What does Sup Forums think of slavery?

What does Sup Forums think of slavery?


I wished we picked our own fucking cotton. We would suck at the olympics but it would be nice to walk in area of the city, other that downtown, at night without fear of crime too.

why did you ban it?
you fucking morons
why didn't you kill all your slaves?

Countries that had slaves ended up inheriting them permanently and ended up cucked.

It was evil for a group of people to exploit another people like that. There is a reason black people call white people "white devils"

On one hand it's free labour. On the other hand, it means we have to take them back to our country and they ruin it with crime.

Doesn't bother me as long as it is exclusively targeted towards specific ethnic groups and mine is not one of them

I think it was the biggest mistake the white race ever made.
Those feral beasts should have been left in Shitfrica

Shut the fuck up faggot

Should've kept it indefinitely.

Do you know who sold the most slaves during the trans-Atlantic slave trade? Africans.

Very stupid. People say it's free labor. Sure, but you must take into account the money you spend on purchasing a slave, keeping him healthy and functional. In a capitalistic society, it is pointless. Africa should've been left untouched and up to the animals - except South Africa and Rhodesia. Rightful whitey clay.

Look at poor America now. Breaks my heart every time I see kangz roleplay some space folk when everything they know was served to them on a silver plate by white Americans.

It was obviously cheaper than hiring employees otherwise people wouldn't have done it you retarded goober.

Now I love the American South. But there was a reason why the North was better off economically. You want an insider secret?

They hired white people and helped European migrants form a life and steady form of income in the US of A. You should look into how much buying a slave cost and compare it with the average Irish worker's wage. You tell me what is better for your business after 2 years.

Secondly, do you really want to feed and take care of niggers? Saying "I'd kill them if they were sick" isn't a valid argument, since you're practically shooting your own investment. There is no excuse for funding niggerhood on your own property and not helping fellow whites form families and have a stable income.

No dindu, no problem.

It's required to build a powerful civilisation. Right now the sweatshop chinks are our slaves and next the machines will be our slaves.
It's how it is. There must be slaves.

Absolute nein!
Death camps to the slavers!

whos better at building pyramids?
jews or blacks?
now tell me who will be the best worker
that's right, mexicans

From an economic standpoint it is retarded because it does not provide an incentive for companies to invest in technology.

>but slavery is ok tho :3
Literally the most retarded people on earth right now

Pretty gud thing. We should make it legal again

everyone had it.

We keep dogs as pets, we should've kept the chimps on a shorter chain, if it worked for wolves it would work for niggers

It was good for Niggers and bad for white workers, so it was bad.
>white workers get screwed
>blacks get a free ride to the 1st word
>cucks and jews free them and hook them up with white wimmins

i'd enslave her tho

I think its bout time whites get a thanks for ending it.

..... Also why don't the jigs complain about South America that had 3x the slaves the North did but never give the "Brown Man" any grief?

Retarded thing, desu.
But people tend to do it until the moment slaves chimpout.

ahh huh........

How do you explain South America that had 3x the slaves the north had? "Brown Devils"?

We should've picked our own damn cotton

Slavery was a huge mistake in North America. Had it not happened, the black population would be much lower, probably similar to EUR pre-rapefugees. We would have been fine without them economically. They are probably the most difficult jew puppet to defeat, with the slavery bullshit, so many whites fall for it. Also, we would have been able to possibly elect better public officials country wide, but especially at the national level.
Pic related.

Was a mistake. Europeans should have let those niggers in Africa and put them on natural reserves as well. Try to give civilization to those savages was stupid. World today would be better if they were dancing among a bonfire instead of chimping out.