Ultimate red pill - anti nazi thread

Exposing (((nazi))) vermin lies and providing evidence for the fact that the war in the east was genocidal and ultimately the nazis brought the red army unto themselves and that the blood is on their hands for their wives and children dying due to the red army, starvation, etc.

If you support Hitler you are anti Slavic. Anti European. A spiritual subhuman mongrel mutt and I have the right to say this unironically. You're literally quite possibly brain dead if you think fighting for hitler was synonymous for fighting for Europe. That is one huge oxymoron. You also indirectly support the red army rape of German women.

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Remains of the martyred and burnt Nazi captive Red Army soldier Viktor Antonovich Yatsenevich (1924 - 1943) in a coffin before the funeral. After the attack of Soviet troops, the Germans were knocked out of the village of Semidvoriki and our soldiers found the mutilated body of Yatsenevich hanging on the telephone cable in the dugout behind the beam. It was established that the German monsters had exposed the captive Red Army communist to brutal tortures: pricked his hands, legs, body, tore off his hand. Stab your stomach, cut out your genitals and cut off your legs. All these atrocities Hitler's bandits conducted at the stake. Despite the tortures, the fighter remained faithful to the military oath and fulfilled his duty to the Motherland, the Nazi bandits did not obtain any information. Viktor Antonovich was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union posthumously.
I would have had mutilated live SS prisoners of war without any remorse in the most barbaric and horrific way then impale and all the while listening to their horrific screams of utter anguish.

Residents of Rostov-on-Don in the courtyard of the city prison identify relatives killed by German occupiers. From the report of the NKVD for the Rostov region No. 7/17 of March 16, 1943: "Wild tyranny and atrocities of the occupants of the first days were replaced by organized physical destruction of the entire Jewish population, communists, Soviet activists and Soviet patriots. In one city prison on February 14, 1943 - on the day of liberation of Rostov - units of the Red Army, 1154 corpses of citizens of the city were found, shot and tortured by the Nazis. Of the total number of corpses 370 were found in the pit, 303 - in different places in the yard and 346 - among the ruins of the blown up building. Among the victims - 55 minors, 122 women ". In total during the occupation, the Hitlerites destroyed 40,000 inhabitants in Rostov-on-Don, and 53,000 more drove them to forced labor in Germany.

Kill a (nazi) German father!


If your house means a thing to you
Where you first dreamed your Russian dreams
In your swinging cradle, afloat
Beneath the log ceiling beams.
If your house means a thing to you
With its stove, corners, walls and floors
Worn smooth by the footsteps of three
Generations of ancestors.

If your small garden means a thing:
With its May blooms and bees humming low,
With its table your grandfather built
Neath the linden - a century ago.
If you don't want a German to tread
The floor in your house and chance
To sit in your ancestors' place
And destroy your yard's trees and plants

If your mother is dear to you
And the breast that gave you suck
Which hasn't had milk for years
But is now where you put your cheek;
If you cannot stand the thought
Of a German's doing her harm.
Beating her furrowed face
With her braids wound round his arm.
And those hands which carried you
To your cradle washing instead
A German's dirty clothes
Or making him his bed .

[If you haven't forgotten your father
Who tossed you and teased your toes,
Who was a good soldier, who vanished
In the high Carpathian snows,
Who died for your motherland's fate,
For each Don and each Volga wave,
If you don't want him in his sleeping
To turn over in his grave,
When a German tears his soldier picture
With crosses from its place
And before your own mother's eyes
Stamps hobnailed boots on his face.]

If you don't want to give away
Her you walked with and didn't touch,
Her you didn't dare even to kiss
For a long time - you loved her so much,
And the Germans cornering her
And taking her alive by force,
Crucifying her - three of them
Naked, on the floor; with coarse
Moans, hate, and blood, -
Those dogs taking advantage of
All you sacredly preserved
With your strong, male love.

If you don't want to give away
To a German with his black gun
Your house, your mother, your wife
All that's yours as a native son
No: No one will save your land
If you don't save it from the worst.
No: No one will kill this foe,
If you don't kill him first.

And until you have killed him, don't
Talk about your love - and
Call the house where you lived your home
Or the land where you grew up your land.

If your brother killed a German,
If your neighbor killed one too,
It's your brother's and neighbor's vengeance,
And it's no revenge for you.
You can't sit behind another
Letting him fire your shot.
If your brother kills a German,
Hes a soldier; you are not.

So kill that German so he
Will lie on the ground's backbone,
So the funeral wailing will be
In his house, not in your own.
He wanted it so It's his guilt
Let his house burn up, and his life.
Let his woman become a widow;
Don't let it be your wife.
Don't let your mother tire from tears;
Let the one who bore him bear the pain.
Don't let it be yours, but his
Family who will wait in vain.

So kill at least one of them
And as soon as you can. Still
Each one you chance to see!
Kill him! Kill him! Kill!

"Kazimiera Mika, a ten-year-old Polish girl, mourns the death of her older sister, who was killed in a field near Jana Ostroroga Street in Warsaw during a German air raid by Luftwaffe."

Fuck the Luftwaffe. Fuck Hitler.

Painting you posted is pure hypocrisy

Ten-year-old Kazimiera Mika, whose older sister was killed while harvesting potatoes in a field near Jana Ostroroga Street in Warsaw during a German air raid is comforted by American photographer Julien Bryan, Poland, 13 September 1939.

In 2003 Sam Bryan donated both his father's still and motion picture footage of wartime Europe to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Julien's account of the tragic incident is recounted in detail on the Memorial Museum's website and, rather than attempt to do it justice in a few paragraphs, I encourage you all to read the full account at the following link:

bit dot ly/2biTqEf

Photographer: Julien Byran (1899-1974)
Image courtesy of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Dear God I fucking hate the nazi vermin.

If you support Hitler you condone the genocide of Poles. Fuck you as well for being a dishonest intellectually lazy sack of shit who favors sensationalism and emotion over the hard truth.

CLAIM 6: "Hitler's invasion of Poland (Polenfeldzug) was justified because Poland was being genocidal toward ethnic Germans (Volksdeutsche) in its territories."

WRONG! The event alleged in TGSNT as "the Danzig massacre" is a hoax; what Dennis Wise is most likely referring to is rather an event known as "Bloody Sunday" which took place in Bromberg (today the city of Bydgoszcz) and firstly happened three days AFTER the German invasion of Poland and secondly many of the involved Volksdeutsche were in reality part of a poorly trained Pro-Nazi paramilitary force called the Selbstschutz who attacked the organized Polish Army during the German invasion and got the shit wrecked out of them as a result. When the Wehrmacht came across this, they reported their deaths back to Nazi leadership in Germany who used it for propaganda purposes ("muh innnocent defenseless German civilians hacked to death by Polish barbarians") to justify their invasion of Poland that had already begun via false flag (Gleiwitz incident[10]) and subsequent reprisals against the Polish populace once the nation was erased from the world map for the next 6 years and turned into a new entity known as the Generalgouvernement. Also, Poland never owned Danzig during the pre-war time. It was a free city under administration by the League of Nations. The war started because Hitler wanted the Danzig corridor. When Poland refused to just hand the area over as had been the case with Czechia ceding the Sudetenland and getting entirely annexed in the progress while the world remained silent, Hitler invaded.

Source: imgur.com/a/wo09c

But it's Ok when Jewish communists murder 66,000,001 Slavs and if there had been no communists there would have been no war and...

>hurr durr soviets killed more

Is that what you meant right? Thing is you see I don't deny soviet atrocities. It's well known, especially if you listen testimonies of people that life under stalin was very harsh and that the nkvd, etc where very harsh and unforgiving towards people who many times were innocent. You can't, just can't at all play that straw man card. Now I have a question for you? Do you condone the genocide of eastern europeans? Is killing Europeans all the way from France till Ukraine liberating Europe from (((someone)))? I wonder who this (((someone))) might have been...

Mentally retarded shit eater brings in that straw man argument again. Don't worry I would of heavily mutilated you as well before putting a bullet in your hollow head you anti Slavic piece of shit.

Nazis killed 60 million white Europeans. As a true white nationalist, you cannot possibly endorse it.

Fascism on the other hand is pretty okay.

The Ultimate Red Pill is Nazism you fucking pleb.

When did /pol get so fucking gay???

>American education

its probably a kike

>puts (((echoes))) around "Nazi"
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>retard posting

Haha even little Russian girls wouldn't mind putting a bullet in you since they're raised for the most part correctly and are patriotic from a young age. SO SORRY.

Since when is truth gay? It's not. I'm so not sorry.



Said the storm-zomb. And yet you storm-zomb thralls of stupidity wonder why society and so many Slavs hate you.

You know when I was in Germany I would get drunk with this SS officer who befreinded me and he'd go on and on about all the Slave women he screwed. He said he always had to tell them to wash stinky pussy. True story.

excellent thread senpai, thes nazi larping faggets need to die soon


>someone wrote this all out

You just proved what an utter subhuman you are. Keep yapping, barking like a dog. That's what Hitler did and the Slavic bear ripping the retarded dogs jaw clean off with one swift swing.

Also you'd never say this to me in real life because you're a coward. A steam pile of shit coward.

Here is movie about commie kikes killing Slavs. The Nazis were trying to save them from genocide.



Liudmyla Mykhailivna Pavlychenko (Russian: Людмилa Mихaйлoвнa Пaвличeнкo; July 12, 1916 – October 10, 1974) was a Red Army Ukrainian Soviet sniper during World War II.[2] Credited with 309 kills, she is regarded as one of the top military snipers of all time[3] and the most successful female sniper in history.

Pavlichenko fought for about two and a half months near Odessa where she recorded 187 kills.[7] She was promoted to Senior Sergeant in August 1941 when she reached 100 confirmed kills. When the Romanians gained control of Odessa on 15 October 1941, her unit was withdrawn by sea to Sevastopol on the Crimean Peninsula,[7] where she fought for more than eight months.[6][8] In May 1942 newly promoted Lieutenant Pavlichenko was cited by the Southern Army Council for killing 257 German soldiers. Her total of confirmed kills during World War II was 309,[5][6] including 36 enemy snipers.

Blood eagles for Bolsheviks

Pavlichenko appeared before the International Student Assembly being held in Washington, D.C., and later attended the meetings of the Congress of Industrial Organizations and made appearances and speeches in New York City and Chicago. In Chicago, she stood before large crowds, chiding the men to support the second front. “Gentlemen,” she said, “I am 25 years old and I have killed 309 fascist invaders by now. Don’t you think, gentlemen, that you have been hiding behind my back for too long?” Her words settled on the crowd, then caused a surging roar of support.[9] The United States gave her a Colt semi-automatic pistol. In Canada she was presented with a sighted Winchester rifle now on display at the Central Armed Forces Museum in Moscow.


One russian against 11 tanks, 7 armored cars, 57 troopers and officers.

>be at war
>deaths happen
>those ebul [opposed country soldiers]
wew thanks for that, you now enlightened me on the fact that people die in war, even when not nazis.

I totally didn't know both world wars were tragedies funded by weapons' industrialists as well as (((them))).

Now that is truly relevant to the shit Europe is getting into currently. :^)

Tortures against civilians were common after nazis started to lose

For example SS soldiers were burning belorusian villages and peasants alive, belorusian peasants in return were puting captured naked SS soldiers on ant colonies.

Golden rule, the only sad thing is that Hitler killed himself.

CLAIM 3: "Hitler created millions of Jobs and performed the greatest miraculous economic recovery in the history of any nation"

I'm so tired of this "derp Hitler fixed the economy" meme that is spouted even by many ignorant normal people to this day. The actual dude in charge of repairing the economy was Hjalmar Schacht. Schacht realised the economy of Germany was entirely unsustainable without some reforms, otherwise conquests would be necessary to fund it. The actual Nazis (Göring, Hitler,..) made sure to kick him out especially because they did not agree with his economic policies that helped revive the German economy. Yes, Schacht was a member of the Nazi Party but he also publicly expressed his disgust at the treatment of the Jews as soon as 1938, and tried to co-conspire against Hitler after 1938. So I'd hardly call this man a Nazi. It is my view (though I'm not a historian) that this man helped reform the German economy and get it out of a depression, despite the Nazis being in power. Let me stress this again: Hitler didn't fix the economy, Hjalmar Schacht did. Hitler then fired him and ran the economy into the ground again.[7] Even if you assume that Hitler fixed the economy (he didn't), you still can't separate that from the fact that the German economy was essentially converted into a war machine dependent upon its upcoming conquest and looting, which in turn set the stage for a genocidal campaign through Eastern, Central, and Southern Europe...all of this ending with the complete collapse of the German state, its defeat in an unwinnable war, and its partition subsequently. If you're judging by immediate legacy, Hitler was the worst economic leader ever (even restricting that to just the German people he deemed racially worthwhile).

Source: imgur.com/a/wo09c

i cant believe [opposing forces] would have committed [action] against [greatest ally] during war

What (((bolsheviks))) do to bad Slav goyim. Pic related.

Crazy how good of fighters the Soviets were and yet they managed to lose 30 Million people in comparison to 5 million German combatants. It's like the Soviets had 300-1 k/d ratios but all got sucked up into space or something to be studied

Then are you surprised what the Slavs did in Berlin? Anit Slavic and anti European paid trolls sure seem to not like what they did so they spam youtube comment sections with "Uncle Adolf: The Greatest Story Never Told" and "Hellstorm."

Why are they so triggered when a portion of what they believe (belief requires faith) are lies?????

Study history and you won't be seen as a dumbfuck by people like me okay you traitorous coward?

USSR have lost 8,7 millions soldiers, rest were civilians, Axis have lost 12 millions soldiers including around 8 million ethnic germans

Oh wow! I guess Superman is real! Pic related.

>post yfw the western world was practicing eugenics and white supremacy until hitler gave the kikes an excuse to shut it all down

>ebul europeans how dare they resist to soviet imperialism
>slavs the best fuck the rest


More Slavs wrer killed by the communists than ever was done by the Nazis

t. Slav


You have to go back. I Don't know what country you are from, but please return to it.

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hitler was shit. It's just that it's funny to use him as edgy teens used satanism to upset their christian parents.

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Your ancestors brought blacks over and intermixed with them but I can't stay here? Sorry not going anywhere. Sorry p i n d o s.


Painting: The victory of subhumanity

Just for you mudak :^)


Remember you condone the actions of his comrades little buddy boy.


This painting, released as a “documentary photograph” was, according to our knowledge, “introduced into science” in 1960 and soon thereafter “improved upon”

It's ironic when you say it, it really is because you're the dirty subhuman. Go get raped and beheaded by muslims in the streets you dirty rat.

wtf i lv the soviet union now. the guy in the pic was whack. look at the moustache xddddd

Why didnt you fight to the death?

Near the end nazis still had around 7 millions mobilized men, they run away to surrender to americans, including LOL niggers.

The fate of being a cuck suits you

hey, i actually agree with this. serious question though why did you leave russia?

Kek, you just have to take at Russia right now.

Most slavs are soulless subumans who cant create anything of value.
Our GDP is more than twice the GDP of Russia despite losing WW2 and being divided and having a much smaller population and no ressources.

You are scum. You cant run a society properly. You are tasteless, tacky and violent.

Russenschweine müssen hier die Schnauze halten x)

>nazis were trying to save them from genocide
>nazis killed upwards of 20 million slavs on the eastern front alone

yes my goy, the nazis were merely trying to save them from genocide!1!

>sad that hitler killed himself
was an excellent thing in my book, shows how much of a pussy he was, if he truly believed in his cause he would have taken up an mp-40 and died fighting the enemies of the Reich

Said the retard with an underlying subconscious inferiority complex towards Slavs. Please kill yourself though before you lash out at any Slavic woman or child in real life though you wild subhuman brute.

Your grandfathers brought all the tribulation that was onto their own country. They only have themselves and their government at that time to blame. Also funny how but even long before the Kievan Rus all Germanic incursions eventually died out in eastern Europe probably because proto Slavs massacred them mercilessly.

Shhh, inject some Krokodil in your head right now, Ivan.

he didnt kill himself though. there is no proof for it. the skull of what allegedly was hitler was even found out to be female later


Shhh, go buy some jenkum made with Muslim shit from your dirty streets filled with Muslims you dirty kraut brute.

What if we archive it

Look at Slavs and former Warsaw pact countries today after generations of (((communism))). The niggers in the ruins of Detroit live better than these Vodka drinking animals. Yes, they Nazis failed to save them from the genocidal Jews.

yes,they created totenkopf to save the slavs

>posts something from the guardian
>expects me to read it


In PPP terms it is same as german. open european border to russians and they will sell shit twice cheaper than your companies sell.

i dislike communism, but hitler was ultra-cuck. he was not able even to lead his soldiers to the last battle.

he created his version of socialism to feel special

Good picture I like it very much. Also how's the opinion on Dvach about nazism? I wish Russians really do hate the nazis en mass as it appears to be.

>Most slavs are soulless subumans who cant create anything of value.


Your folk better than my, but we are not bad, yo stupid Fritz.

You, Germans is very soulles militarists with masre race complex. You are ALWAYS want to kill east whites people with no remurse becouse WE WAZ MORE RICH AND SHIT.


Kek, I live 15 km from the Dutch border, my village has never seen an American nor a Russian soldier.
About 5000 people live here. After my grandfather was released from American POW camp in 1947 he started a brick laying company and owned two gas stations, in the 50s he built his house which is still the biggest in the village, with a marble foyer and shit.
He is 92 years old and slaughtered subhumans in the east and lived a happy, rich life afterwards as he deserved.

I LOVE that Russian subhumans had to live in little mud huts and commie blocks even after their glorious victory where 27 Mio of you subhumans were wiped out.


Man these fucking kikes waste their time all day on here. Remember the CIA is invested into destroying pol/

Shareblue, Charlies Saatchi with anti altright propaganda. JIDF and every globalist wants to destroy whites. No matter what you say communism is the opposite of the 14 words.



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What is German romanticism? Who was Wagner?

>Nazis were bad, because they killed 20 million slavs
>Commies were good, nevermind the death of 60 million slavs
rly makes me think

>be american
>tell others what's good for them


These are all paid opposition posts from Sharia blue

>how's the opinion on Dvach about nazism?

Dvachers like Alex Makeev with no brave and hardtokill body. They hate all of things. But they are latent bottom faggots and weak cowards.

Just as you might have expected, an imageboard would take up the edgiest political position posible. In Russia's case, that would be russophobia and amerophilia. Trump's election created a bit of a schism, as to which America should be loved and which is Putin's evil machination.




>people who challenge my narrow hole filled worldview are paid opposition

you truly are untermensch


Germans always were losing wars againt russians

Even their creator, Friedrich the great have lost war to mediocre russian general.

He was gay cuck so he forced germans to hate other people

Look at your society.

Just type "Dashcam" into youtube search field. Such things dont exist in Germanic nations.
Your country is riddled with corruption, because little Zlatko cant comprehend that him taking bribes corrupts the whole society.
Short sighted thinking, like niggers.
Not all Russians are like that but the percentage of subhumans in your country is much higher than in any Germanic nation and you know it.

Even with all the degeneracy we have know this still holds true.

>fight me irl


You also love the rape of German women then as your grandfathers behavior brought it on the German populace WHO first of all was a victim of nazism.
see Your grandfather so that German women could be raped 30 times each, some thrown to be eaten by pigs yet others thrown into huge piles which were drenched with petrol and set ablaze. Also some even impaled Germans just like Slavs used to impale their enemies the turks a couple hundred years before. Now is it a coincidence Germany is taking in Turks and the genetic pool of krautland is changing?

И eщe тyт дpyгaя пиндoccкaя cвoлoчь пoявилacь!

I agree with this thread.

thats because of 90s brah. U dont know shit about what you talking about.

wtf i love judeo bolshevism now

> americans kill of practicaly all the indians

> Americans bought tons of slaves

> Americans killed eachother like savages in civil war

> Americans impose economic sanctions on any nation that doesnt obey (600,000 dead from starvation from this economic terrorism alone)

> Americans fund and arm terrorist both jewish and islamic

> 50,000,000 babied aborted

American never has had, and never will have any moral highground on any issue

>but the percentage of subhumans in your country is much higher than in any Germanic nation and you know it.

Thank you, Fritz, you are killed our best peoples. And now your nations is nations of weak plastic faggots subhuman, It is KARMA.