Steve Scalise VOTED FOR:

steve Scalise VOTED FOR:
National cross-state standard for concealed carry.
Teach kids Eddie Eagle GunSafe's programme.
Sponsored loosening restrictions on interstate gun purchases
Allow veterans to register unlicensed guns acquired abroad.
Apply concealed carry permit to all other states where legal.


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keep exciting your loonies, tool
don't forget who has the guns
you are likely to die of a violent death you know

seems like a setup for gun control then.

>hahaha dumb rethuglican who wanted lax gun laws gets shot!
>will they ever learn

a true hero
may God bless this man


So he's a hero, and the Democrat who shot him is a massive hypocrite.

what a dumbass

>republico-nazi gets shot
that's the way to go, unfortunately he won't die

try to come to Europe with a gun and get me, you fucking inbred bastard
oh wait you don't need to, you just send America's best puppet: DAESH

why dont we just make murder illegal
that should work

>be American
>get shot
>become a hero

is getting shot in the US so unusual that if you do you become a hero?
what kind of heroic things did that moron do?
be a racist, push for less gun control?

oh you're in Europe, then you're dead already and my prediction of a violent death for you is through the roof
Think of it when you die powerlessly, thinking that at least you had no gun, was not a racist and lived up to muh principles. Your posturing will seem meaningless.


And? The shooter was stopped by a gun.

Advocating gun safety in a nation with more guns than people is common sense.

Nice try deflecting from the true cause of this, which is the typical murderous hatred of free men by leftist scum.

who plays baseball with a gun...

>fly ball to left field
>just shoot it if its going over the fence

they'd have to run back to the dugout to grab it. instead, they were depending on the police that you libs love to say can protect you from anything. they were fucked either way. you want violence Dems....?

Instead of banning guns, how about we do a nation-wide ban on psychotic leftists?

Protecting the rights of the people and the constitution. Good for him.

Who wants to bet the gun is legally bought by a "normal" leftist which wouldn't have been stopped by a background check.

Also, go ahead and te4ll us which of those points in your "argument" caused this or allowed it to happen?

Was the shooter concealed carrying legally? What type of weapon did he have? Did he attend an eddie the eagle gun safety course for kids?

Isnt it funny that your attempts to flex your intellect only show the depths of your ignorance?

None of those would have made this any more or less likely.

>shooter was stopped by a gun.

A cop with a gun. Are you an idiot? Even countries with strict gun laws have cops with guns.

The psycho should have used an Islamic Truck of Peace. Much more effective than a gun, especially in the hands of a fucking idiot.

Your point?

Was the guy who shot him a conceal carrying veteran taught by Eddie Eagle? No.

>cops with guns are somehow magically more capable than anyone else
lol, most only go to the range when absolutely necessary to maintain their employment. They're also minutes away when you need them (how many were shot before he showed up) and they actually have no obligation to show up when called, as decided by the SCOTUS.

Fuck off, ignorant cunt.

Shhh, dont interrupt the libtard when they're displaying their mighty intellect.

>not firing your warning gun in the air to call off the corner outfielder to catch a pop-up

if I give you a loaded gun are you going to go on a mass shooting?

>got shot in one of the most gun-restrictive areas of the country

how'd that work out

All you're doing is proving the shooter is a globalist puppet antifaggot, because no nationalist would shoot someone in favor of more rights.

Don't pretend you don't know the answer to that.

we don't have to you imbeciles allowed yourselves to be invaded without a single shot and you will be pillaged until turkey (who has LOTS of guns) marches in your streets and you will finally realize why we defend 2nd amendment

It would take a pretty tall dude to conceal a long rifle.

what makes you think he wouldn't still support all of those you braindead faggot commie
all rational men understand that you must embrace danger if you wish to have freedom
additionally, the idea that you become safer by giving up your rights to an authoritarian government is proven by history to be an utter absurdity
sage in all fields

i am loving this sedition meme we must spread this across the cyber

how the fuck did this retard fail to kill by the way

>liberals think they can trick republicans into being anti gun over this

Banning the gun wouldn't have curbed the anger that led this fag to shoot those congressmen.

That shouldn't be a law you commie faggot. Sedition, incitement to violence, incitement to commit crime, and conspiracy to overthrow the government should be legal. FREEDOM. OF. SPEECH. We need one.

an hero that has suffered for defending his people right of having tools to stand against government opression , god bless him

We don't have to come to Europe to get you, you live in Europe you're already dead inside.

He's a worthless white leftist, the left appeals to losers like this.

Can't even assisinate right and now they will hang him for trying to kill a politician

god bless this man

he dindu nuffin they already reported that it was not an assassination attempt

lol. American who lives in fear all his life (so has to hava gun to protect himself) tells european who has probably never heard a gunshot except when hunting in the country, and has never had a person they know killed by firearms, or even within a hundred miles of them - that they shoudl be afraid and will die by gunfire.

lol. The delusion is strong

but would have been stopped in any civilised country, like the Uk or France...

He will stand by his principles even after being shot. You have no principles. There is a clear winner here.

but as any civilised person would tell you, not having easy access to firearms for the population, who do not need them, because they live in a civilised country, means that many fewer people are ever killed by guns. and the cops show up and close down bad guys pretty quickly.

so, trade off you having to live in fear all your life and waste your money on guns and ammo, adn keeping up your target practice, against actually having a fear free life with no need for that expense, and living in peace.

you are sadly brainwashed and ignorant.

more guns does not mean less violence. it is always the reverse. always.

which is surrounded by states that allow any wacko to buy guns. How did that work out?

says the man from the country that imported niggers and then set them free... and now needs to have guns to defend themselves against all the niggers...

>all rational men understand that you must embrace danger if you wish to have freedom

no all rational men know that you need to minimise danger to reasonable levels if you want to live.

it is not freedom to be able to carry a killing machine - it is raw ego and stupidity to allow it in public.

just because you have a small dick doesn't mean you should be allowed to carry a means of murdering anyone who points out you have a small dick.

you have everything completely backwards
sorry about your brain