(((Varg))) EXPOSED

Quick Rundown on Louis Cachet

>Varg Vikernes. (Birth name was unironically Christian Vikernes.)
>Raised in Iraq in the 80s because his family illegally oversaw Chemical Weapons Research for Saddam Hussein during the Iraq-Iran War; Varg personally met Saddam Hussein and said he was a role model growing up
>Joined the LARP scene in Norway as a teenager
>stabbed his BEST FRIEND 23 times because he 'heard a rumour' that the guy planned to harm him.
>burned churches and UNESCO monuments
>gets sentenced to lul norway prison for like 14 years
>meanwhile in America he would have gotten death penalty
>becomes a nazi in prison
>attempts to break out of prison, and robs a car at gun point
>gets caught and sent back to prison, only gets slap on the wrist
>gets out of prison
>Abandons his 13 year old daughter he fathered in a degenerate black metal party. Doesn't even have contact with her, or attempts to have contact with her. Literally caused a single mother
>marries a literal autist in France
>Takes her last name, and moves to a cuckshed in the middle of nowhere in France. Now legally known as "Louis Cachet"
>Refuses to learn his host country's language, instead abusing their immigration laws. He can't even talk to his wife, outside of some broken English phrases she was forced to learn
>Literally lives off welfare, and has 5+ little baby money makers to keep the flow coming in
>Makes shitty youtube videos about how Italians are negroid, and why autism is genetically superior or why blue eyes makes me not go blind in the snow
>worshiped by "le deus vult" magapede larpers on 4chins for some unknown reason
>doesn't even make music anymore because he has to live in a hut and pretend its -3000 BCE to feel like a man
>no accepting the fact he is a complete loser, who knows nothing, and is a maniac LITERAL MURDERER WHO STILL SAYS HE DID THE RIGHT THING BY KILLING HIS BEST FRIEND

>Abandons his 13 year old daughter he fathered in a degenerate black metal party. Doesn't even have contact with her, or attempts to have contact with her. Literally caused a single mother.
Really? Fuck him

The Average varg fanboy

Biggest problem with Varg is his hard-on for muslims.

I bet he faps daily to the idea of his wife being bred in front of him while he holds his thor hammer amulet.

You LARPers may love him but he's a literal schizophrenic cuckold.

Everybody knows this. I don't think anybody likes him, it's a meme.

nice character assasination shlomo
try with drumpf instead

remember to sage the celebrity posts

Point out where he's wrong

He sells the idea to his followers that muzzies will magically walk out of europe once the "system collapses".

point is he's sliding actual discussion with this you nigger
everybody knows varg by now yet there are gorilion threads everytime he opens mouth


>attempts to break out of prison and robs a car at gun point

lmao is this real

maybe read a wiki article before asking

True nigger meme.

Scandi architecture was designed to withstand the cold climate and these houses were comfy as fuck to live in even during the harsh winters. There is no comparing them to mudhuts as it were and they have more in common with modern houses than stone palaces.

Varg likes niggers though. It's mixed race people he has a problem with.

maybe I don't wanna read a wiki article you absolute fucktard

Argentina is white !!!!


This. Do we really need to have the copypasted ''Varg BTFO'' -pasta every day. Is Varg a threat to the Juden or why is he shilled against in here?

Wrong. Stop spreading lies.

Wrong. Stop spreading lies.

t. the same autistic white knight finn that defends (((lauren southern))) everyday

The only people who follow him are LARPers or autists who regard him as their white knight, you can tell by the meme flags of all posters who are in favor of him and the countries of those who actually show their geographic location. 'Nuff said.



Current day nigger architecture compared to Nordic architecture from the year 600-1100..

Good job, Schlomo. A shekel for the good goym!

Varg be raycist cracka yo, we wuz vikangz, egyptinz romanz n sheeit


If you can't even read a 15min article how about you go back to your entertainment of choice and fuck off. It may be a cesspool nowadays but politics still isn't a board topic for illiterates.

Except Norse and Scandinavian cultures that follow Pagan ways have much more conservative and traditional values than Christcucks do?

Go back to sucking off your god nailed to a cross. He was the king of the Jew's goy and they think you are less than a Jewish fingernail in comparison to them.

Fuckoff christcuck

>Norse and Scandinavian cultures that follow Pagan ways have much more conservative and traditional values than Christcucks do

I never knew someone could be so jealous of another person's ancestors. Does it make you feel small that someone could have so much pride in their ancestors while yours have allowed nearly all of Europe to fall into globalist Jew hands?

Well of course not you are for the Jewish people aren't you Christcucks? They're your chosen people right goy? Back to doing their bidding.

Praise the Lord kike

t. Varg

This shit will never end. Greeks are one of the least intelligent nations in the Europe. In the ancient times negroterrans were more advanced, because there had better conditions for agriculture, and there were closer to Middle East. Would you call Semites master race, because their civilizations were even older? Since the industrial revolution it isn't relevant at all. As much as outdated greek philosophy. Modern scientific method was created by Northern Europeans. Btw fall of Rome was good. Old Roman empire and Byzantium were stagnating, when medieval Europe found by Germanic tribes has gone forward.

They are real Christians

Made me laugh OP keep being a faggot

>Norse and Scandinavian cultures that follow Pagan
>Quoting a beta cuck that probably is a Christian thinking it's alright for mud people to invade his land.

Yeah try going back another 400-900 years mehmet. Current day Sweden has rejected Paganism because of the Jews and their victimhood culture.

shut your mouth cumskin rag vikangs and greekz be black cracka

True Sup Forumsack
Also if he stabbed him, he wasn't his best friend anyway

He's a retard but people need these hero celebrity figures for some reason


I think it's time for you to go home, back to that shoebox you call a house. Enjoy the EBT this week, I heard at work that you niggers are getting kool aid packets at 75% the normal price. You should be livid right now Tyrunkles.


The problem isn't Varg. It's the people who base their worldviews on the content people like him release. Easily swayed, extremist manchildren who view coherent discourse as an attack on themselves, and do not understand that the world cannot be explained in black&white memes about the good X and the evil Y.

That said, that "interview with a Christian" vid absolutely BTFO'd deus vultfags.

Vargfanboys desperate hamsterwheeling and rationalizations are plain amusing.

Pic related, Christian traditional """scum""" on the left, Varg's dream on the right.

why don't people put this shit to private?

ahaha ibe home fuckin your wife stupid cracka go to work to pay me hahaha

Too bad you guys were raided by the Muslims and raped more than literally all of Europe. And then all of your Crusades fucking failed after you raided your own people (Fellow Christians) on the way to failing your own war to reclaim the holy land.

How pathetic, you mix blood Moor bastards born bitch.

whats his daughters name?
why no talk? has she been BLACKED?

>Paganism embraced the left
>You embrace the right

Do not change, I like you just as retarded as you are now.


These retards happily drink the divide-and-conquer self-hating Kool aid and think it's the most redpilled think ever

They probably think the "collapse of the system" and "muh race war" is more likely to happen than someone clicking on their youtube names.

His eldest daughter is already a coal burner

>Vargcucks are faced with an objective truth
>can't think of anything to respond with except lol fugg off christcuck

In wonder what makes these autists hate Christianity so much they follow a meme religion and worship an outback YouTube whore.


It's not by what a man has done we judge him but by what he has overcome and now does.

We know it's you you fucking drongo, fuck off and fuck a kangaroo faggot

Rebecca Vikernes
She's a singer so most likely yes

Nope, that's me and I don't really like Varg.

how many of these threads do we have to have? the only person on Sup Forums who talks about this guy is you op.


i think christian vikernes is an autistic retarded larper, but old pagan architecture is 10/10
dotn know why the hate

you love blackd porn thou sissy whiteboi

Why is Varg this savage?

you mean autistic

>That said, that "interview with a Christian" vid absolutely BTFO'd deus vultfags.
can you give me a quick gestalt
i cant force myself to endure watching that autists video

Our DNA actually makes us subconsciously more attractive than any other ethnic subgroup though, go figure

Why? His videos are entertaining at least.

Expand the convo nigger.

>if you can't even re-

Didn't even read the rest as your reply was predictable as fuck.
If you have nothing to add then why spend more of your freetime responding to me and not addressing my question?
Typical user online tough guy.

i have bad hearing so id have to turn on the volume like crazy and bother my family + rewind each sentence 5 times to understand him under bucket

Couldn't fit on my phone screen, faggot.
It was his anti-technology video.
Yhe other guy said he used a wooden camera as a joke. That's it.

>then all of your crusades fucking failed

spaniards and portuguese and italians actually defended/took back their lands from invaders, unlike you nordcucks who literally slaughtered the pagans around the baltic sea like total snow niggers.

If Varg hates Monotheist religions so much, why didn't he burn down a mosque aswell?

Also it's good to point out that he is from Iraq,and was in Iraqi school.

Because he hated mommy and daddy and wanted to be an edgy satanist.

this is all pretty accurate desu

You kids hate Varg so much, yet you never present any real evidence. It's always just stupid memes about him.

Isn't that pretty contradicting to what he spent a whole video talking about the other week? Guy's a retard.

So, nothing new?
What's the point of this thread apart from pointing out what everyone already knows?

how autistic is his wife?

What evidence you want?
I'm just asking serious question. Why did he set church on fire only? Why didn't he do the same to other monotheist places like mosque?

Explain please, with evidence.

Evidence of an edgy "muh dark metal of forlorn winter doom in the coldest expanses of northern wasteland" faggot that murdered someone and burned down historical buildings like a nigger? His life is the evidence.

He did it when he was younger for some stupid reason. There is no excuse for that.
I'm talking about his views.
I don't agree with everything he says, but he does say some interesting stuff.
Brown eyed, dark haired kids can't handle the truth.

He does have a "fucked up" vibe to him. He always seems so dark and depressed, like he's about to have a mental breakdown.

He denied setting churches on fire, that was Euronymous and his band of retards. He did though 'agree with it' obviously since the album cover for Aske exists.

>Why didn't muh mosques
Because at the time they were a tiny minority in Norway. That's like asking why somebody in Pakistan burning down mosques to protest religion in government didn't attack the tiny Mormon outreach center in Lahore or something.

stfu jewboy, why dont you go worship jewsus, lmao your christcuck flag

>Why did he set church on fire only? Why didn't he do the same to other monotheist places like mosque?
Because Islam is his ally against christianity
Pagancucks and feminists live by the same reasoning

Varg doesn't need yall fake niggas

He does make alot of good points every now and then, worth listening to. He is still a cunt though

Varg has a pretty good video on dealing with Muslims actually.

"We had these guy's in prison, and if you treated them at all with any respect, they would treat you like total shit, so by treating them pieces of shit they in fact respected us".

Varg has repeatedly said the only way to deal with kebabs is with force, to show them you mean business or they won't respect you and will walk all over your society/rules/police every chance they get.

I don't even agree with Varg on 80% of things but I least I can actually understand some of his vids unlike shills



When did he burn down a church

which is why non-whites respected whites before ww2. They hate us BECAUSE we act so nice to them.

4 Riech when?

>daily thread about kristian vikernes.
really made me think

>Ctrl+f: "source"
>"0 of 0"

Why should I believe anything you say?


I'm glad more of you christcucks are upset this just proves what Varg is doing isn't a waste of time. Must be red pilling loads of white people about christcuck shit.

Indeed. My nigga Varg is a real man.

Don't you pagancucks get tired of getting BTFO all the time?

Varg dindu nuffin

>tfw no comfy house in the countryside and income from welfare/royalties so I can spend my days LARPing and growing vegetables