Pick youe side Europeans...

Pick youe side Europeans. You stand with Poland - the light of new EU - or do you stay in darkness of Germany and France?We need new reformation in EU.

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No Poland needs more Refugees from Africa and the Middle East. and they will get them (around 7million africans are already waiting).

Also Germany wins since we're the EU leaders and have the cucked US forces on our side. :)

Hmm ... Max-Planck institutes vs. eternal squatters.

I'll pick Germany.

US left Germany, you have no protectorate. Only rapefuges.

>US left Germany

lol no, they're here and ready to crush you evil wannabe nazis.

France and Germany - has immigrants, has healthy economy and low unemployment
Poland - very few immigrants, no refugees, economy is shit, every healthy young person emmigrates to England or Germany because there is no jobs and no future here

Sure, make your choice, do you prefer free workforce or slowly dying in an aging society with dwindling childbirths?

You could have just said "I'm Muslim", it woulf have been quicker

Or do you fancy living in constant terror when the next Mehmed will blow himself up for 72 virgins, or not?

>refugees working
>this meme again

Plus, unemployment in France is higher than in Poland.

This. I'd never move into this pile of shit.

Regardless if they want to move in or not, the EU is trying to force some of them to go to Poland.

I worry that Macron might nuke Poland...

what is this flag meme?
I want the old flags back for the country banter

now it's as if we were all americans, ew

those are nato troops you fool

I'd fight for Poland if they'd release another witcher game

the witcher game series is finished, but cyberpunk 2077 is gonna be the new goat game

(t. cdpr stock holder)

there's also going to be a netflix tv series, and bagiński is involved, hopefully the won't fuck it up

>but cyberpunk 2077 is gonna be the new goat game
yes but I need it soon polebro can you hurry them up?

2017 end of this year would be nice

Nato is an euphemism for the USA

Idris Elba will play Geralt.

>Hitler destroyed Poland
>Merkel now wants to follow his lead

Poland better stick to their guns this time. Stop letting Germany walk all over you so far you've had balls of steel

Can't we just do away with the EU in its current form?

For a time, until you retards make the mistake of invading Russia. Then you're fucked as usual.

hence you will be send back in to the country you came from. There is no better test for people needing help then sending them to east europe. The one who stay realey need help and they will get them. The leeches will be send back.



Poles are Slavs, and Slavs are worthless. Without EU you would be Ukraine tier.

Sticking with the EU all the way.

Piss will fall and so will all nationalistic east euro governments.
You will get cuckt one way other.!!!

We got yer back, Polebro

I stand with poland
>plz no bully

we beat you before, anglos asked us to spare you
we won't make the same mistake twice
I implore you, stop your will to destroy europe, or we will kill you, in the name of God whom you abandoned
thank you
I will pray that germans realize they are insane and it won't come to bloodshed, but if it happens, no surrender, no quarter
to death!

>side with poland
>doesnt even display his flag

poland because the rest of the EU is retarded

How about we light Poland on fire?

>have the cucked US forces on our side
You do understand that US forces are in Germany only to put you down in case you chimp out again right?

Just check my flag.

nah frendo not the units you got in Germany, they are scrubs and pogs.

Hospitals and logistics.

Your dead soon. this will be Ukraine 2.0 and the US will be gone from east and middel Europe for good.

France is on Germanys side as they want the US gone as bad as we want it.

You didly done goofed with your tranny faggot army.

The Visegrad Four is Europe's future.

Godspeed, Poland.

You're again our last resort against Islam.

You don't understand the issue.

Refugees are already in the EU (South). They are not deportable because their country is a war zone. Greece will collapse if we don't help, that's why Germany is trying to help.


Germanistan please ;D

Poland shouldn't play politics with this. Especially because they can argue that they already accepted more refugees than others (from Ukraine)

kek thats the plan for 2020 or things that never happen the us gone.

US forces sandwiched in pooland.


I'd rather have Tilda Swinton as Geralt, no kidding

Fucking Mehmet. Go to work or study instead of shilling for your neighbouring Syrians going to EU.

>Turks do not wurk. check out pic related.
>Also displaced 'german' migrants after ww2 ('Russian-germans') have a higher workforce participation than 'real' germans.

Key point from that article

> The plan to share 160,000 refugees in overwhelmed Italy and Greece among other European countries over two years was endorsed in September 2015 by a qualified majority vote.

We can't let Southern Europe to drown in refugees. No one asked why the EU is paying for infrastructure in Poland. It's a community deal.

>winning a war against Germany

>Fucking Mehmet. Go to work or study instead of shilling for your neighbouring Syrians going to EU.
You added nothing to the conversation. You can't into debate, Jorge. Maybe that's why your country is the poorest.

>Pick youe side Europeans.


fuck off
I though you were memeing but you are actually serious omfg

No one asked refugees to come to Europe.. OH WAIT! GERMANY DID!

>their country is a warzone, thus they are not deportable

Less than half of the "refugees" are from Syria. They hail from all over Africa and the Middle East.

They are very much deportable - but only if someone gathers the balls to do it.

This is the simplest shit ever, you let in the rapefugees, they escape in a week to Germany, continue receiving gibs


Personally i stand with you. As an Italian I can say that we are friend with everybody! Pidipiu podippipu

With our polish brothers in blood, as our the national anthem says.

Also this

time for all countries in Europe to adopt the immigration politics of Poland, Hungary and Chech and Slovak republics, a less than .2% muslim population really makes a country liveable

Gib Danzig

Refugees have no choice.


Germany is trying to save Greece. Both financially and with refugees.
Your politicians are playing politics with this issue and lying to you. Big mistake because you'll be punished.

>Popular opinion - Refugees increasing probability of terror attacks.

I assume us, the Swiss and Norway have no say...

packs don't have any solidarity


>Less than half of the "refugees" are from Syria.
That's very questionable statistics not coming from Greece but from Poland? And of course Syria is not the only war zone in the world.

> They are very much deportable
You just admitted that there are many Syrians.

The Balaton lake is not the Mediterranean you irrelevant idiot.

You've have hot pockets in your ancestral homeland and near them and you still didn't understand how you get the highest causalities by terror attacks, being the recent more caused by Daesh/ISIL than those PKK K*rds.

Go to Southern Greece and "fight" the sea, Okay? Moron.

>Syria not the only warzone

Why do we keep welcoming 'refugees' from countries we visit on holidays? Algerians, Moroccans, Egyptians, Turks etc.

and nope the fake coup attempt aren't counted in these statistics.

>Why do we keep welcoming 'refugees' from countries we visit on holidays? Algerians, Moroccans, Egyptians, Turks etc.

Deport them, that's easy. What's not easy is what to do with Syrians in Greece and Italy.

what a question ^^
im with poland !!!

You have to. This is total war for Europe.

People are doing whats in their own best interest?!?!?!?!?

Poland is the new light. The light that will show Europe new way. Reformation is inevitable. EU will split.

Based Poland and Czechia are worth a million EUs.


You're gonna get cucked.


Those statistics are not "from Poland" you fuck.

Less than half of all the migrants are Syrian, according to official stats. Probably even less if you take into account the mass forgery of Syrian passports, which has become a big business for the organised crime.

Hell, if you look at the table in the link above, there is almost as many various sub-Saharans (mostly Eritreans) as there are Syrians.

Deporting half the rapefugees would be a HUGE step forward.

>88 oh shit

I stand with poland my homeland


Whatever hold poolacks from doing any more harm.

So fix marriage and childbirth? You do not want to become like Western Europe, we have parts of this country that are utter shit now because of mass non white immigration, it also affects every aspect of culture, they start watering down your religion, your presence in the media, your education gets dumbed down, meanwhile your crime goes up, you have rape gangs, FGM, all that shit, and you're silenced from talking about it all too loudly in case you upset them. Oh, and you have to pay them billions in welfare too, not just because they cheat the system with tax dodging and employment, but because they have massive birth rates and always on the NHS. It's just not fucking worth it. Always chose Poland.

>we beat you before

>Those statistics are not "from Poland" you fuck.
Not from Greece and Italy which are the countries in need of relief. If they could deport those refugees they would, you idiot.

>US forces on our side
‘The Germans are bad, very bad’
Nice try Muhammad

the jews who control him are on our side :)

Sure, economic refugees have no choice. Hmm.
Also Czech republic already took in 12 refugees and they all left to Germany. Why? Surely it wasn't because in Germany refugees get way more money from the government... There goes your "but zey haben no choice :(", they are in for the fucking money. And even if they weren't, they are still cunts for abandoning their country instead of staying and trying to rebuild it. What do they expect to happen, that they will destroy our country too and then move on again?

>b-but those nationality stats are not from Greece and Italy!

They literally are, you fucking retard. The original source is a UNHRC (United Nations Refugee Agency) report entitled "Monthly Arrivals by Nationality to Greece, Italy and Spain".

We should be helping Greece and Italy by sending armed men from Europe all over (there would be plenty volounteer) to put them on the boats and back across the Med.

Reminder (((EU))) policies and laws are unironically drafted and written by Jews in Israel

balkan stand with poland, #fuckMacron, #fuck Merkel

Poland all the way baby!


>until you retards make the mistake of invading Russia

You sense it happening too brother?
Another dash for dominance.
It won't end good.

Dovremmo allearci con una delle maggiori porte d'ingresso per i clandestini? No, grazie

>Poland - the light of new EU
You mean the light of new American buffer zone between EUSSR 2.0 and RUSSR 2.0?

I don't know why anyone thinks third world poverty country full of Slav shits is cool.

>Also Czech republic already took in 12 refugees and they all left to Germany. Why?

Because there is no reason to stay in the fucking Czech Republic? Not even if you're from a place that's been reduced to rubble would you want to stay in half of czechoslovakia.

WW1 Serbia dominates Austria for a long time until fellow Slavs (Bulgars) attack as well.
WW2 Russian cum coming out of German women ears.

The Germans are subhumans when it comes to war, you will never be able to dominate Gods chosen Slavs.

they want #mamaMerkel gibs

We stay with Poland - looking forward to V5!

Italy and Spain have been keeping your home safe for decades while being fined by your nations for it.
Now a 3rd world nation SAYS they do not want´em either and suddenly becomes the redpilled empire.

I can't support EU. I love Europe too much.

Death to EU.


In new EU you die the first moment we see your boat heading to us.