'll be fuckin savage recessive rhesus cave monkeys until da blak moorz teech u how to bathe and teech u ariffmattik n shieet.

Round 2 boys?

fucking based!

The graveyards are full of honorable men.



already blocked me. best to mass report her before shitposting

Lost it at the picture of her crying. Holy shit, niggers really are little kids, telling them their version of africa and pyramids isn't real is like telling a kid that santa isn't real

>while also saying white people shouldn't take pride it past achievements
It's the libtards doing this. The rightists understand that we're more than just individuals. We have a collective identity, and we share the same genes. If you can't be proud of your parents' achievements, you can't be proud of your children's achievements. And if you can't be proud of of your ancestor's achievements, you can't be proud of your parents' achievements, i.e., you can't be proud of your children if you can't be proud of your ancestors. I suppose Marxists do live up to this principle, since they are not having children. Not white children, at least.


Sup Forums is a bunch of faggot crybabies

These niggers need to go back. Every single one of them.

Ew, wtf is that.

>hey there, gimme one sec
>aight i'm ready
>...lemme uhhh lemme get a....number 4 large

Saved for my "black tears" trolling efforts. Thanks

because being proud of who you are if american white means hating niggers and other brown people.
hating nigger and killing natives is american as apple pie
I for one think we should go back to killing these non humans


That's one ugly creature. It's like a blobfish.

A nigger doing what they do best, crying about oppression.


Hmmmm. Probably a dude larping as a chick


Someone send this to her


More like butt pirate. Am i rite, guys?

Lurk more

if you kill your enemies they win dude i totally agree

niggers are like libtards they have no cognitive thought, just emotions, which turns into violence or crying.
you can not talk to them, you can't reason with them.

she's right Sup Forums


2woke4me tbqh famalam

>I dindu nuffin
>Pol needs to be more of an eco-chamber for me

red pilled

I thought only blacks were enslaved and only whites were slavers. How is it possible that the Germanic were able to become so powerful when they were oppressed and enslaved by these Roman supremacists?

i hope those niggers post this comment on their twitter

She seems to get upset if you call her racist

meds didn't keep the aryan and anglo down like they should have

Hey now. Don't put those two with the rest of us pirates


well Romans did nothing wrong.

Let me guess, you're a good boy who never trolled before? Nigger please.

That was English?

have to pound it first though

Show this nigga a photo of untouched niggas and tell it to go back live in clay huts then ask where the fuck does white men still live like that. If it was not for colonialism you would not have Twitter, only a spear and a saggy tit.

Sup Forums btfo

>who is obama?

>egyptians aren't african

typical racist retard everybody. fuck off back to your safe space, cletus.

What the fuck? Is it half Asian?

>you should treat your enemies like your friends
>why are you killing this thug trying to kill you, don't you see you're JUST LIKE HIM
This is what every argument of that sort boils down to. Only a highschooler gets all hot and bothered by accusations of hypocrisy, because everyone can be a hypocrite when viewed through the lens of an outside observer.
It is perfectly rational for a white nationalist to complain about a behavior in other races and cultures and then use that same behavior against other races and cultures. Once you see that same white nationalist do the same against fellow white countrymen, then and only then you have a point.
This only works at the individual level, otherwise "Sup Forums is not one person" applies.
How about you stop breathing oxygen, seeing as Hitler did the same. Live by your principles.

the way she says it kinda feels like it should be one of those customer reviews companies put on their website; maybe a Sup Forums banner?

The deposed half-human king nigger.

when people say african they normally mean sub-saharan african, and when this is in the context of the black panther trailer it's an easy assumption to make

and egyptians were super-mixed anyway

>Africa would have been spaceships and skyscrapers if whites never colonised the continent
>Present day Africa is nothing but mudhuts. Only buildings over 2 stories were built by whites or chinese
>Fucking wheel didn't even exist in Africa until white boys showed up.

This type of delusion is amazing...

he does have cognitive thought. must be a pain in the ass see a nigger so well spoken and capable.
how do you people cope with it?

50 % white, and that's your example of a good nigger. K.

It's like they want us to do this

>race mixing is good

this this right here

Of course it's good for the niggers. But imagine how intelligent Obongo would have been with 2 white parents.

This one needs some enrichment too I think

I take it anal without lube hurts?

If niggers had any ability to understand their own historical context or possessed any knowledge about world affairs they would understand that nearly every society that is enslaved by another superior civilization is eventually uplifted by the process. The only reason mass enslavement is ever possible in the first place is because the enslaved are so far behind the slavers technologically and culturally. Sure, it sucks for the slaves who have to live through it, but future generations benefit immensely.

Muhammad Ali was quoted as saying, upon his return to the US after the Rumble in the Jungle, “Thank God my granddaddy got on that boat” because he realized that Africa is a violent, shit-filled mud hole and he was thankful he grew up in waycist-ass Louisville

What? You make zero sense...

egyptians were north african, and north africans are completely different from subsaharans.