The Shoah II: 6,000,000 v. 6,000,000

This time, it's personal.

6,000,000 Kosher-Americans versus
6,000,000 Zionist Terrorists

This epic civil war has the only the highest stakes: humanity's survival.

Miss Litwack (Kat Dennings - pictures) is an American Jewess, three generations on our continent. There are many othere like this among the six million Jews gracing our shores. Many of them live in New York City. On 9/11, they were attacked the same as we were. Only Zionist Terrorists have the chutzpah to commit false flags against fellow tribesmen - and they have a long history.
>Although an exact tally doesn't exist, the consensus is that anywhere from 10 to 15 percent of the victims of the 9/11 attacks - up to 450 people - were Jewish religiously or had Judaism as their primary cultural affiliation. The U.S. Census has generally put the percentage of Americans who are Jewish at a maximum of 2 percent in recent years.
>FEYERICK: One of the beliefs is that some 4,000 Israelis or Jews in the New York City area were warned by instant messages not to go to work on 9/11. For Wilton Sekzer, a retired police sergeant who is Jewish, the claim is outrageous.
>WILTON SEKZER, FATHER OF WTC 9/11 VICTIM: The remains consistent of a piece of bone two and a half inches long and about an inch long, about the size of your index finger.
SEKZER: Give me the names of the 4,000 Jews who stayed home. Show me something. There is nothing to show. This is a total, ridiculous, asinine rumor that was started by anti-Semites.
(In the audio, Officer Sekzer is livid as he discusses his son's death. He is angry at the killers and people lying about his son's death. If he knew the truth...)

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If the Jewish community in the United States accepts the truth that the Mossad organized the 9/11 attacks, they know that the Zionists despise them and have no care for them, and would gladly put American Jewish children through the fire to further Zionism.

They attacked them as well as attacking us. Betrayal of the worst kind!

The backlash will make your heads spin.

My future wife, Miss Dennings (who is 80% European by DNA anyway) will surely be enraged to learn the truth. Many others would join her.

The second Shoah has only one question: which six million Jews will be exterminated by the other? Our Kosher Countrymen? Or the brazen terrorists inhabiting Palestine?

I am completely serious (minus marrying the love of my life).

The American Jews would be the most credible and powerful ally in destroying the evil of Zionism once and forever.


The American Jewish Firer, Melvin Kaminsky, a retired Corporal from the Second World War, like another great leader.

Katherine my love, come home, and let us create a new master race that will eliminate the scourge of international Jewry once and for all.


Only the basically European ones. We can let the Arabians have the Yemeni Jews, for example.


I love this woman but please, we need high IQ, clever, vengeful allies who have legitimate grievances against the Zionists. This is serious.

What about the story of Mosad caught and released in New York that day? Did we ever get those details?

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National Socialist here.
Memes and jokes aside, there is absolutely nothing wrong with shagging white Jewesses.

Sivun Kurzberg
Paul Kurzberg
Yaron Shmuel
Oded Ellner
Omer Marmari
Dominick Suter
Company: Urban Moving Systems
UMS = Undercover Mujahiden Supervisors OR Undercover Mossad Supervisors (Israelis love their verbal jokes, like how the Mossad used to be the Israeli Secret Intelligence Agency, ISIS. Not a joke.
Dancers arrested and held for theee months before deportation.
Suter successfully fled before capture.
They raided the warehouse and found nothing but some abandoned computers. The company had zero legitimate business.
The Israelis were trying to get seen celebrating, LARPing as Palestinians. Later on Israeli TV they said they were there to "document the event."
The FBI said they found no photos or video of the towers before the first plane hit.
There's other juicier stuff closely linking them to the hijackers.

Unless you're not white. But otherwise yes. Jewish DNA markers are real and distinguishing but Jews form a race that crosses over into a lot of races.

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Would you marry Laci Green if you were guaranteed sexual fidelity, zero STDs, two sons and two daughters, and her entire Jewish family fought in SS-II? (Semitic Shoah Two)

Khazar theory debunked. European Jews aren't genetically European debunked. Jews aren't a distinct biological race debunked.

I know Jewish autism when I see it

I have scoured my lineage and cannot find any chosen ancestors. I have many siblings and all of us have a 130 IQ minimum. We are Anglo-Germanic by descent (so just Anglo really) and Anglo-American.

I have a sister who is a lawyer with the aforementioned Jewish cow tits. She's a feminist. I suspect my family has some of the Ashkenazim intelligence genes, sure. But all my ancestors back to the Reformation (and it has been traced) were Protestant Christians.

But yeah you're probably right. I yell "almawt alyahud" an awful lot for a Jew tho.

Yes but in reality you are guaranteed exactly zero of that.

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Day of the aqua regia when?

Think about it. War movies of high quality made by American Jewish filmmakers. The entire media complex stirring Americans up for the war. War bonds bought by wealthy Jewish citizens. Zuckerburg could shut down Facebook OR use it to spy on Israel.

It might be the funding boost and inspiration to help Jewish and Germanic physicists develop fusion reactors.

What new weapons would be invented?

Then think of the Tel Avic trials after! Ginsburg sitting as judge while Dershowitz prosecutes those motherfuckers.

It would be beautiful. And we could solve this problem once and for all.

Who wouldn't but what your propose has a 0.00% chance of happening.

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No Mike, it's okay. You two should reconcile. You're Jewish too. We accept Jewish neo-Nazis in the Alt Right. If we attempt another Shoah without your open support you guys will just come back with a vengeance.

Anne Frank was white. And you can have as much pasta as you like. But bring enough to share.

Pretty my view Tbh.

She wasn't especially religious and probably would've wound up marrying a Gentile and raising irreligious/Christian children.

>inb4 Jews who don't practice their religion are still Jews

Literally the most Christian family I ever met has Jewish ancestry. And they're blond-haired blue eyed too.


>Rise of Communism was a contributing factor to the rise of National Socialism and the Holocaust as a result
>also killed the Romanov girls twenty years earlier

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