GDP per capita lower than in Suriname

>GDP per capita lower than in Suriname
>more Muslims than in France

Why is this country such shit?

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because of snowniggers who populate it

>GDP per capita lower than in Suriname

Russia has higher GDP per capita than China and India.

GDP per capita is a joke anyways.

The muslims are from Kazakhstan since Central Asia likes Islam.

Unironic answer: Because the West treated Russia like it was still an enemy during the 1990s and everything went to shit. The only foreigners that appeared were American banks who either bought stuff themselves or lent money to Russians so they could.

they have lower wages than portugal

They'll be below China by 2020, despite vastly better starting conditions.

And India? C'mon. Many African countries have higher stats.

Russia doesn't have arabs. They have Chechens and Tatars, lot of them look European anyways. Also Central Asians, who are still better than arabs.

Muslims are from Kyrgizstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan for the most part.
And not being arabs doesn't make them any better.
Chechens are literally chaotic evil tier, Tatars are ok.

Russian education system can make a churka looks like a human with a probability of 70%.

Like I said GDP per capita doesn't matter.

Liechtenstein and Qatar are ranked 1st and 2nd as the GDP per capita. It's unreliable.

Keep telling yourself that and maybe your kids will be safe going to school

*highest GDP per capita.

>Why is this country such shit?
K G and B

they don't care about people, only care about power and control

communism and post-communist plunder

Ehm, no. These countries could legitimately have the highest figures.

Well said,guy from cuckoldistan

There's a lot of reasons actually. But main one is communism.
And you played a big part in creation of USSR. For this I wish you more trucks of peace.

what use is raw GDP of 4 trillion when you are a nation of 1.4 billion and your "impressive" GDP figures are a result of the country not starving for one year and registering the distribution of food as economic activity?

>power and control
Money is the main goal. Power and control are means to get it

86% of population is Russians.How many in germany?

>you are unkind to us
>invade european state
>dont treat us like we are an enemy here
Nigger please

It's because of their ridiculous low population and I am pretty sure Liechtenstein is a tax haven.

oh fuck

Yeah, their wealth is underserved, but this doesn't change the reality that Qataris and Liechtenstein citizen are amongst the richest in the world.

Bitch please, Ukraine overthrew the Pro-Russian government, through West's encouragement, so Russia invaded. They didn't want another NATO friendly country near them.

Cockhole, please. Ukraine is rightfull Russian clay


GDP per capita is same as the other post-commie shitholes but pays its own bills unlike those.

Which European state did they invade in the 1990s faggot

learn how to read or kys

>They didn't want another NATO friendly country near them.
So if you dont want an unfriendly state nearby your borders you can invade someone?
And you wonder why Russian is hated

HDI is rubbish.

No you. Did I write it happened in the 90s?

That's wrong.
Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia all clearly exceed Russia by now.

Chechen problem is mostly about sunni-wahhabism islamic extremism funded by zionist Saudi Arabia. I think if we can restore Sufism, then in the Caucasus there will be peace

Nope, more or less the same even AFTER the EU poured trillions into these shithole leeches.

>Why is this country such shit?
they're mini-jews without ethnocentric values, basically individualism with government enforced collective

Normal Russian do not like the war with the fraternal nation

Because of 70+ years of socialism.

Also cos immediately after fall of socialism it got raped by the West and 'native' Jews.

Russia: 11.000$ per capita
Poland: 15.000$
Czechia: 24.900$
Slovenia: 30.000$

Slovenia surpassed them by a factor of 3! And they don't have any natural resources.

Until the goverment says that some nazis kill russian babies. Xoxols went from "our bros 4 life" to "most hated nation" in 3 years. Figure this

I was under the impression that the Chechen problem has largely subsided under their new leadership and that they're starting to identify more as Russians. Is this not true?

And govorment was not pro-russian,it was corrupt

Have some up to date data

It was both, actually.
Albeit the current one isn't any better.

>But main one is communism.

kek, go beg for visaless work in malaysia or wherever, you africanized wheat nigger. communists were the ones who created your criminal scum """nation""". and now western (((capitalists))) will make sure it dissolves forever. good riddance.

>Tallest buildings in Europe
yeah yeah

But they didn't. They went from retarded young brother to screaming retarded young brother, which is actually funnier, although more annoying.
There is no real hate against hohols, just jokes and shit.

> Russia: 11.000$ per capita
Poland: 15.000$

Funny innit. Poland was the largest EU gibs receiver and is still the same as Russia that never got a cent.

The others are too small to be compared to anyone (Slovenia has a population the size of Hamburg)

It surpasses them by a factor of 1.5, despite lacking any resources. That's the definition of pathetic.

>the EU poured trillions into these shithole leeches
hahaha no

>Russians see the United States and Ukraine as the most hostile nations towards them, a recent poll has shown. China, Belarus and Kazakhstan were named as the friendliest countries in the same survey.
The independent public opinion research center Levada asked Russians to name several nations hostile towards their country, with 69 percent of respondents mentioning the United States, 50 percent naming Ukraine and Germany, and 24 percent noting Latvia and Lithuania.
Yeah... no. I just wonder why Poland is so low

It doesn't need resources on the EU dole. Mutti pays for everything.

Is that Slav math?

ppp is garbage, most goods in russia are priced in dollars basically, even groceries. just say it's 8600$

Absolute bullshit. Walk around Tallinn, Riga or Vilnius and say that shit again. Poland is an absolute success story. Even Romania is doing better unfortunately their country is gypsy infested and all good Romanians come to Germany.


Das ist recht.

Of course its a garbage as it doesnt show inequality which is an issue in Russia, but there is no other index

because poland is irrelevant, like a prison bitch that was dishonored and now is nothing

> Walk around Tallinn, Riga or Vilnius and say that shit again.

I did. Every road, every fucking park bench has an EU sponsored shield on it.

Poland is a success story in taking other people's money.

Romania has a GDP of 8000

Because its full of Russians.

That's not the same as GDP ... and still lower than f*cking Lithuania.

> most hostile nations towards them
> Xoxols went from "to "most hated nation"
How is your reading comprehension? Yeah, hohols are pretty angry at ruskies after Crimea misunderstanding, but it's not both ways.

Lithuania has 2 million people.

>Crimea misunderstanding
Never change old bear.

GDP doesn't matter if you Internet is FAST AS FUCK BOIIIIII

romania has 9999$, 15% more than russia

>Crimea misunderstanding

Redpill me on Putin. Is he ZOG?

Sweden yes!

So you like your enemies and dislike your friends? Dont be retarded

Germany created commies and nazis(leftists)so shut up

You are talking about GDP per capita nominal. Its shitty index thou

Ukrs are not enemies to russians,u r retarted

>Crimea misunderstanding

Something is terribly wrong then

>yeah we invade you but we dont hate you

What about this "screaming retarded young brother" analogy you dont get? Yeah, they are pissed, but they are still funny and we still have a lot of history with them, relatives and other shit.

And yes and no. Wahhabism scum gets BTFO, sufism slowly restoring and civic nationalism (OY VEY) gradually gaining momentum, but they are still self-nationalistic, plus clan thinking is still there. Better than nothing, but we must continue to work on building the modern Russian nation.

Bulgaria´s gdp per capita in 38 tho

Nigger is tall but absloute cuck in politics
all of Americas enemies gained massively during his tenure

I am pretty comfy here. Playing my vidya consoles all day and lifting weights at the gym. My small business makes me enough money so I don't really have to work. Russia is great if you are not completely retarded. I wish climate in Moscow was a bit better though. Stay mad eurocucks

Who we?I'm not a neosoviet Putins cannon fodder

>Horrible climate (but still better than St.Petersburg)
>traffic jams
>expensive life
>expensive apartaments

Far East Master Race reporting in




90%, including europeans

Just fucking google Caucasus wars and stop spurring bullshit like that. They were always like that. Hell, the first chechen war was not religios, what are you talking about?

fight the most brutal and gruesome war ever, losing countless men and civilians just to be sold out everything worked for 40 years later

The war was still very important for Russia very survival
and russia is the power it is today because of it
even if they are weak now, all of europe will shit their pants if russia rolls into poland and cry until the americans arrive

in 1945, lots of your women got raped by russians

deal with it

>russia is the power it is today because of it
topkek. Russia thinks so, but its not

You doesn't understand geopolitics. Or history.

This is the way the world works, and while invading Ukraine was a shitty move for Russia, letting Ukraine become a part of NATO is a far worse one.

No state cares what you think about them. They care about their interest, of which current and future defence is the top priority.

>russia is the power it is today because of it
collapse of ussr was the end of soviet empire and the seeds of war they fought for

You just dont understand how Russia works. There is not much logic there.

>talks tough but pisses your self when russia does anything
K. idiots can talk tough, but Russia is more powerful than the west will admit
NATO and EU army proves it

Understanding the geopolitical realities of Russia is so simple a sheepfucker on the other side of the planet can understand it.

The difference being that Russia is more of a threat to Poland than it is to New Zealand. I can only hope your leaders are smarter than you (lol Jarosław Kaczyński...)